In September

The interwoven destinies of two women, born a generation apart on different continents, are connected by events that occur throughout the years during the month of September Amanda and Rani both grow up in South Australia but never meet until their paths finally intersect in New York City where they are caught up in the tragedy that will change the world.
In September The interwoven destinies of two women born a generation apart on different continents are connected by events that occur throughout the years during the month of September Amanda and Rani both grow

  • Title: In September
  • Author: Sharen Ford
  • ISBN: 2940011108099
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Nook
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    1. This book gets good reviews but I don't agree. Ugghh. Good premise but it would have been better if it was shortened and tightened up.

    2. This novel deftly manages to juggle multiple perspectives over several countries and decades. From the main protagonist coming of age in Australia to the the struggles of a young Doctor in India (and their parents and children throughout the second half of the 20th century) Ford effectively captures the thoughts and speech of her characters inner selves.There are tragedies and victories of various depth and scope, but what makes this book a compelling read is the way Ford is able to convincingly [...]

    3. In September is a great read for anyone who likes sweeping stories that span continents and unfold over a long period of time, allowing the reader to watch the characters develop and grow - sometimes in unexpected ways. The themes of love and forgiveness, remaining loyal to one's roots and, at the same time, open to new experiences, are timeless and Ford presents them with a deft touch. Her characters are likeable and very human. Ford's use of language is graceful, at times even poetic. Her voca [...]

    4. Hard to get into at firstI found it hard to keep my interest at the beginning of the book. I felt like I was reading two different stories. I kept trying to figure out where the first set of characters were and how they fit into the story. But half way through the book I couldn't put the book down! It was even later when I put everything together. It's a good story about good people who even though making some mistakes in life and suffer great losses find happiness. A book full of acceptance of [...]

    5. 1.5 - 2 starsI liked some of it , then most it did not flow together good and it go boring and unnecessarily long and drawn out. By the time I reached the end I wondered why the hell I wasted my time. I was optimistic when I began reading but by the end I was annoyed with the whole story. Too much stuff going on in this book , leaving me with a feeling of dissatisfaction. So parts were good but most of the book was not so good at all. It's frustrating because the beginning was so interesting but [...]

    6. A really good book. You never know what you are going to get with free Kindle books, but it was truly engrossing. I would recommend this to anyone, but make sure you have time to devote to it. The first 10 chapters or so started a little slow, but then I couldn't put it down until I finished.

    7. There is a significance with this book of 2 families that come together, and that both families have good things and bad that occur in the month of September. As for a plot? hmm I'm not really sure on that one. Ok read.

    8. I started this 610 page novel at 2 in the morning and read straight through until the end. Poignant and moving, this was a beautiful portrayal of a day that still haunts so many.

    9. I loved this book. It has complex characters, diverse culture, and complicated storylines. Sharen has painted pictures of people you can see so clearly in your mind. I was sad to see it end!

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