Gnomes is the product of Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen s observation of the local gnome population in Holland Until Gnomes was first published in Dutch in 1976, these friendly nocturnal creatures were only represented in folk lore descriptions were often incomplete or simply inaccurate Poortvliet and Huygen, having studied and interviewed gnomes for two decades, set ouGnomes is the product of Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen s observation of the local gnome population in Holland Until Gnomes was first published in Dutch in 1976, these friendly nocturnal creatures were only represented in folk lore descriptions were often incomplete or simply inaccurate Poortvliet and Huygen, having studied and interviewed gnomes for two decades, set out to fill this gap with their own encyclopedic tome Gnomes covers all areas of gnome culture, including architecture, education, courtship, medicine, industry, and relationships with other mythical creatures Huygen s sober descriptions are balanced by Poortvliet s light hearted portrayals of gnomes at work and at play Thirty years later, this beautifully illustrated volume continues to engage and enchant readers of all ages.
Gnomes Gnomes is the product of Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen s observation of the local gnome population in Holland Until Gnomes was first published in Dutch in these friendly nocturnal creatures wer

  • Title: Gnomes
  • Author: Rien Poortvliet Wil Huygen
  • ISBN: 9780810954984
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is one of my stranger and more embarrassing tales.For some bizarre reason, gnomes are a recurring theme in my life. Someone gave me this book the month I was getting married. I thought the gnome man and woman were cute, ad I bought a gnome man and woman as our wedding cake toppers. For our thank you notes after the wedding I bought a postcard of a gnome couple sitting by the side of a lake, fishing. The cake topper couple disappeared the night of the wedding and I have never seen them since [...]

    2. This book fascinated me as a kid -- my dad was an engineer, so I was drawn to the technical drawings, diagrams, and labels. Within the sphere of the fantasy geek, I was most drawn to the "complete world" authors like Tolkien, authors who didn't just create characters and plots but entire worlds, cultures, and linguistic systems. It's telling that my favorite part of "Return of the The King" is the appendices, and I spent many hours translating phrases into Dwarven Runes.This book fulfills that s [...]

    3. Che ricordi lo sapevo a memoria, conoscevo tutte le abitudini, usi e costumi degli gnomi.Mi ricorda tantissimo la mia infanzia, passavo un sacco di tempo a sfogliarlo e a costruire con la mente viaggi fantastici insieme agli gnomi.Forse le grafiche oggi risulterebbero poco accattivanti, ma secondo me è un must have per i bambini!!!

    4. Tom Robbins once wrote, "Those who shun the whimsy of things will experience rigor mortis before death." So if you think you're too sophisticated for this big, delightful book, check your pulse and the rigidity of your limbs! This is the definitive work on all things gnome. Playful and whimsical for sure, but these guys take their gnome studies seriously. ;-) They cover every aspect of gnome life including marriage, home building, food, medicine, friends, enemies, and services gnomes provide for [...]

    5. Okay, here is the review that most of you have been waiting for, haha! Is "Gnomes" cute? or scary?Mostly cute, with a dash of "um, really!?" tossed in that will probaby count as "scary" for those of you not already predisposed to like gnomes.Now, I admit that I have not read this word-for-word as it's much longer than I was expecting, but I've done a fair amount of perusing and my review is based off this.First of all, the entire idea is absolutely fascinating and charming--a little exploration [...]

    6. This is an important book in my family. My grandparents owned a copy and we kids enjoyed hearing stories about gnomes "Nissen" and tales of Norway my grandmother heard from her grandmother. My brother and sister-in-law spent time in Iceland, where many people believe gnomes, fairies and elves walk among us. They picked up a copy of this book and dressed their newborn son up as a gnome for Halloween one year. Another reason we loved this book is because it was the basis for one of our favorite TV [...]

    7. Gnomes is a great '70s, realist-watercolor-illustrated, cryptozoologist-fantasy that started the whole popular craze of the tiny, red-dunce-capped, earth-dwelling folk called 'Gnomes'. Written as a Field Guide on the habits and habitat of these wee folk who would later take over gardens the world around.At second glance it's sort of surprising this book made the shelves at my elementary school's library. Some of the images are down right graphic and gruesome. To be honest I'm not sure it was giv [...]

    8. I've loved this book for a long time, but keep forgetting to name it as one of my favorite books of all time. For posterity, I'll do that here--this book and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (and sequels) are my FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME. And Rose just gave me my very own copy!!For those of you not familiar with this awesome book, it is written as a scientific field guide to gnomes. David & I read through it a little bit at a time. I flip the pages & make like I'm exposing him to Ma [...]

    9. How can I not have added this to my library before? I have had my edition since I was a child ( It was my lovely dad's)Its so worn and well loved that I'm almost afraid to take it from the shelf in case it falls apart.An absolute joy.

    10. This was one of my absolute favorite books when I was young. My wonderful mother bought it for me as a birthday present on year, and it filled me with a sense of wonder. I would spend some of my afternoons wandering the forest, looking for potential gnome homes amidst the trees. My eyes ready to spot a pointed red cap, peeking out from behind a pile of twigs. This book still enchants me. A fabulous gift for children of any age.

    11. My favorite line so far (aside from the fun illustrations):"although the female gnome has a substantial bosom, decreased gravity (at her height) allows her to go through life unencumbered by a brassiere."

    12. It has become apparent that I have well and truly lost my sense of magic. When I was a teenager I was entranced by Gnomes. My school library stocked it as a reference item, and many a lunchtime was spent poring over it. Eventually I left school and Gnomes behind, but for many years wished I could find another copy and revisit the world of Gnomes. Imagine my excitement then when I discovered a second hand copy at a local bookstore. I eagerly handed over my $3, rushed it home, and discovered… th [...]

    13. I loved reading this book as a kid - it was straight up hard lined magic and the little naked gnome ass really struck a chord with my fantasy addled brain. Yes!! Loved it!!!This is the definitive #1 bestselling guide and handbook to everything and all things gnome. Fantasy filled and whimsical always, being a gnome is serious stuff however. All facts are covered in every aspect of gnome life; including courting, marriage and child raising, growing food, medicine, good friends, bad enemies, and r [...]

    14. I don't think I truly ever read this book from start to finish but I probably looked through it at different times and in different places about fifty times. It's a nostalgic masterpiece from my childhood. I remember my German cousins had it and I didn't know how to get my hands on it but I looked through theirs a bunch of times. Eventually I found it years later in a book store here in the U.S. and was able to give a much better look through.I recently saw it at my local library and snagged a c [...]

    15. My brother had this book when I was little. I absolutely loved the pictures and the "research" with diagrams about the gnome and the life of the gnome. However, it was the trolls that caused the biggest thrill. They were horrible, nasty creatures, and the descriptions of their terrible and cruel ways were bad enough, but the artwork of those stinking, bug-infested creatures! My friend and I would scare ourselves to hysterics when we were about 10 or so, well into the nights when she was sleeping [...]

    16. This coffee-table-sized book was a present my mom gave my dad back when I was very tiny. It rather quickly became (in all but name) my book: Dad didn't get very into it, but I was fascinated by the concept of this whole little world of sentient beings we just overlook in our hurly-burly modern world.I haven't looked between the covers in years- God knows what I'd think now.

    17. Finally got my hands on this after years of wanting it. It is a first edition (in English) printing, too, and I got it for a whopping $3. It is gorgeous, and well worth the wait. The noise I made when I found it was -incredible-, and I REGRET NOTHING.I sat down with it and literally read it from cover to cover. It is delicious.447635325 stars, if I could. I love gnomes, okay?

    18. I was given this book when I was a child. It was one of those childhood books that I constantly read and re-read. The stories and the illustrations have to been deeply embedded into my brain. The book is a lavish book. Huygen did such a good job with the details.

    19. I don't know what it isbut I love this book. It just does such a good job of making it seem like a legitimate report on the habits of real gnomes. I fully intend to buy my children a copy one day. I didn't even read it until I was a teenager and still loved it.

    20. I remember picking this up and thumbing through it in 1982. This time I actually sat down and read the entire thing. It was awesome and the final chapter was a testament to our society. Amazing that it was written in 1976. Highly recommend.

    21. very, very cute book about Gnomes. Tongue in cheek. I was very fascinated with it when I was a child, and I still remember it to this day.

    22. Gotta love the gnomes! Had this book when I was a child, and really really hoped I would run into a gnome somewhere in the woods one day! Loved it.

    23. I love this book. The illustrations are absolutely fantastic and whimsical. And the stories and tales of the gnomes is fun for both kids and adults. This book has been enjoyed by myself, my Gramma, and every generation in between. Highly recommended to add to your collection. Nice "coffee table" book, too. :)

    24. By "read" I mean "paged through to remember this book from my childhood without an in-depth re-reading" but you get the point.I don't remember some of the gender politics being so antiquated but past that it's almost exactly what I had in my mind - cute, whimsical fluff with some nice watercolors accompanying it.

    25. Oh, I remember this! It was a big hit among the D&D and fantasy crowd. It was such fun, and the detailed drawings were terrific.

    26. Little people‒trolls and gnomes especially‒loom large in my childhood memories. The crazy-haired troll dolls made a comeback in the late 70s, and the little Smoky Mountain towns my parents liked to visit were haunted by Norwegian troll statues and "Arensbak trolls" made from logs, nuts, and pine cones. There were also the Smurfs, who made their entrance into my life on a family vacation to Florida, as little blue vinyl figurines with stubby blue tails living in plastic mushrooms for sale at [...]

    27. I can’t believe I had gone through so many years, working in libraries, without discovering this gem until this past week. Since gnomes make up a big part of this year’s summer reading theme, I have a gnome display on the bulletin board in the children’s area. One of my coworkers and I started talking about the nature of gnomes, and she showed me this deluxe edition of “Gnomes” by Wil Huygen.Admittedly, I haven’t read many books about gnomes, but I would bet that this book is the ult [...]

    28. I thought this book was my own secret discovery for a long time. Left outside of a neighbor's front door with a bunch of nondescript paperbacks, as a child I took this book up to my room and marveled at every beautiful hand-written and illustrated page. I was obsessed with fairy tales in my childhood (the colored Fairy books as well as very old classics like The Brownies /book/show/31) and so this book was a very exciting discovery. If you enjoy thinking about the lifestyle and history of mythic [...]

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