The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

IT TAKES THE WISDOM OF YODA TO SURVIVE THE SIXTH GRADEMeet Dwight, a sixth grade oddball Dwight does a lot of weird things, like wearing the same T shirt for a month or telling people to call him Captain Dwight This is embarrassing, particularly for Tommy, who sits with him at lunch every day But Dwight does one cool thing He makes origami One day he makes an origamIT TAKES THE WISDOM OF YODA TO SURVIVE THE SIXTH GRADEMeet Dwight, a sixth grade oddball Dwight does a lot of weird things, like wearing the same T shirt for a month or telling people to call him Captain Dwight This is embarrassing, particularly for Tommy, who sits with him at lunch every day But Dwight does one cool thing He makes origami One day he makes an origami finger puppet of Yoda And that s when things get mysterious Origami Yoda can predict the future and suggest the best way to deal with a tricky situation His advice actually works, and soon most of the sixth grade is lining up with questions.Tommy wants to know how Origami Yoda can be so smart when Dwight himself is so clueless Is Yoda tapping into the Force It s crucial that Tommy figure out the mystery before he takes Yoda s advice about something VERY IMPORTANT that has to do with a girl.This is Tommy s case file of his investigation into The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda IT TAKES THE WISDOM OF YODA TO SURVIVE THE SIXTH GRADEMeet Dwight a sixth grade oddball Dwight does a lot of weird things like wearing the same T shirt for a month or telling people to call him Capt

  • Title: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
  • Author: Tom Angleberger Charlotte Perry Mark Turetsky Greg Steinbruner Jonathan Todd Ross Julia Gibson
  • ISBN: 9781449845049
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Audio CD
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    1. Let us now sit back and consider what the ultimate boy/girl middle grade novel would contain. By which I mean, the novel that perfectly balances out the stereotypical vision of what boys like in a book versus what stereotypical girls like in a book. You see these stereotypes referred to all the time. "Oh, boys won't read anything with a pink cover." "Oh, girls won't pick up a book unless there's some romance in it." Phooey. Boys read Babymouse all the time and girls dig Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If [...]

    2. There's always that one weird kid in school who has no idea that they're weird; all of the other kids can tell them that they're weird, but they just go on being weird, and Tom Angleberger really does a fantastic job of showing how there needs to be a weird kid in every school to shake things up and make everyone else question their own place in the food chain. This book was a breath of weird, fresh air, and I really enjoyed the multiple narratives and the way that the characters grew to underst [...]

    3. I was not a big fan of this book. 1.) I don't like DIARY OF A WIMPY KID format. The drawings in this book are extremely ugly and not pleasant to look at.2.) The plot was rather lame, I thought. The kids 6th grade concerns (Can I muster up the courage to ask this girl to dance? How can I stop this dweeb from sitting at my lunch table) I found to be petty and annoying.But I DID like the Star Wars references and the Yoda talkingTE: THESE BOOKS IMPROVE. I kept reading the series and it got a lot bet [...]

    4. In a time not too long ago and in a galaxy located somewhere in the American Southeast,* there was a boy named Dwight, an incredibly unpopular boy adrift in a benighted middle school (as if there is any other kind). Like so many unpopular kids in middle school/junior high, Dwight doesn’t get the social cues that other students inherently absorb and/or simply marches to his own drummer. And in the sixth grade, what crime is greater than being different — or really smart or passionate or artis [...]

    5. REVIEW“This 5 star review you must write.” That would be the advice my own Origami Yoda gave to me. Since I believe in Origami Yoda, I am going to follow that advice.In this imaginative middle grade book, sixth-grader Tommy presents his investigation into whether or not Origami Yoda is real. The book is written in a tween-friendly style with plenty of pencil drawings and funny blurbs in the margins. There are fun chapter titles and comments from Tommy’s classmates. My eight-year-old brothe [...]

    6. This story was a good book by Tom Angleberger. It is about an odd sixth grade boy, Dwight, he makes a yoda like the one from Star Wars out of paper. He convinces his friends that the Origami yoda he made can predict the future, or peoples thoughts. In reality, Dwight speaks for origami yoda and makes obvious predictions. When a friend mentions that his origami was just a worthless piece of paper he gets angry and rips it up. The friend gets upset with the fact that he made Dwight rip up his yoda [...]

    7. A friend recommended this book to me and this ended up being one of my favorite books. Origami Yoda is about a sixth grade class. There is a really strange boy named Dwight who has an Origami Yoda, and he wears it on his finger. In this book Origami Yoda spreads his wisdom to everyone who wants his help. But the big question is: is Origami Yoda real or is it just Dwight trying to play a prank. Tommy and his friends Kellen, and Harvey need to find out. If they don’t something very bad could hap [...]

    8. The first thing I did when I saw this book with Yoda and a light saber on the cover was flip to the front to make sure George Lucas was getting his cut. He is. Next I read the book, which has plenty of Star Wars references mixed in with 6th grade boys, some sports, awkward school dances, a bully, a jerk, a couple girls, and one strange boy who seems to be advising them all through the mysterious abilities of a home made finger puppet. By all appearances, it had the making of a perfect boy book. [...]

    9. The only books I've read from the 'juvenile' section of the library of late has been the Wimpy Kid series. It makes me laugh and entertains me just as much as any 'adult' book (just as I often like books that are labeled YA--labels can be so misleading.) When a woman in one of my book clubs, whom I admire (and it bears noting that she is a teacher and probably has a grasp on children's books) named this as one of her favorites of 2015, I knew I had to check it out. I got a copy from the library [...]

    10. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is Tommy's casebook. He documents his own interactions with Origami Yoda and asks his friends to contribute theirs as well. This works really well on audio - a cast of five actors impersonate Tommy, Kellen, Quavondo, Sara, and resident skeptic Harvey with varying degrees of believable immaturity. Hearing the way each actor interprets each kid's Yoda imitation is particularly entertaining. The four boys I ferried to and from a field trip on Tuesday hung on every w [...]

    11. Originally read 3/23/2012Reread (second time listening) 4/13/2012I loved it. This book is quickly becoming a favorite in my fourth grade classroom. I loved how each chapter was told from the point of a different character with comments from the main narrarator at the end of each chapter. I can't wait to read the sequel. May the force be with you.

    12. This is a wonderful little book! I don't know how else to describe it without giving anything away. But let me say this: it's for tweens (and up), boys would love it, and it's cleverly designed to look like a much-crumpled, doodled in, notebook. It's got all the best things about a "friendship drama" book, coupled with a fun little mystery.Also, there are instructions at the end for folding your own Origami Yoda!But can Origami Yoda tell the future?Read the book you must!

    13. Great book! Lots of funny parts and interesting bits. I especially liked (Spoiler) Quavando's section in the book. I don't blame him for spending 63 bucks on some cheetos just to get his friends to like him again. I'd do the same actually. Kellen's drawings were awesome. The ones I liked best (Spoiler) were the ones of Jabba the Hutt.

    14. This was a very fun book to read! I have overlooked it in the past but I finally decided to give it a try. It completely blew me away with the relatable main character, and the humor was good. I would recommend it to any Star Wars fan, and a fan of books to read just for fun.

    15. I read this a long time ago. I found it while looking through books. I realy liked this book. It was funny and cute.

    16. A strange case of a book with a powerful paper Yoda and very existential questions of young teenagers.I'm probably not at all the target for this book and it felt that it was totally the case during the first chapters. I found the story lame, even if the format was interesting with the testimonies, the comments and the drawings. But after some time, the book grew on me and I was curious to see which questions the kids would ask, which answers Origami Yoda would give and how everything would fit [...]

    17. You can analyze this in the wise tones of an "expert" who has a famous blog and "schmoozes" with the famous (doubt if she knows what the word means, I do, being a REAL New Yorker) and go on about its deeper meaning,its structure, etc ad nauseum, based on your less than a decade in the field.I, being merely a humble worker in the trenches of children's librarianship for a quarter of a century, will apply the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach and sum it up for you:I had a mom come in today loo [...]

    18. so far its pretty good but the only thing is that this book is not one story its choped up in these things they call cases that have to do with all dwight's freinds and how origamy yoda helps them outee characters are dwight,tommy,kellen,mike,sara,harvey,cassie,lance and origami yoda!this book starts out with this weird kid name dwight and a finger puppet origami yoda.dwight is that kid in scholl who you would want to keep your distance from.dwight dose face some problems with origami yoda but m [...]

    19. Какво е по-добро от едно любимо нещо? ДВЕ ЛЮБИМИ НЕЩА! Да се съчетае книга тип детски дневник а-ла Wimpy Kid с поп-културен феномен като Star Wars е печеливша комбинация! „Странният случай с Оригами Йода” на Том Енгълбъргър е създадена точно по тази формула, и вече е в родните книжар [...]

    20. I listened to audio for this book and it was an excellent audio--really pulled me through the story with multiple voices and the right sense of what next? I liked the chief narrator's character and the question he posed: Is Origami Yoda real? It is a thought-provoking book using the comedy of middle school voice. However, while there is a mystery of sorts, it is not nearly as strange as it is marketed to be. I do not think it would appeal to boys interested in Star Wars or aliens or mysterious h [...]

    21. After having just reread this I bumped it up to 5 stars it perfectly captures middle school life and even elementary it hits the buttons perfectly for the characters its just a great read and one of my favorites of the 300 plus I have read this year plus every kid I have shown it to loves it!!!

    22. This is a pretty cute book for a middle grade audience. Star Wars fans may be a little bit disappointed that the only thing related to the movie franchise in this book is the Origami Yoda himself. Tommy, a sixth grade boy, decides to compile the stories of advice his fellow classmates get from an Origami Yoda. He hopes to find out if he should follow Yoda's advice concerning a girl he likes. This would be great for kids who enjoy humorous books or are reluctant readers.

    23. I Personally Enjoyed This Book. It Had A Lot Of Twists And Turns Like The Characters Doing Strange Things And Harvey Creating His Own Origami Yoda. I Really Liked This Book, It's Very Detailed And Has Relatable Moments.I Recommend This Book To Anyone Who Loves Science Fiction And Intresting Stories.

    24. Regalato a mio figlio undicenne, appassionato di Star Wars, non ho potuto fare a meno di leggerlo. E l'ho trovato molto carino anche io.

    25. This book caught my eye the first time because watching star wars has shown me that Yoda is very wise. So Yoda becoming a finger puppet didn't make much since but once I started it then the reasoning showed.If you like star wars or just looking for a quick book then read the strange case of origami Yoda.

    26. I read this with my 9 year old son. When I say I “read” with him, I mean that we each read 3-4 chapters and then discuss. I really wanted to get my son out of his constant habit of reading either “Big Nate”or “Wimpy Kid” books, so I found this and pushed it on him. He resisted at first because he likes to stick with what he knows but he really enjoyed this book. I think this book is pretty on par with other books targeted for this audience, mostly boys in grades 4-6. The draw that th [...]

    27. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda was last month's selection for the Intergenerational Book Club that my sons and I belong to. Both my boys love this book series (Origami Yoda being book one¬ of the series) and I was curious to find out what the appeal was. And now I know. This book is a case file, written by Tommy, of his investigation to find out if Dwight's Origami Yoda is real. Is Yoda offering wise advice to Tommy and his classmates or is it just Dwight pretending that it's Yoda? Tommy lets [...]

    28. Fun, funny, and silly. An older read for Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, even though they both take place in middle schools. I liked that Tommy was not as much of a jerk as Greg, but more like a regular kid who sometimes says mean things (and happily, he sincerely regrets them and tries to fix the wrong). I thought some of the solutions were fun. I liked hearing the different kids' voices in telling their experiences. I loved the ending and the outcome of it all. I especially liked that there is a mo [...]

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