Norman Rockwell: My Adventures as an Illustrator

minor wear on corners
Norman Rockwell My Adventures as an Illustrator minor wear on corners

  • Title: Norman Rockwell: My Adventures as an Illustrator
  • Author: Norman Rockwell Thomas Rockwell
  • ISBN: 9780893870348
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Norman Rockwell: My Adventures as an Illustrator”

    1. One of the best, most amazing stories of someone's life I've ever read. I was riveted from the beginning to the end. Rockwell was always someone who I admired, but the tale he weaves lends incredible insight into the golden age of illustration. He highlights his triumphs and tragedies along with the sordid story of the Leyendecker brothers and the series of unfortunate events that led to their demise. It's the stuff movies are made of.

    2. This is an enjoyable read, not just for Rockwell fans, but for any fans of biography or autobiography. Rockwell reveals himself as a humble man without pretensions in down-to-earth anecdotes and straight-forward narrative. The most surprising aspect is a good-natured sense of humor that shows forth on every page. (Well, it surprised me.) Rockwell told these stories of his life to his son Thomas, who then wrote the text from his notes, his father making corrections and additions afterwards.This e [...]

    3. I like this book and gave it 4 stars not because it was particularly well written, but I think he did a good job of covering a lot of information that really gave insight into his world and the making of his masterpieces. maybe it's because I am not a talented artist like he is that I don't understand why he was not considered a true artist. At least according to him and some of the comments he made throughout the book. I found it very interesting to learn more about his contemporaries or his me [...]

    4. I picked up Norman Rockwell’s 1960 memoir My Adventures as an Illustrator at the yearly book sale we have near our house early this year, thinking it might be interesting. Having just finished it, I can say it was quite enjoyable. Rockwell is surprisingly engaging and self-deprecating as a writer. With someone like Rockwell, it’s often difficult to separate the man from the iconic imagery he’s known for. From Rockwell’s perspective, he was merely a working artist who filled a need for ma [...]

    5. I have always like Norman Rockwell's paintings and renewed my interest after visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, last fall. Now that I've read his autobiography, I feel that I would have loved the man had I known him. His writing is endearing, humorous, and cheering. Anyone having a difficult day would be encouraged by simply reading 1 page of his book. I have read the library's copy but feel I'd like to purchase a personal copy so I can re-read and re-smile whenever I want a [...]

    6. This is possibly one of the most intriguing, witty and endearing autobiographies I've ever read. I recommend it to any student of illustration as it encompasses not only Rockwell's prolific career and life but tells the story of the golden age of illustration in America. I grew up on a steady diet of Rockwell's images and already had a great deal of respect for the man, but this book shed new light on the amazing personality behind his work.

    7. Probably the best book about a life in art, from starting out to becoming famous and also the best book about Norman Rockwell and the art and illustration world in the mid to late 20th century. I loved his tales of New York City and the world. Rockwell is a genius and one of my top 10 favorite artists.

    8. Because it looks like a tabletop book, I think my mindset is to treat it like one. This is a book that I will pick up for leisurely reading so I will probably be a long time in completing it. What I have read so far has been fun.

    9. I never realized how much blood sweat and pondering he spent on his work. I just assumed that with his talent he just whipped the illustrations out as needed. A very interesting book that I am passing on to another Norman Rockwell fan.

    10. This is a book I pick up over and over through the years to read, sometimes just a page at night.It's hilarious, moving and I can relate to MOST of the Art School stuff (afterall he was a little older than me). In his own words, he's as good a raconteur as he is a painter.

    11. This book is easy to read and love. It details many stories that aren't well known, such as his problems with live models. his participation in "high society' and his trials in art school. All told with a sense of humor.

    12. NR is a very interesting person, thorough with his work. He posed models wearing period clothing for his work.

    13. I found this very fascinating as it described in his own words how he came to be the illustrator we know and love.

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