The Novel in the Viola

In the spring of 1938, Elise Landau arrives at Tyneford, the great house on the bay A bright young thing from Vienna forced to become a parlour maid, she knows nothing about England, except that she won t like it As servants polish silver and serve drinks on the lawn, Elise wears her mother s pearls beneath her uniform and causes outrage by dancing with a boy called Kit.In the spring of 1938, Elise Landau arrives at Tyneford, the great house on the bay A bright young thing from Vienna forced to become a parlour maid, she knows nothing about England, except that she won t like it As servants polish silver and serve drinks on the lawn, Elise wears her mother s pearls beneath her uniform and causes outrage by dancing with a boy called Kit But war is coming, the world is changing, and Elise must change with it.At Tyneford she learns that you can be than one person and that you can love than once.
The Novel in the Viola In the spring of Elise Landau arrives at Tyneford the great house on the bay A bright young thing from Vienna forced to become a parlour maid she knows nothing about England except that she w

  • Title: The Novel in the Viola
  • Author: Natasha Solomons
  • ISBN: 9780340995679
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Like Downton Abbey? Sweepingly romantic? Beautifully written? None of the above.First, the only reason this has been compared to Downton Abbey is that it takes place in a country house in England and characters from upstairs and downstairs are big. That part of the premise is similar - the same. But there's none of DA's biting humor, or quick-sharp plots, or characters you love or love to hate or just hate. "The House at Tyneford" iswellring.It gets off to a sssslllloooowwww start, and then lots [...]

    2. I've just turned the last page, and I am buzzing with the particular ache that you get when you finish a great book and you suddenly wish the whole world had read it so they'd understand. The Novel in the Viola is, in short, spectacular. The language, the intricate characters that grow and grow and grow, and the story itself that says what it has to say and says it simply and elegantly - it is a masterpiece. At its core, The Novel in the Viola is just a story about a girl that loves and loses an [...]

    3. *Spoiler alert* I loved this book, the characters, the time period, everything. I fell in love with Elise and Kit. The ending was a bit disappointing though, I feel like the author had written such a detailed book and then she got to the end and rushed it. The ending just seemed a bit vague and I'm not sure how much I liked Elise marrying Daniel. The whole time I was reading the end, I was trying to put myself in Elise's shoes but I just couldn't. I know I could never marry the love of my life's [...]

    4. Audiobook.This might take a while. My damage with this book, beginning with the most egregious issues:1. The main character, Elise, is absolutely unlikable. Her own family kind of doesn't like her, and it's not in that heart-wrenching, Jacob Have I Loved way where you feel like shaking them and yelling, "she's better than the lot of you, you idiots!!!" No. I don't blame them for not liking her. She whines about her lack of musical talent in an exceptionally musical family. She calls her parents [...]

    5. I very much enjoyed this. It's imperfect, sure -- the author is a little obsessed with foreshadowing to such a degree that almost nothing is a surprise -- but it has the most beautiful sense of place. Tyneford is lovely, and it's not just the description of the town, but the characters within it. I see a lot of people complaining that this is NOT Downton Abbey-esque as the jacket/marketing promised, and I guess it isn't in the upstairs/downstairs sense, but I thought this did a beautiful job of [...]

    6. I loved the detailed writing in this book. I could feel the cold and hear the waves crashing, I felt like I was at Tyneford House. I did not like the ending though, I was a little disappointed. I will read more by this writer though, her descriptions of the scenery were beautiful.

    7. This book is one of the ones where I can't decide whether to rush through the book to find out what happens vs. wanting to read slowly so the book and the fictional world inside it never end. Set in Europe in the days leading up to & during WWII, the book follows Elise, the teenage daughter of upper middle class cosmopolitan Jews living in Vienna.(Oh no, Jews in Austria -you know it can't end well)Elise manages to get a work visa to Britain, where she works as a servant. The majority of the [...]

    8. Why would I give this seemingly well written novel only 1 star? The heroine deserved to be written correctly for her timeI love reading CLEAN and HIGH STANDARD moral novels. I ENJOYED the over-all story, but was so disgusted in the eventual trashiness of the heroine. When this AUTHOR took the key heroine of the story and had her SCREAM aloud every filthy word she could express during a low point of her lifeI thought, WHAT in the world is this author thinking? The heroine was reared with a high m [...]

    9. Como fã assumida da famosa série televisiva "Downton Abbey" não podia deixar de ler este livro. E devo dizer que não me arrependo nada de o fazer! :)Ainda que com algumas semelhanças com a série (período histórico e plano de acção), este romance de Natasha Solomons é completamente original.A protagonista, Elise Landau, é ainda uma jovem, imatura e mimada, quando é forçada a deixar o seu país, a sua família e a vida privilegiada da alta sociedade austríaca para servir como criada [...]

    10. I loved The Novel in the Viola.It is one of those books in which everything – characters, emotions, settings, writing, period, storylines – is right. And everything works together beautifully to produce a book that is far more than the sum of those parts.At heart though, The Novel in the Viola is the story of a life. The life of Elise, younger daughter of Anna and Julian Landau. Opera singer and novelist respectively. Elise worries that she is not as talented as her sister, Margot, but that [...]

    11. In general, I'd say it was a disappointment, mainly because the story was highly predictable and not original in its set-up at all. The gist of this story has been written before, much better and more enthralling. Think Jane Eyre, for example.The protagonist, Elise/Alice, is an omniscient narrator who gives away clues about events that will take place 100 pages later in such a way that even a mildly experienced reader knows exactly what's going to happen. The three main events that carry the sto [...]

    12. Book Review: The House at Tyneford by Natasha SolomonConfession: I was in one of my favorite bookstores, Denver’s The Tattered Cover (AKA: A piece of heaven!). One of the things that I like about the Tattered Cover is that it always has interesting displays that pique my interest—even if the display is on a subject that is not usually of interest to me. So, when I saw the display of books that said, “If you loved Downton Abbey, you’ll love these” (or something like that), I was there. [...]

    13. Uma história poderosa, brilhante, soberba, apaixonante, trágica, emocionante e comovente que me prendeu logo nas primeiras páginas e me fez verter algumas lágrimas :’( e acompanhou-me numa visita a um período conturbado, quando o regime Nazi tinha o poder soberano sobre a EuropaA escrita da autora é fluida, directa, clara, emocionante e cativante.A leitura é empolgante, deliciosa, compulsiva, viciante e fascinante.A Segunda Guerra Mundial para mim, é a minha época favorita de leituras [...]

    14. Skipping the summary of the novel itself, I found The House at Tyneford while browsing and finding that it was highly rated, was similar to Downton Abbey, and an interesting premise. I can tell why the book would be recommended to those who enjoy the show Downton Abbey, and for the first half of the novel the story was interesting. Elise's life from Viennese bourgeois to maid was interesting enough to keep me reading, and Solomon's descriptive writing never overshadowed the plot. That being sai [...]

    15. I read this for one of my reading groups and found it fairly good historical fiction. It stands out as yet another story derived from the global event called World War II. I don't suppose we will run out of tales about that for a good long time.Elise Landau is 19 and forced to emigrate from Vienna to England in 1938 because she is Jewish, her father is a novelist out of favor with the Third Reich, and her parents want to keep her safe. Apparently, many young, affluent girls escaped Europe on a d [...]

    16. This title must have come to my attention from somebody's blog because it's just the sort of book my blogging friends like most, a bit like an Elizabeth von Arnim novel with a touch of Rebecca superimposed. The story is based on the experience of the author's great-aunt, who as a young woman left Vienna for England before World War II and worked as a domestic at an English estate. The house and village that the fictional Elise comes to love are also based on a real story, that of the lost villag [...]

    17. The book was both heartbreaking, breathtaking and lovely at the same time. You know it will be sad when the heroine is a Jew during WWII but I still cling to hope, it could happen. The ending itself is bittersweet and fitting and could have made me cry.The story is about Elise who becomes a maid in England just before the start of the war. Her mother is a famous opera singer, her father an obscure novelist. She is not fit for service really, but does her best. her luck is the household she ends [...]

    18. As I'm currently watching the second season of "Downton Abbey" on PBS, this novel fit quite well with my current mind set.The story begins in Vienna, where our main character Elise Landau is living the good life with her family. Her mother is a singer and her father is an author and they decide to send Elise, who is 19, to England to escape the occupation of Austria by the Nazis. The family is Jewish and they plan to eventually meet up in America when the rest of the family can secure visas. Eli [...]

    19. Not wanting to spoil this for anyone, it was sad, could be tear-jerker sad and surprisingly based on the real village of Tyneham. Now I need to go out and read about this real life place and it's history.

    20. Uma das editoras que mais me tem vindo a surpreender pela riqueza das suas histórias é ASA. São histórias com uma rara beleza, descritas através vidas que se traduzem em romances credíveis e com uma escrita cuidada, são oportunidades de leituras extraordinárias e que eu vou recordar durante muito tempo. Depois em 2012 ter descoberto A Menina da Falésia (opinião) e O Segredo de Sophia (opinião), heis que 2013 me estreio nesta editora com Uma Casa de Família, uma narrativa perfeita em [...]

    21. I am very interested in World War II-era stories, especially stores of those affected by the Holocaust. This book starts at the beginning of WW2 in Vienna. Elise and her family have a good life in Austria . Her father is a novelist, her mother is a musician. The problem is that they are Jewish. The family is trying to get everyone out of the country, but they are having problems getting visas. Elise is able to leave the country because she is being sponsored by an English family to come and work [...]

    22. A very touching WWII-era story. I found it in a promo section of the bookstore with an "upstairs/downstairs" theme, but I really thought this story rose above this little marketing section. The main character is a young girl from Vienna, a refuge from a respected, artistic family sent to England to work as a servant. As in similar novels, the young Elise falls in love with the charming heir to her new home Tyneford, a beautiful, wild, coastal estate.What sets the story apart is that the main cha [...]

    23. I'm not sure why this book is recommended for people who enjoy Downton Abbey - while it takes place in England during the start of WWII, that's about where the similarity ends. However, I did enjoy the book and would probably give it 3.5 stars. It's not truly four stars in that there are a few things that happen during the story that I didn't think were all that believable, but I think it rated a bit more than 3 stars, which for my personal rating system, is just average and I thought it was bet [...]

    24. 3 stars, Felt like Jane Eyre but fell short at the endElise Landau – I like the name – lives a life of privilege as a nineteen-year-old in Vienna, a city beautifully brought to life as it must have been in 1940. Born to beautiful parents, her mother being a gifted opera singer, Elise feels unattractive and overweight and regards herself as the butt of her family’s jokes. Never truly part of the bourgeois set because artists were not regarded as elite enough or aristocratic, the main proble [...]

    25. This story has an interesting premise. The star of the book is a daughter of a famed opera star and a respected novelist. Although they were raised in luxury, the family is in trouble as Hitler rises to power as they are Jewish. The eldest daughter and her husband are sent to America. Elise, though cosseted and pampered, is sent to England as a maid. The parents remain in Vienna trying to get exit visas. While this started well, the story really goes nowhere while falling into every cliche it ca [...]

    26. I feel as though I have been reading a lot of books about war this year! But this time period does interest me and I enjoyed this story. This was a bittersweet romance about a young, Jewish, upper-class Austrian girl forced to flee to England for safety before the outbreak of WWII take a position as a housemaid to support herself.I enjoyed reading about her coming to grips with the English language, and discussing books as part of her “education”. This book is on a list of “Downton Abbey-e [...]

    27. Honestly I rounded up. This had so much potential. It's about this Jewish girl from Vienna and she's been revoked from her rich lifestyle to being a made in England. A gold love interest. But the like 65% in it, just So much can fall apart. There was so much disappointment I can't even. Read it though. If you're deciding, just read it up to like page 223 of the book. It was promising. It had a great start, premise. The writing was good. It just go weird. It's ended so poorly I'm more upset about [...]

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