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An Unexpected HusbandAgainst her better judgment, Lady Gillian Marley needs to find herself a husband and quickly To claim her uncle s unexpected bequest she must marry by her next birthday, which leaves only two months to find a malleable mate Topping her list of eligible candidates is the honorable Earl of Shelbrooke, yet one look at the very handsome but enigmaticAn Unexpected HusbandAgainst her better judgment, Lady Gillian Marley needs to find herself a husband and quickly To claim her uncle s unexpected bequest she must marry by her next birthday, which leaves only two months to find a malleable mate Topping her list of eligible candidates is the honorable Earl of Shelbrooke, yet one look at the very handsome but enigmatic nobleman and Gillian knows that cajoling him into a marriage of convenience will be hardly convenient at all.A Marriage of InconvenienceFar from immune to Gillian s entrancing charms, the last thing Richard Shelton is about to bind himself into is a chaste marriage Though the inheritance is than and tempting, Richard knows the lady herself is the real prize and isn t about to allow Gillian to deny the burning fervor that sparks between them Now he has only two months to convince her to be his wife in full before his mysterious secret is revealed and their lives explode irrevocably into scandal.
The Husband List An Unexpected HusbandAgainst her better judgment Lady Gillian Marley needs to find herself a husband and quickly To claim her uncle s unexpected bequest she must marry by her next birthday which lea

  • Title: The Husband List
  • Author: Victoria Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780061796821
  • Page: 209
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Onvan : The Husband List (Effingtons, #2) - Nevisande : Victoria Alexander - ISBN : 380806312 - ISBN13 : 9780380806317 - Dar 370 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2000

    2. Reviewed for THC Reviews"3.5 stars" Like it's predecessor in the Effington Family & Friends series, The Husband List is a light-hearted Regency romance. It didn't tickle my funny bone quite as well, but it did have it's moments. It basically takes place concurrently with the first book of the series, with the same family gathering for the Roxborough Ride coming into play. In this one, we have Gillian, cousin to Pandora from the previous book, who is a widow. She loved her husband dearly and [...]

    3. 3.5 starsThis book started slow but towards the end I got pulled into the story and wasn't able to put the book down. I liked Gillian a lot, she's a terrific character. Richard was ok too although I really wanted to slap him in some parts of the story. The secondary characters were very likable too. It was fluffy, quick read, nothing exceptional about it, but not bad either.

    4. Gillian proposes to Lord Slelbrook (Richard) to meet the requirements of her inheritance. She needs a husband with a title and he needs her money to restore his family's wealth that was squandered away by his father. In the beginning, it all seems like a simple business arrangement until they both realize their hearts are involved. I liked the premise of this story, and overall enjoyed the book. I only gave it three stars, because the theme of "Does he/she love me in return" was very repetitive [...]

    5. Another boring historical lacking in depth and steam I really hope Victoria Alexander's other books don't follow the same patterns as this one does Although I kept suspect they will. How disappointing.

    6. Ms Alexander is a comfort author and I'm slowly reading through her backlist :) The Husband List was not her best work, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. I liked the characters and their maturity. I liked that Gillian thought long and hard before considering a marriage of convenience and that ultimately, the lure of independence was irresistible. It's no secret that it was hard to be a woman in those time and therefore wanting to be independent is totally understandable. As for Richard, I liked [...]

    7. This book is happening simultaneously with The Wedding Bargain. Book 2 in the Effington saga, Lady Gillian, a widow for 8 years finds she must marry in 2 months to receive a very large inheritance . The man at the top of the list is an impoverished Earl. There are many interesting facts to this story, all centered around artists. Nobles aren't supposed to be artists and neither are women. Many must keep their secrets. The best one is that the Earl pretends to be a French Artist and then gets jea [...]

    8. Lady Gillian Effington Marley has been a widow for 8 years. She had no plans on remarrying until she found an Uncle left her a fortune, but she had 2 months to be married.Her two best friends, men, helped put a list together. She did not know they were not serious. She chose the one man on the list who seemed she could marry, Richard Shelton, a reformed rake.She approached him on the idea of a business marriage but he wanted the full marriage.Etienne, an up and coming french painter, makes her f [...]

    9. This is the first book by this author that I've read. It was a completely random selection, and as a result, I'll definitely be seeking out more of her books. I thought that the characters were well-drawn, even the minor ones, although I felt that sometimes, the motives of the H&H were somewhat muddled and their decisions rather hurried.All in all though, it was a good read. The sex scenes weren't especially graphic, but that didn't diminish their impact, and there was definitely a lot of he [...]

    10. I really like Victoria Alexander's writing. I am enjoying reading the Effington series, but a lot of the books seem to center around the "does he/doesn't he?" theme and after a while it all seems very high school-ish. I'd love to give the books more stars since I love all the witty banter and humor, but the themes are becoming redundant and less enjoyable as the series goes on.

    11. The Husband List was published in August 2000 and is in the Effington Family & Friends Series. I pulled her list of books from her website and found I have read seventeen of her forty-two books and novellas. Of course now I have found some more good books from her list to read. I ordered this book on Paperback swap and was delighted to find that it was a hard copy book with the original cover see picture with pink roses. The new cover is a little more raceyGuy with open shirt.In The Husband [...]

    12. A re-read from June 2017. A virile yet vulnerable man gave up his rogue-ish ways to rebuild his family estate. He engaged in physical labor IE roofing, harvesting. He assumed the persona of an artist with the heroine & became his own competition for her regard & affection.

    13. BoringToo much prose. At some times the dialogue didn't make any sense. Too repetitive. It seemed the author had a hard time making the relationship between the two believable.

    14. Widowed Effington Lady Gillian needs to marry before her 30th birthday in order to gain a massive inheritance and achieve financial independence from her uber-wealthy family. She made a husband list and Richard Shelton, Earl of Shelbrooke is at the top, so she makes her offer. Richard is in dire need of money, but has been making ends meet and paying off his family debt by painting (assuming the alter-ego of Etienne-Louis Toussaint). He keeps this a secret though. Richard says he'll consider the [...]

    15. A delightful and enjoyable read - would be perfect if last three chapters were rewrittenGillian is an almost-30 year old widow and is a wonderful heroine - intelligent, witty, strong-minded, and compassionate. Richard is an endearing hero - for five years he's been working hard to pull his family back from the brink of financial disaster that his father brought them to. He's mysterious, reserved, brooding, but also sweet, straightforward (usually), and friendly. Both characters were well-written [...]

    16. "Era nel suo sangue, nella sua anima. La voleva al punto tale da non distinguere più il bene dal male, l’onore dall'inganno. La amava e la voleva."Ed anche il secondo della serie Effingtons si è rivelato un libro scorrevole e molto carino ;D Gillian è una donna che ha già conosciuto il Vero Amore e che l'ha perso tragicamente perciò comprensibilmente è spaventata e reticente a donare nuovamente il suo cuore. Richard è un uomo che per amore delle sue giovani sorelle, rimaste orfane, ha r [...]

    17. I wish I had tried to remember this book a little bit more before I bought it. This was never one of my favorites in the Effington series though it is a perfectly serviceable read. The very beginning of the book has Gillian proposing marriage to Richard Shelton, Earl of Shelbrooke. She has been left an inheritance of magnificent proportions but can only receive it if she is married before she turns 30, which is in two months.Richard is astonished, but intrigued. Gillian is his best friend's sist [...]

    18. The second book in the Effington series was not as enjoyable as the first one.The Husband List is the story of Lady Gillian; the cousin of Pandora Trent (Effington) and the daughter of the Duke of Roxbourough, and Richard, the earl of Shelbrooke, who is penniless but yet an honourable man.The plot was interesting: Gillian has a list of suitable husbands and Richard tops it. She proposes to Richard in the hopes of getting an inheritance from a long distance dead relative. But even though the penn [...]

    19. Update 5/31/17Still a fun story with not too much drama or a drawn out conflict. Richard is an admirable reformed rake, although he is very tame when we meet him in the story. I wish we could have known more about Gillian's brother Thomas and the Effington's. That would have made her sometimes brazen personality more believable. June 15, 2014This was a fun read! Although it wasn't written in a style that was "British" enough for me, I liked the story and the characters. While widow Gillian has n [...]

    20. THE HUSBAND LIST by Janet Evanovich and Dorien KellyOne should always make a list!Caroline is searching for a love match as is her mother, problem is they have their sites set on different men. Caroline has always loved Jack Culhane an American millionaire as opposed to her mother’s choice Lord Bremerton, a titled Englishman.When you are an independent woman regardless of the time period there is always someone to try and stop your forward motion. Caroline’s mother is determined to have a ti [...]

    21. Lady Gillian Marley was widowed very young after a love match. Very independent, she hates depending on family for support. When an uncle in American dies and leaves his inheritance to her, it's a dream come true, except she has to marry by her 30th birthday - 2 months to claim it.Richard Shelton is Earl of Shelbrooke & poor. His father left massive debts he's trying to pay off as well as caring for his 4 younger sisters and estate. He's painting under a French name and making slow headway.W [...]

    22. I'm making my way through Victoria Alexander's Effington Family stories and this is the second book in the series. I liked this one much better than the first one because there wasn't as much angst as the first one. Their feelings were pretty straightforward even if it did take them a while to realize they were both in love. The hero Richard is pretty amusing, what with him being jealous of himself. You'll have to read the book to know what I'm talking about. But my favorite part of the story wa [...]

    23. Fun and fast paced. I was a little worried because I am not usually a fan of the whole secret keeping as a plot device thing, but this worked. I think I enjoyed it so much because while it did play a role it did not consume the whole story and because she was able to discover it on her own. Gillian's reaction to discovering the secret was charming and mischievous. I loved how their relationship grew as the book developed and that the Ride was again part of this story. It was well written, fast p [...]

    24. Seduction? or courting? Pages of wiffle waffle, his and hers, skip. He didn't even smile in public, now they chuckle wildly together. And more. "And looked forward as well to a little hard work and a good deal of practice" p 366. Effington series means many friends and relations visit and chitchat. He fakes a French accent, so his painting is done under alter ego. But when she exercises her continental lessons, he goofs, replies "Huh?". A little mask can never hide appearance, walk. Of course Ri [...]

    25. I loved Gillian's independence and how she approached Richard and proposed to him. It was an good read on the romance side, I loved how Richard was living two lives as it were and how it ended with Gillian confusing him and playing with his mind! I didn't give this a 5 out of 5 because I felt something was wanting in the intensity of the romance. It was sweet but not as intense or as emotionally powerful as I wanted. I did love the twist at the end about the special paintings Gillian had though [...]

    26. Loved, loved, loved Richard, Earl of Shelbrooke. He was this impoverished lord, through no real fault of his own, and he is trying to do the best he can for his four sisters and aunt. He, with the help of his friend Thomas, have made a fake persona for him that is an artist. His paintings are selling well, but still not enough to repair his estate, etc. I loved the description of him on his roof fixing the shingles. I liked Gillian, but she seemed too wishy washy. But they were great together an [...]

    27. I went into Barnes and Nobles one day completely at random to find a book. I went to the romance section because I knew I wanted a sappy, romantic, good feel, tell him you love him and can't live without him types of book. I was just in that mood! And this book fulfilled all that with adventure. It was really good. The main characters aren't over whelmed with love and affection- more like lust and curiosity. And at the end they stop pretending and give in to it.

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