Escape by Night: A Civil War Adventure

Ten year old Tommy and his sister Annie are intrigued by the new soldiers arriving in their Georgia town Since the Civil War started, wounded men waiting to be treated at the local church turned hospital have been coming in by droves When Tommy sees a soldier drop his notebook, he sends his dog, Samson, to fetch it Tommy soon meets the soldier and is faced with the hardTen year old Tommy and his sister Annie are intrigued by the new soldiers arriving in their Georgia town Since the Civil War started, wounded men waiting to be treated at the local church turned hospital have been coming in by droves When Tommy sees a soldier drop his notebook, he sends his dog, Samson, to fetch it Tommy soon meets the soldier and is faced with the hardest decision he s ever had to make whether or not he should help a Yankee escape to freedom.Filled with intriguing suspense and tackling difficult questions about slavery, this story, told in accessible short chapters, will appeal to history buffs as well as those who appreciate a faithful dog.
Escape by Night A Civil War Adventure Ten year old Tommy and his sister Annie are intrigued by the new soldiers arriving in their Georgia town Since the Civil War started wounded men waiting to be treated at the local church turned hospi

  • Title: Escape by Night: A Civil War Adventure
  • Author: Laurie Myers Amy June Bates
  • ISBN: 9780805088250
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The book is good, but slight. Perhaps that is necessary, when introducing topics of war and slavery to young children, for whom this book is intended. I wanted more -- if only more plot, or more characterization, but that might just be my adult reading voice speaking. It is a very cute book, though, and I do believe that younger children might even find it exciting.

    2. We really enjoyed this one. We did it as a family read-aloud, but if I had it to do over again (and had more time before having to return the book to the library), I would have assigned this for individual silent reading or for the kids' personal read-aloud challenges. The vocabulary wasn't as rich as I like for read-aloud but it's perfect for practice.I really liked seeing the main character struggle with a choice he had to make, and really try to do the right thing, weighing his options agains [...]

    3. This was an adventurous book. There was a wagon coming Tommy, Annie, Samson went to see at the window at first they thought it was hogs, squash, etc. but then they looked very closely they were wounded, and dead soldiers. The explained why it stink to much. The was one man who had lost an arm and under his arm he hold a book suddenly he dropped the book. Tommy told Samson to fetch it. (Samson is a dog, Tommy a boy, and Annie a girl). When Samson returned with the book. Tommy and Samson went to t [...]

    4. Escape By Night is told by Tommy, a 10-year-old boy in Georgia during the Civil War.  His father is a pastor whose church has been transformed into a temporary hospital to accommodate the large number of wounded Confederate soldiers returning from the front.  When he sees an arriving soldier unwittingly drop a book in the street as he is being carried into the hospital, Tommy picks it up to return it to him.  When Tommy realizes his new friend is, in fact, a Yankee soldier in disguise, he mus [...]

    5. This beginning chapter book provides an exciting Civil War story suitable for readers in second to fourth grade. When a wagon full of wounded Confederate soldiers rolls into their Georgia town, Tommy notices a small notebook belonging to one of the soldiers falling out of the wagon, and sends his faithful greyhound dog Samson into the street to fetch it. Tommy's father's the minister of the local Presbyterian church, which has been turned into a makeshift hospital, filled with "a heavy, over-tow [...]

    6. 6/2015 ** I re-read this book in 2015, without looking at the review I wrote in 2012. At this time, I've rated it with 4 stars, rather than 3.5/19/12 ** (3 stars) This was an unexpected find when I attended an Indiana SCBWI conference with my husband and was browsing the bookseller's display. I typically wouldn't have bought a new,hardback for my classroom, but thought the topic and ease of reading made the book worthwhile.Tommy's father is the pastor at the Presbyterian church in their small, G [...]

    7. SCHOOL LIBRARIAN REVIEW: I read this book in about an hour. It introduces many of the topics of the American Civil War in a simple and non-threatening way. It is definitely written for the youngest readers. Many topics are 'what if' and 'I wonder' ideas in the main characters head rather than strong ideas thrown out for harsh impact. The main character is a boy who lives in the South. His fathers church has been turned into a hospital for southern soldiers. He finds a journal and returns it to a [...]

    8. Ten year old Tommy McKnight is a stanch supporter of the Confederacy. His father’s church in Augusta, Georgia has been converted into a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers. There, Tommy and his dog, Samson, befriend Redmon “Red” Porter, who doesn’t seem to share the same views on the war that Tommy has been taught. When Tommy realizes that Red is a Union soldier, he must decide whether to help him escape or turn him in to the authorities. This fast paced, action packed story, touch [...]

    9. Based on a possible childhood experience of President Woodrow Wilson, this tale is set in Wilson's boyhood hometown of Augusta Georgia. The tide has turned in the Civil War and the South is losing ground. Refugees and wounded soldiers pour into Augusta, and Tommy Wilson's church is turned into a hospital. He meets a young Yankee soldier disguised as a Confederate from Mississippi. After hearing his story and also the story of an enslaved man he knows, Tommy agrees to help the Yankee escape to th [...]

    10. Summary: A Yankee soldier needs Tommy's help to return home. Tommy has to decide what would be the right thing to do. Along with his friends, they come up with a plan.Mentor trait: idea is central around the events of the Civil War. Organization - multiple characters are involved in the plot. Each is followed separately through their voice traits.Book LevelMiddle grades (4-8) ATOS 3.8Lexile 520Recommendation: Social Studies, Civil War, friendship, making right decisions, following conscience.

    11. Grades 2-4. RL 520. Civil War Fiction. Boys will especially enjoy this story of Tommy and his sister who watch the church-turned-confederate hospital across the street as soldiers are brought in and out. One day they see a book fall out of an injured soldier's hand. Could it be battle plans? A diary from a fallen general? Afterall, it must be a very important book for a soldier to have brought it to war and kept it so close. But the book isn't all what they expect, nor is its writer. Both hold a [...]

    12. 12th read aloud of 2015-2016. And one of the Maud Hart Lovelace nominees for next year. I was a little disappointed. The premise was interesting. About a boy (Tommy) in 1863 Georgia who discovers a Yankee soldier hidden among wounded confederate soldiers. Tommy grapples with the issue of slavery and has to decide whether or not to report the Yankee. Good introduction to the Civil War. Just way too simple. And way too many God references for a public school. Kids rated it an average of 3.28 stars [...]

    13. Myers and Bates raise the tight format of a short chapter book to new heights as not a word or line of illustration s wasted in this beautifully crafted story. Escape by Night mixes suspense and adventure with real moral dilemmas involving loyalty, love of family and slavery. Sampson the wonder dog is a great bonus! Highly recommended!

    14. Good intro to Civil War and slavery theme for an early chapter book. High level with few details which is typical for this level of book. Book from the perspective of a southern boy. I've seen several from a northern perspective so I appreciated this different view. Simple words and easy read. Boys father was a religious leader and the boy's decisions are guided by his religious beliefs.

    15. A quick little read based very loosely on the childhood of future president Woodrow Wilson. Young Tommy (Wilson's first name was Thomas; Woodrow is his middle name) is growing up in Augusta, Georgia during the Civil War. His father's church has become a hospital for injured soldiers. What happens when one of the injured soldiers he meets is from the northern states?

    16. This book is about a young boy that has a hard decision to make. He doens't want to break the law but he knows he has a Christian duty. He can't decide what to do until he hears his father's sermon one Sunday morning. Then he knows what he must do. A sweet story.

    17. Nine year old Tommy McKnight knows where to put his trust and loyalty: God, family, his beloved Georgia, and the Confederacy. But what will he do when being loyal to one makes him disloyal to another?

    18. gr 3-5 120pgsOctobe 1863 Georgia. When Tommy visits the hospital in town for Confederate soldiers, he meets Red and discovers that Red has a secret. Red is a Union soldier! Should Tommy keep Red's secret or should he help him escape?

    19. A book I ran across while shelving in the children's library. I loved reading historical fiction as a kid, and it was a refreshing little read. Interesting story and good way to introduce the major moral dilemmas of the Civil War era.

    20. Perfect historical adventure for students! I loved the writing style as well as the page-turning flow of the book. Looks like another great one to add to my read aloud list and classroom library for checkout!

    21. Good book for juveniles/middle grade. Good message about mercy and doing what's right, as well.

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