Thrilled to Death

Monday morning, a young mother disappears after a doctor s appointment Monday evening, a young socialite leaves a risqu lounge and never makes it home Detective Jackson lands both cases, but at first he can t find signs of foul play When the socialite turns up dead, his investigation uncovers her dirty secrets, which complicates everything The case runs into even biggMonday morning, a young mother disappears after a doctor s appointment Monday evening, a young socialite leaves a risqu lounge and never makes it home Detective Jackson lands both cases, but at first he can t find signs of foul play When the socialite turns up dead, his investigation uncovers her dirty secrets, which complicates everything The case runs into even bigger trouble with a suspect who hasn t left his house in a year Jackson must push all the boundaries to find the connection and answer the question Where is the other missing woman
Thrilled to Death Monday morning a young mother disappears after a doctor s appointment Monday evening a young socialite leaves a risqu lounge and never makes it home Detective Jackson lands both cases but at first

  • Title: Thrilled to Death
  • Author: L.J. Sellers
  • ISBN: 9780979518294
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. These are good crime novels. I like the MC & he has an interesting medical problem that helps show his dedication to the job. Unlike Connelly's Harry Bosch, Jackson has a life outside of work & Eugene, OR allows him to indulge most of the time. This mystery was as twisty as any. I look forward to listening to more.

    2. Thrilled to Death. L.J. Sellers. 2010. Echelon Press. 285 pages. ISBN 1590807278.Thrilled to Death is the third book in the Detective Wade Jackson mystery series by L.J. Sellers and the best I've read by her yet! It's official: the rest of Sellers' books are going on my wish list.Thrilled to Death begins in the psychiatrist's office, where a young woman named Danette Blake is entertaining thoughts regarding giving up her infant son for adoption. Moments later when Danette turns up missing, her m [...]

    3. A good police procedural, the third in the Wade Jackson series, set in Eugene, Oregon. Two young women go missing on the same day, one of them daughter-in-law of Jackson's girlfriend. Good plot and good characters, I will read more in this series

    4. Thrilled to DeathL.J. SellersEchelon Press, September 2010ISBN 1590807278Trade PaperbackTwo young women are missing in Eugene, Oregon, and there is no apparent connection between them, one a single mother of a baby and the other a wealthy local heiress. Danette could have gone off on her own, suffering from postpartum depression, but Detective Wade Jackson isn’t so sure. He begins to look into her disappearance before the usual waiting period for missing persons because he’s dating the baby [...]

    5. After communicating with L.J. Sellers here, I decided to read something she had written :0)Thrilled to Death is actually #2 in the Detective Jackson mystery series. Not having read the first few books, did not hinder me in reading this book or understanding what was going on.The basic story is that 2 young women(from opposite sides of the track) are missing and foul play is suspected. One is a single mother who is attending college and just trying to "make it" while the other is a spoiled social [...]

    6. When I was sent this book through the First-Reads program, I did not realize that it was part of a series of mysteries. It did work as a stand-alone book, but I found myself wondering about the characters and the references to previous stories. This was a little distracting, but overall I really enjoyed this book and the mystery was, for me, not solved until the end of the story. I would like to read the books that came before this one and found myself very interested in what would happen to the [...]

    7. The first two were a bit preachy, hitting the social issues over the head, again and again and again.Which for me detracted from the story.This is a fast, easy read, a good whodunit, of course I didn't figure it out, with just a smattering of comments on the social issue in this story: (view spoiler)[ the sex slave trade (hide spoiler)].The characters are a bit more believable, and likeable - well, those you are supposed to like - and the mystery is well laid out and concealed.This all started w [...]

    8. Detective Jackson finds himself inadvertently dealing with two missing persons cases, both where it's questionable if the women were abducted or had reason to disappear on their own.There's not a lot of excitement this time but there's plenty of mystery. I liked how murky the cases were and enjoyed following the process to figure out whether there was cause for concern. Detective Jackson's personal life spills into the case as his relationship with Kera progresses and he works to manage the life [...]

    9. Great mystery and I enjoy how Jackson works. It's also nice to read about a team that work well together. It seems a lot of mysteries involve friction in the detective teams. I guess this generally provides a more interesting story but this book proves that that isn't always the case. I look forward to continuing the series.

    10. This is a great book. I won it through Goodread First Reads. This is the first book I've ever read by the author and boy did L.J. Sellers gain a new fan! I love the characters and the plot!

    11. I enjoyed the story, although the prose is fairly pedestrian, perhaps more so because the narrator more or less reads in a monotone. It is a police procedural, with little revealed until the conclusion and then, not so much by the detective's efforts so much as a person'surprising sudden confession. Minor spoiler:(view spoiler)[This confession comes out of the blue from someone whom the detective had initially included but discounted as a suspect. In addition, for a detective with as much experi [...]

    12. Another great story by Sellers, the plot flows, and you are caught, wanting answer, and just enjoying a good book. What would be the connection to a young girl, trying to decide to keep her baby or not. The other is a socialite who frequents the bars, till midnight. The detective has his hands full with investigating, the politics, keeping him from the other case. Which is connected to his new love interest. Readers will love this book, as well as the series

    13. Book 3 is my favourite so far. Fast paced from start and auctioned packed. Kind of hoping that there is no crime in Eugene for next few months judging by the ending! Good book.

    14. Keeps getting betterWow wow wow 😳 I love this series it's never a dull moment! Keeps me on the edge of my seat! Yes on to the next!!!!

    15. Although Kera Kollmorgan loves to take care of her grandson, three month old, Micah, she is disturbed when his mother Danette does not return when promised. Kera is even more disturbed when Danette’s cell phone goes unanswered. Kera’s son Nathan was killed in Iraq and never knew his son Micah. Kera is always glad to pitch in and help but when Danette’s absence caused her to miss her shift at Planned Parenthood she couldn’t help but feel that something was very, very wrong.Kera first atte [...]

    16. Thrilled to Death, by L.J. Sellers, b-plus, narrated by Damon Abdallah, Produced by Books in Motion, downloaded from audible.This is the third in the Wade Jackson police procedural series. Jackson’s girl friend calls him on Monday morning and says that her daughter-in-law left the baby off with her to babysit while she went to the psychiatrist and she never came back. That same evening, a socialite disappears, later her body is found. At first there seems no connection between the two missing [...]

    17. I enjoyed this story. The writing was not stellar, however. It was strangely uneven. Some of the dialogue was really unbelievable. Not in a good way. I'll have to remember to fill in some examples tomorrow. Okay, it's not "tomorrow," but here are some weird sentences, not all dialogue:p. 48, the main character explains why he became a cop "I was captivated by his uniform, his gun, his authority, and his compassion."p. 59 "He laughed in an unpleasant way."p. 110 "The young man from an upper-class [...]

    18. Another one from the new book shelf at the library, where I regularly grab stuff in search of new authors, because I read 'em faster than they write 'em. And I do grab ones that are obviously self-published, because who knows, someday one of them might actually be good. Usually, I'm not surprised to find that the self-published ones are awful, but this one did surprise me: it's well-written, good characters, interesting plot, and none of the problems I am used to seeing in self-publishing (those [...]

    19. L.J. Sellers turns out another solid performance with the third book in her Detective Jackson series. I started at the beginning, but I think that the books could be read in any order. I do think it's still a good idea to start on the first book of the series. It makes the reading of the subsequent books a richer experience.A hint of how much I liked it: I put my other currently reading books on hold to finish Thrilled to Death. Now I'll have to get back on those other books, which are all worth [...]

    20. This is the third of a series (the 1st is The Sex Club) revolving around Detective Wade Jackson and Kera, a nurse at Planned Parenthood. Sad to say I did not have the 2nd in line, but Thrilled To Death actually stands up alone without feeling like you're missing anything.Young women are disappearing and it hits really close to home as one of the missing girls in her daughter-in-law. Mix in some rich important city founders and Detective Jackson's health issues and it becomes quite a rollercoaste [...]

    21. I received this book as part of Early Reviewers and loved it! The story is great, the characters are wonderful, and you just become part of the story. While at the time of reading this book I had not read any of the previous Detective Jackson Mysteries, it was not a problem. Based on reading this book I plan on going back and reading the previous books as well as this author's future writings. The general story is that two women disappear on the same day, one a very rich party girl and one a sin [...]

    22. I think I would have enjoyed the characters more if I had read the series in order but this was a free download and my first book by this author. If I continue, I will go back and read from book 1 of the series. Good solid mystery with competently developed characters and an interesting plot.I liked the initial issues with the two missing persons cases not being linked and the way the linking developed as the plot developed. I did have a bit of a stretch to suspend belief towards the end of the [...]

    23. This is another book I was fortunate to win (ebook) through LTER (Library Thing Early Reviewers) program and I enjoyed it, this is the first book I've read from this author and I was impressed. L.J. Sellers wrote with clarity and detail, and I'm not surprised when I found out she's a journalist. Everything was neat and in order, facts were organized and it has a good plot and story.This is the third in the Wade Jackson series and it could be read as a stand alone novel. I liked the intrigue, how [...]

    24. This is my introduction to Detective Jackson and I look forward to reading the other books by L.J. Sellers about Jackson. The pace of the book was extremely good and will keep the readers attention throughout the book. It is a book that shows how a disappearance can possibly lead to an international case. It also shows how the secrets of one family can pour over and affect other people outside of the family orbit. When detectives are working such case they have to keep open minds and be willing [...]

    25. Thrilled to Deathis an apt title for this Detective Jackson mystery. Was young Courtney thrilled to death or was it something more? She's missing and so is someone a bit closer to Jackson. These girls could be linked somehow but couldn't be any more different. It's up to Jackson and his team to unravel these mysteries and time may be running out if it isn't already too late. On the more personal side in Jackson's life - Running on empty, it's difficult for him to find the time to spend with his [...]

    26. Thrilled to Death is a well written mystery with an interesting cast of characters. The book centers around Detective Jackson, a likable, practical, intelligent, hard-working man who is so driven to find a missing woman that he stops eating and sleeping. He is supported by his colleagues, his girlfriend, and his daughter; all of the characters are multi-facted, believable, and interesting. The sense of urgency that Detective Jackson feels was communicated to me, the reader, and I found myself ru [...]

    27. This is the first book I have read in this series as I won this off Librarything. I am glad I did. Cal the detective in the story and Kera are great characters though out the book. First Danette has vanished as they start looking for her and figuring out what is going on a second woman Courtney vanishes. I liked the idea about the twisted kidnapping. The story has you wrapped from the beginning and sends you on a whirlwind adventured. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and want to read the rest of t [...]

    28. Another excellent thriller that keeps you gripped until the very end. This is the third book in the series and again I guessed the unsub changed my mind several times and ended up completely wrong. The author is confident enough to not feel the need to introduce romance or sex but there is enough about the personal lives of the characters to bring them to life for the reader. Well worth the 5 stars.

    29. Downloaded this book from BookLending. Since I like mysteries, I'm hoping this will be a good one. Just discovered while entering it here on GoodReads that it looks like it's the third book in a series. Although, I have found that authors regularly make it so that you do not always have to read a series in order Just finished it and liked the twists at the end! I think I'll read more of this series.

    30. Thrilled to Death is the third book of the series.I am very much enjoying this series. The main characters are very real and relatable and it is nice to see relationships progress.It is interesting that each book has a different central theme. All of the books are fast-paced and flow well. Not too much detail but not too brief either. I like it.

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