Blood on the Ice

Nicholas is just a hockey player That little accident in a dark alley in Calgary, that left him with a yen for blood, might have slowed him down a bit, but in the end, Nickie s not changed much Well, except when it comes to his away game roommate, star left winger Peter Nicolai.
Blood on the Ice Nicholas is just a hockey player That little accident in a dark alley in Calgary that left him with a yen for blood might have slowed him down a bit but in the end Nickie s not changed much Well

  • Title: Blood on the Ice
  • Author: A.M. Riley
  • ISBN: 2940011060267
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Nook
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    1. This is an extremely cute m/m hockey story with a twist and an uncredited cameo by Evgeni Malkin ^_~ My only problem is the price: $1.99 for 14 pages and there are easily spotted typos? Sorry no. If this was longer or free the editing would not be worth a mention, nor affect my rating. But when the reader is paying seven cents per word, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see errors that a quick glance from a friend could have found.Other than that this is a creative and enjoyable short. Some w [...]

    2. Nick is an NHL ice hockey player who, let's face it, isn't the brightest man on the team. One day, whilst searching in his locker for his lucky socks, he gets bitten and turned into a vampire. Nick's heightened senses makes him able to 'smell' the emotions of his other team players, especially his best friend and room mate, Petey. This story was just hilarious. I know nothing about ice-hockey, except that it's supposed to be a sport but looks more like several men on skates trying to kill each o [...]

    3. The author wrote this while angsting over the hockey game one night, to be honest I've checked out of the Stanley Cup since there are no Canadian teams involved. Nick is one of the enforcers on the team (big, tough, protects the scorers or takes revenge), one night in Calgary while running back to get his lucky socks he's bitten by a vampire. Now he's an even better player. He's been rooming with Peter who's a speedy little goal scorer for three years and they are best friends but he's been clue [...]

    4. This one is really short, about 10 pages or so, but I think it's well written. It has that fun side, and a bit of 'mystery'. We all know what Nickie became after the 'incident' without it's being actually saying it out loud. The ending line is also a bit cute :).

    5. A cute and funny story about two dumb jock hockey players, one of which also happens to be a vampire.

    6. Fun, simple, and romantic in all the best ways. Quick read with a one sided narrative aimed at the reader as he "tells" us what happened.

    7. Clever and humorously written little sports-vampire short story (14pp). Not outstanding, but a good read for $1.99.

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