Travels with Tarra

Notable Books for Children, 2002 Smithsonian On the ballot for the Louisiana Young Readers Choice Award, 2005
Travels with Tarra Notable Books for Children Smithsonian On the ballot for the Louisiana Young Readers Choice Award

  • Title: Travels with Tarra
  • Author: Carol Buckley
  • ISBN: 9780884482413
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. See my Q&A including updates with Carol Buckley and learn more about Tarra at readrantrockandrollCarol Buckley is the founder of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. In this book she talks about Tarra, the Asian elephant who was brought to America in 1974. Tarra was purchased to live at a tire store and the owner specifically purchased her in hope of increased sales. It was sad reading just the first page of this book because you start to realize the horror of a baby elephant being torn away [...]

    2. There’s no doubt that elephants fascinate us humans, especially the youngest among us. So it is perhaps no surprise that Carol Buckley, founder of the Elephant Sanctuary, would want to tell her remarkable story in the form of a children’s book.Black-and-white photographs help tell the story of Tarra, a baby elephant Buckley trained and eventually purchased. Buckley and Tarra went on the road together, appearing in parades, TV specials, and all manner of traveling circus shows. Eventually, Bu [...]

    3. 09/09: We learned of this from M. Dill and her blog. What a lovely book about an elephant brought to the States just so she could be a mascot at a tire store! Praise God, Carol Buckley lived nearby and took over with Tarra. She gave Tarra love and good food, rest and exercise. She even taught her to skate. Finally, she secured for her an 800-acre refuge in Tennessee. Gotta love to watch God work through people! Book Description:"Travels With Tarra is a heartwarming look at the life of one captiv [...]

    4. Travels with Tarra is a phenomenal informational book! The book chronicles the lives of two friends, author Carol Buckley and an Asian elephant named Tarra. From the first time they met, when Tarra went by Fluffie and was a tire store mascot, it was love at first sight, and the two have never been apart since. Through a series of personal prose and lots and lots of photographs, Travels with Tarra gives readers a look into the fascinating life of Tarra. Originally shipped to the USA from Burma, T [...]

    5. This is the story of how Carol Buckley came to found the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN. While "Travels with Tarra" is an engaging story, it is also full of information about the compassionate and responsible care of elephants. It opened my eyes to the unsuitability of most zoo settings for elephants who need acres of soft earth to roam daily - and also to their need for the company of other elephants. This book is written for children, but adults can get much more out of it.

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