In this captivating reinvention of the werewolf novel, S A Swann propels readers into the darkest days of the Middle Ages, weaving a rare blend of soaring romance, historical intrigue, paranormal thrills, and spiritual questioning to tell a story that forever changes those who hear it.When a monk inadvertently discovers a lair of werewolf young, he unleashes what will beIn this captivating reinvention of the werewolf novel, S A Swann propels readers into the darkest days of the Middle Ages, weaving a rare blend of soaring romance, historical intrigue, paranormal thrills, and spiritual questioning to tell a story that forever changes those who hear it.When a monk inadvertently discovers a lair of werewolf young, he unleashes what will become the Church s most powerful and secret weapon Clandestinely raised by the Teutonic Order, these lupine creatures serve as instruments of God against pagan unbelievers Trained to slip into villages cloaked in human form, they are all but unstoppable Only one, called Lilly, has cunningly fled her brutal master.Uldolf is too young to remember the massacre eight years earlier that claimed his village, his arm, and his kin But he knows the pain of loneliness When he sees what appears to be a beautiful young woman, injured and cowering in the woods, he races to her aid Uldolf and his adoptive family will do anything to protect the terrified girl, but the danger is greater than they can possibly imagine For death is the only life Lilly has ever known and if their humanity can t pierce the darkness Lilly harbors in her soul, they ll soon come to know it, too.
Wolfbreed In this captivating reinvention of the werewolf novel S A Swann propels readers into the darkest days of the Middle Ages weaving a rare blend of soaring romance historical intrigue paranormal thri

  • Title: Wolfbreed
  • Author: S.A. Swann Grover Gardner
  • ISBN: 9781441717092
  • Page: 359
  • Format: MP3 Book
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    1. The Medieval historical where the church is raising werewolves to scare the pagans into converting, and the last surviving one escapes and loses her memory and thinks she's an ordinary girl.This had potential, but, my God, the way the story is told is terrible. From sentence to sentence there are insane amounts of background information, so that even scenes where a werewolf is devouring soldiers seem to drag on. Then the werewolf escapes, the young peasant finds her, you turn the page, and you g [...]

    2. This is one of the more beautifully written books I have read in a very long time. From a commercial standpoint, I can see why it’s not a best seller. It’s not written for mass appeal. The story is raw and dark; it’s the kind of series that draws a certain type of reader. From a technical perspective, it’s woven tighter than Egyptian cotton. As I listened to the audio, I was seduced by the intelligence of the Swann’s delivery. Technical, yes but also selection and pacing were masterful [...]

    3. Lilly is one of a litter of werewolf children being raised by the Knights of the Teutonic Order in 13th century Prusa (later Prussia). The wolfbreed, as they are called, are subjected to horrifying abuses and trained to become brutal weapons of war. Their purpose: to help the Order massacre Prussia's remaining pagan strongholds.A theological debate rages between the Order and the Church regarding the nature of the wolfbreed. Are they simply animals, soulless but trainable and possibly useful? Or [...]

    4. A girl barely out of her teens is found bloody and naked by Uldolf, a one-armed young man who has been hunting in the forest. He lives with his adopted parents and a sister who took him in when he was just a child after the massacre that left his biological family dead. Uldolf barely survived and refuses to remember what happened. The strange girl doesn’t seem to speak and is frightened. Uldolf won’t allow her to die and takes her home where her mother will care for her.The abused girl is Li [...]

    5. alors j'ai totalement adoré cette histoire ♥ déjà parce que les loups-garous n'ont rien à voir avec ceux "romantisés" de la bit-lit, ici ils sont représentés des bêtes de cauchemar : disproportionnées entre l'humain et le loup, d'une force immense avec un fort penchant pour le déchiquetage xD. aussi, pendant une grande partie de l'histoire Lilly a 2 personnalités en conflit et aussi parce que le contexte médiéval, ça change de l'urban fantasy ^^.l'histoire commence avec un cheval [...]

    6. I'm not sure why I picked up this book; the cover looked kind of cheesy. But I was pleasantly surprised! It's a werewolf story, but instead of the usual urban fantasy it's set in 12th century Prussia. The author has a gift for making believable, flawed, but interesting and sympathetic characters. The one-armed hero (who needs help from the werewolf heroine) is strong and moral, but not rigid. The heroine is emotionally damaged from the abuse that she suffered in being trained from childhood to b [...]

    7. Definitely adult, as this not only has lots of gore, but also the hero and heroine who get together are both extremely scarred emotionally. Issues of remembering and forgiveness. Christianity does not come off looking good in this, and that would be my one quibble: at least one Christian could have been less than evil, merciless and greedy

    8. I am a werewolf aficionado. If there is media out there about werewolves, and I know about it, I’ve likely consumed it at some point. So this book is right up my alley.That said, this book is definitely top of the heap as far as werewolf fiction goes. It’s got an excellent story, it is well written, the protagonists are sympathetic, and the antagonists are villainous but not completely evil.It’s set in Medieval Germany when the Holy Roman Empire was colonizing/converting Prussia. And I tho [...]

    9. Being a fan of werewolf books, I thought this sounded interesting when I read the review in Publisher's Weekly. A while ago I had tried to read a werewolf novel with a historical setting (by Alice Borchardt, Anne Rice's sister, set around the fall of Rome) and couldn't get into it. I much preferred this tale set in medieval Germany. Many years ago, a Christian order of knights converting pagan lands found a litter of werewolf children. Rather than condemn these children as Satanic creatures, the [...]

    10. This had a lot of potential, but the weak writing got in the way of the story. There were way too many compound and run-on sentences during action scenes, which any Fiction 101 course will tell you slows the action down considerably. Shorter, simpler sentences are the rule here unless the author has an artistic reason for doing otherwise. Also, there were too many instances of unnecessary information being repeated. I think there was one paragraph where it's mentioned three times that Lilly is " [...]

    11. I devoured this book. I really loved the middle ages setting and the unusual choice of the Northern Crusades. I was inspired to look up quite a bit of information about the time period just to get a sense of the larger picture while reading this book. The character attitudes were a bit too modern for the time period but I loved them anyway. I would have like to see this book fleshed out a little more but that's just the book nerd in me. I'm looking forward to the companion book to this.

    12. The premise was really intriguing but I thought this book was very poorly written. The author had very obviously done his research on the 13th century but most of the information he gives is irrelevant to the story and just bogs it down. The characters had great potential but they were never really fleshed out and the relationships were rather shallow. Overall, I was very disappointed with this book. I felt like it never really reached the level I was expecting.

    13. I gave this 5 stars because it told a different kind of werewolf tale and from another time period. I found the book fascinating, but I wish the author had explained the origins of the wolfbreed. If there was one pack of these wolf/human creatures, should there not have been others? What were its origins? Was Lilly the last of her kind? The book left many questions unanswered, but it kept me hooked nonetheless.

    14. Surprisingly good. It was almost the traditional werewolf form, which left me wondering how good this novel would be, but don't let that fool you. This book has action, suspense, and romance. I finished it in 3 days, and am moving on to the next one. Gotta read as many as I can before University takes me away from my beloved hobby of reading, once again. : P

    15. The idea behind the storyline was good, but the book was just not very well written. I think the author focused too much on little details that tended to draw you off on a tangent only to hurtle you back to the main point. It made for ponderous reading.

    16. Surprisingly not bad. Actually, could be one of the better action-adventure-fantasy-historical-romance-political-intrigue books I've read in a while

    17. Started reading this Friday night and stayed up til wee hours Saturday to finish thisuldn't put it down. Fascinating take on a werewolf story. Can't wait for the next installment. Loved it!

    18. Really interesting twist on the werewolf story. I felt the love story weakened the ending, but still a great read.

    19. Overall, a great book filled with unique ideas and rich with well-researched history. Read my full review here: bookwormblues/201

    20. Bon, ce ne sera pas le chef-d'oeuvre de la littérature fantasy, il est bourré de défauts, il n'a pas la profondeur d'un "L'Heure du loup", il frôle même parfois le gnangnan ou la praline, mais dans l'ensemble, si on ne fait pas la difficile, ça passe.Ça est même bien passé puisqu'après avoir lu les 100 premières un jour, j'ai englouti les 378 le lendemain soir. Ne pas être en forme a du bon, niveau bouffage de pages.Après un début tonitruant (non, ce n'est pas le petit nom d'un maf [...]

    21. One of my greatest passions is Europe during 13th century. Another love of mine are wolves, werewolves killing humans, even better. Sadly, none of it matters when the delivery fails.The busy, amateur cover alone is a good indicator of poor writing, but I didn't see the cover and fell into the lure of the time-period. Right from the start you get pommeled by paragraphs of useless expositions about characters that die in five minutes. Everyone worries in the same way and thinks in circles, endless [...]

    22. Really enjoyed this one and I have already ordered Wolf's Cross (Wolfbreed #2) through our library.Don't judge this book by its cover, I can tell you that it is really different than what you think.Very well written and easy to follow storyline with some seemingly real life characters you can't help but like

    23. In this captivating reinvention of the werewolf novel, S. A. Swann propels readers into the darkest days of the Middle Ages, weaving a rare blend of soaring romance, historical intrigue, paranormal thrills, and spiritual questioning to tell a story that forever changes those who hear it.When a monk inadvertently discovers a lair of werewolf young, he unleashes what will become the Church’s most powerful–and secret–weapon. Clandestinely raised by the Teutonic Order, these lupine creatures s [...]

    24. Wolfbreed is a different genre of paranormal for me to read. Set in 13th-century Prussia, it introduces us to Lilly, one of a group of young werewolves trained by the Teutonic Order to be brutal killing machines for the Church. They’re treated as animals, albeit highly skilled and useful animals that do the Church’s dirty business of wiping out pagan heretics.This is by no means a “light” novel. Violence, brutality, and some of the worst aspects of humankind are frequently described. The [...]

    25. This book contains the themes of guilt, redemption, forgiveness, and love amongst other things. WaitI already used that for my Crime and Punishment review. What could this trashy looking, obscure fantasy novel have in common with one of the greatest books of all time?! Wolfbreed is based on the anime Elfen Lied, which is in turn the love child of X-men and Crime&Punishment. I don't blame you if you aren't convinced yet, but just change the sexes of the 2 main protagonists, change Russian to [...]

    26. Some backstory is important, before I get to the book's actual story: For some reason, the publisher wouldn't take only this book -- they wanted the author to write at least one more in the series. So the author wrote Wolf's Cross. Not knowing that, by mistake I read Wolf's Cross first, and liked it a whole lot.However, turns out I was nearly unique in liking it. Most reviewers loved this book, Wolfbreed, and hated Wolf's Cross. The author himself said that Wolfbreed was the best book he ever wr [...]

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