Witch Catcher

When her widower father inherits a castlelike estate in the mountains of West Virginia, 12 year old Jen is thrilled It seems like a wish come true But she quickly realizes that not all change is positive Her dad has a mysterious new girlfriend, Moura, who slowly drives a wedge between Jen and her father Further, Moura has an unusually strongalmost obsessiveinterestWhen her widower father inherits a castlelike estate in the mountains of West Virginia, 12 year old Jen is thrilled It seems like a wish come true But she quickly realizes that not all change is positive Her dad has a mysterious new girlfriend, Moura, who slowly drives a wedge between Jen and her father Further, Moura has an unusually strongalmost obsessiveinterest in the antiques that fill the mansion, especially a beautiful glass globe that Jen finds hanging in a window When Jen s cat accidentally breaks the globe, which Moura calls a witch catcher, strange things begin to happen An odd looking girl wearing a torn dress appears, seemingly out of nowhere, and Moura s behavior becomes sinister, leading Jen to believe that her father is a pawn in an evil scheme Soon Jen finds herself caught in the midst of a supernatural war, with the fate of an enchanted raceand her familyat stake Inspired by the age old legend of witch catchers, Mary Downing Hahn brings a magical cast of characters to life in this compelling fantasy adventure Author s note.
Witch Catcher When her widower father inherits a castlelike estate in the mountains of West Virginia year old Jen is thrilled It seems like a wish come true But she quickly realizes that not all change is posit

  • Title: Witch Catcher
  • Author: Mary Downing Hahn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book was so cute and fun to read! It was like a child-sized roller coaster. It was a very pleasant book and I am glad I found it at a library book sale. My sister and I have read other Mary Downing Hahn books when we were kids and were excited when we found this one.I really had no idea who to believe! Kieryn or Moura had me flipping back and forth for a while. Moura was just so dang creepy and scary that I knew she had to be the bad one. I so wanted to slap Jen's dad several times. I was l [...]

    2. Hahn is such a wonderful author. A little dark most of the time, but I'm always dying to finish her books. Witch Catcher was so creative and you feel for the characters in their distress. How I wish I could have changed into a bat too! I was a little upset the fairies couldn't be trusted in the end or the human heroine rewarded. It left me sad that the magic was over and gone and a dad that was still missing the evil witch that was using him.

    3. It's fun as a story, but really, you should never, ever break a witch catcher. They were invented for a reason. Dangerous things can happen if you accidentally set a witch free, and they're not going to be as friendly as the one in this book. I was playing with one at my Aunt's house when I was younger and she yelled at me for a long time when I almost knocked it off a table. You don't want a witch after you, it's just going to be a pain all around and could result in someone getting killed or t [...]

    4. This was an awesome book! I would like to read it again!! I would recommend this book to children age 10-13. It was full of suspense that makes you want to keep reading. Definitely a page turner!!

    5. The adolescent voice of the narrator was completely missing in this book. I felt like I was reading an adult's take on how adolescents think, rather than and actual girl's take on things. The other world was intriguing, but it never really came to life for me since there was so little energy given to it.

    6. Buku tentang anak manusia, peri dan penyihir dengan setting di rumah tua besar di dekat hutan. Hmmm, setting seperti itu memang cocok untuk cerita peri dan penyihir ya. Hampir semua cerita tentang peri yang saya baca mengambil setting seperti itu.Kali ini ceritanya tentang Jen dan ayahnya yang mendapat warisan rumah tua dari Paman Thaddeus. Jen sangat bersemangat dengan rumah itu dan mulai berkhayal kalau dia akan menemukan harta karun di sana. Benar saja, di menara di dekat rumah, Jen berhasil [...]

    7. Jen and her dad Hugh are the only heirs to an eccentric uncle's estate and find themselves moving to an old, crumbling mansion in the mountains of West Virginia. They are both thrilledJen has always dreamed of living in a castle and her dad now has time to devote to his artistic talents. Jen's mom died when she was only a baby, so the two have always been close and been the only family they knew.All that changes when Hugh introduces Jen to Moura, a beautiful, yet eerily creepy woman who only wea [...]

    8. This is a fasinating fiction book that anyone that likes magic, faries and powerful antique objects will love this book! The story begins with a 12 years old girl named Jen and with his widowed father that live in West Virginia, Jen gets fasinated wen they have to move to their new house that is far from the city, the house is like a casttle and not because is just very big but because its in form of a casttle too! The house was from Jen's great uncle Thaddeusus, the enormus house is full of ant [...]

    9. Eh. Kind of boring? It takes too long for the fairy-girl to show up (where I thought things actually become more interesting); Dad is pretty much brainwashed the entire book (a particular convention I dislike, since it feels like a cheap way to build sympathy for those affected by it, yet at the same time you're not "allowed" to dislike the brainwashed for being an asshole, since it's not actually their fault); I didn't care much for Jen, since she a) didn't feel very much like a 12 year old gir [...]

    10. The best thing about his book is its cover. It depicts a picture of a shiny globe with light emitting off some corners of is micro angular surface. And inside this globe is a tiny green girl in rags. What really captivated my attention was her facial expression; her hand were pressed tight against the glass of the globe and on her face, was this sorrowful mask with a tint of desperateness. She looks directed at the reader as if pleading the reader to free her from the globe. Ah… So beautiful. [...]

    11. Honestly, I did not think I would enjoy reading this book very much, specifically because I've never been interested in books that dealt with witches and fairies. Contrary to my initial reaction, this book had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout much of the plot! This fantasy book takes readers into them lives of Jen & her dad who have moved into the house where their now deceased Great Uncle Thaddeus lived. Moura enters the story as an antique shop owner. Jen's dad has fallen in lo [...]

    12. The cover drew me in. I was searching for a particular book, but was unable to find it. The picture captured my interest, and when I read the description I was only more unbelievably hooked. Unfortunately, I had gathered many books at the library, and had very little time to read. Two weeks went by, and I hadn't read a single book. So, I re-checked them all. Today, I had decided to take most of them back, but when I picked up the "Witch Catcher", I decided to keep it out. I thought I'd read for [...]

    13. Witch Catcher was another of those books that tells a classic fairytale, emphasis on the fairy. Like with Witch Hill by Marcus Sedgwick that I reviewed a few weeks ago, Witch Catcher gives us a story that is embedded in our collective psyche. It feels familiar, reaching back into oral tradition. The intrepid heroine faced with danger to her family and a new friend in need of help, rising above herself and becoming more than she ever thought she could have been. This is the story where magic inva [...]

    14. This is an interesting fantasy story involving witches and fairies that also involve themes such as friendship and family matters. Jen moves into a new house, which is actually a castle, with her widowed father and cat, Tink. However, her father has a new girlfriend named Moura, who is interested in all the antiques that are in the house, particularly a glass globe called a witch catcher which Jen finds in a nearby tower. Tink breaks the witch catcher, setting free an odd-looking girl who turns [...]

    15. I read this when my reading addiction was first really strong (so back in fourth grade. It later died down sadly. Then was revived in 7th Grade by *Annie* <3).Wow I'm getting way too far into my personal life which I'm sure you have no interest in. Back to the book. I'm think back *echo* back Oh yeah. This book absolutely mesmerized me and was the first hard read I tried out. Remember: I was in fourth grade when I read this. But yes, this book took me away on a grand adventure of a risky girl [...]

    16. The book I read was called The Witch Catcher by Mary Downing Hahn. This book was very interesting to read, it is about a little girl that has just moved to a new town, a very lonely one with no on in it, and the house, more like palace that she lived in was for her uncle which had passed away a long time ago. Really no one in her family is alive it’s just her, her dad, and her cat. When her dad forbids her from going into the building right in front of her house, she still goes and finds a glo [...]

    17. Judul: Witch CatcherPenulis: Mary Downing Hahn (United States, 9 Desember)Publikasi: United States, 24 Juli 2006Hal yang menarik minat saya terhadap novel ini adalah benda magis yang bernama Penangkap Penyihir. Menurut saya, namanya lebih cocok disebut Penangkap Sihir, karena benda ini bukan hanya menangkap penyihir, tapi juga peri.Bagi anak-anak yang mulai menginjak masa remaja, novel ini patut dibaca. Tokoh utama yang masih dua belas tahun sudah tidak mau dianggap anak-anak lagi. Hidupnya menj [...]

    18. This book is very appealing at first glance. The title at first is questionable. Lots of questions pop in my brain. Who is she? What is she doing in that globe? What is that globe? It takes you into the book from the start. The book is about a girl who lost her mother at two years old and now is 12. Her and her father move to a mansion fit for gods. Her father had inherited the mansion from his Uncle Thaddeus. Witches and Fairies fight off in the book. You feel like you are watching a movie. I l [...]

    19. I have re-read this book and I still want to read it again! It is by one of my all time favorite authors Mary Downing Hahn. This book is in the fantasy genre and I would recommend it for grades 5+. This book is about 12 year old Jen whose life changes when her father inherits a castle like estate from his great uncle. Behind the house is a tower and when Jen sneaks up there without her fathers knowing she finds a beautiful glass globe also known as a "witch catcher". Shortly after moving Jen fin [...]

    20. according to the book jacket, where i get 97% of my information, this is mary downing hahn's first "fantasy" novel.right all those other books about supernatural ghosts were ventures into realismgh be the story of jen, her rich great uncle thaddeus, a castle for a home, and a dad with no backbonee premise is pretty typical of these things: girl with no mom moves to new house, dad "falls in love" with evil lady after dad's treasures (literal, here, not figurative), girl unleashes fairy spirit who [...]

    21. Mary Downing Hahn writes a good ghost story, and in her first foray into fantasy, she proves she can write fantasy just as well. A 12 year old girl and her widowed father move into an inherited honest-to-goodness castle. Her father becomes entranced with a local antique store owner, whom the girl distrusts on sight. She finds a mysterious glass ball in an old tower, which leads her into a mystery. It's not just a run-of-the-mill mystery, however, it's one that involves a supernatural battle betw [...]

    22. This book is so goodI really and truly enjoyed this bookJen's Father remarries and he marries this lady by the name of Moura. From day one Jen knows that there is something wrong with her step mother Moura. As time goes on Jen discovers that her step mother is actually a Witch. Than the fun begins. That is all I am going to say. This is a Middle Grade Suspense Story and I love it. What happens in this story will keep you on your toes and you will keep turning the pages to find out what happens n [...]

    23. Hahn trades her usual ghosts for fairies and witches in this upper-elementary gothic.Pros: Brave and likable protagonist. Clever cat. Lines between good and evil not always clear. Cons: Too much fairy "jargon" could distract readers not used to dialect.This, like the other stories Hahn writes for grades 3-5 is an easy recommendation to kids who like fantasy or scary books. Hahn is great at creating families and settings that kids accept (what 10-year-olds haven't felt their parents were ignoring [...]

    24. Witch Catcher by: Mary Downing Hahn is a fantastic! The Witch Catcher is one of my personal favorite's. Mary Downing Hahn (my favorite author of all time's!) made this book Witch Catcher and it is about a girl who's mother died when she was young so she only has her dad until he gets a girlfriend who as an antique expert so when she comes over to their house to look at some antique's she is looking for something she is determined to find. This book is filled with action, adventure and suspense! [...]

    25. J A current Blackeyed Susan nominee. Spirited 12 year old Jen moves into an old mansion, inherited by her father. Two events are disturbing right off the bather father has been dating a local antiques dealer that Jen cannot warm up to. Then this dealer becomes nasty when she insists that Jen hand over the glass globe "witch catcher" that she unearthed in a tower on the grounds. It becomes quite a mysterious and exciting story pitting fairies against witches and Jen has to show a good bit of pluc [...]

    26. For readers who love fairies - great suspense as Jen finds her life going in the wrong direction as her father falls under the spell of a witch - masquerading as an antiques dealer. The witch tells Jen not to trust fairies - and she turns out to be right and wrong at the same time. Fairies are fey as Jen discovers towards the end of the book - that part, though, seemed at odds with how the fairies had treated her up to that point.What I wish - Dad never does come around to recognizing how unfair [...]

    27. Another wonderful story from M.D.H.I've read all of M. D. Hahn's books and, as with any favorite author, look forward to reading many more as she writes them. I became acquainted with her through my Kindle and for that I am eternally grateful. I think young readers will enjoy and gain much from these books but be warned that they are all very poorly edited. Frequent word substitutions occur which take away from the read for older readers and will no doubt be confusing for younger readers. "Spell [...]

    28. When a little girl and her father move to a new town, she becomes curious about many things. Barely anyone lives in this town and the house they are in is quite old. In this house she dicovers a glass orb. Upon breaking the orb, a kind little witch comes out and warns her that the realestate agent is an evil witch that has captured her family and will put the girl's father under a spell. Can this girl protect her father and set the kind witch's family free? Can she bring her father to see the tr [...]

    29. Jen finds out what Mora's really after It's the most beautiful thing Jen has ever seen! It's a bottle; but not just any bottle. Look closely my friend I DARE YOUgo ahead and look! It won't hurt you, The witch catcher only entraps creatures or other beings. But wait it's not just the witch catcher the're after It's Jen's Dad. Can she save her dad from total distruction and choas? From being under Mora's Love Spell?

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