Transformers Classics, Volume 1

Relive the original Transformers stories that started it all Culled from the classic 80s Marvel material, this first volume offers some of the most beloved stories from the past, including the seminal Car Wash of Doom, Crater Critters, Warrior School , and many others.
Transformers Classics Volume Relive the original Transformers stories that started it all Culled from the classic s Marvel material this first volume offers some of the most beloved stories from the past including the seminal

  • Title: Transformers Classics, Volume 1
  • Author: Bob Budiansky Bill Mantlo Ralph Macchio Jim Salicrup Don Perlin Herb Trimpe Frank Springer Alan Kupperberg
  • ISBN: 9781600109355
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The Transformers was always one of the most cynical marketing ploys and we knew this as kids, but bought into all of the hype anyway. Afterall the toys were pretty cool and we had fun hour after hour changing a robot into a car and then back again - OK it's harder to see the appeal as an adult but, yes, we all had them and cherished them and stole them from one another (better still, we won them at a game of marbles. NB I never actually did this, my marble playing skills blew chunks.). It seems [...]

    2. Issue #1 "The Transformers" Absolutely incredible and what fantastic idea and this issue show me exactly why this series was destined to be a hit from the very beginning. I especially like how the bio's flowed with the story. The characters all take on very diverse personalities that allow to connect with them. My rating for this issue is 4.9 out of 5.0.Issue #2 "Power Play"Oh no! the deceptions have kidnapped sam witwicky in hopes of getting him to create a alternative fuel source. I like love [...]

    3. Marvel's The Transformers was one of the very first comic books I ever read (the other being Marvel's G.I. Joe). I learned more of my vocabulary from those comics than I did in my language arts classes in school. I always appreciated that neither comic was afraid to talk over the heads of the kids who watched the counterpart cartoons. Bob Budiansky - editor of the first four issues, then writer of the next 51 - wrote it as a straightforward comic book of its time. I confess, I was the kid who re [...]

    4. What you'd expect. Though it's cool to see the direct connection to the toys in the comics. Makes me feel bad for anyone who gets excited for this franchise though.

    5. When I heard that there was a collection of Transformers comics back from the 80s, I was extremely excited.When I heard that said comics were produced by Marvel Comics, well, I just had to read them.So, finally I bought a used copy of Transformers Volume One via amazon for a nice price (I'm telling you, it's the best deals in town if you buy from 's third-party sellers.) and I started to read it.Now, A little background. I grew up watching Beast Wars as a kid and later watched Generation One Tra [...]

    6. This is really a generational review. If you're a child of the 80's you should be familiar with Generation 1 Transformers. I was a huge fan as a kid: I watched the show, collected the toys, saw the animated film in the theater, and also bought the comics on a regular basis. If you weren't born yet when the Transformers Generation 1 were at the peak of their popularity, of if you already an adult by the time they became popular, chances are this collection of the first 13 issues of the comic book [...]

    7. I didn't really expect much going into this volume of the original Transformers comics. I have never been a big fan of the cartoon or the toys (back then I was more into GI Joes, and later Ninja Turtles). This was like reading a piece of history, I guess. It was ok, but I'm glad I didn't pay much for it. I guess it was better than I expected out of a comic that was made to drive toy sales and advertising during Saturday morning cartoons. It definitely read like a morning cartoon. Some of the plo [...]

    8. Not surprisingly, the stories are rather juvenile. The art work is dated and not very memorable. As a huge fan of the G1 cartoon, it is hard not to read this 'hearing' the voice of the actor. And that can be a bit disappointing since some of the characters don't act like their cartoon counterpart at all (Soundwave and Shockwave are the worse and for whatever reason, Spike is called Buster). Like the G1 cartoon, no one dies in this. There are also some laughable impossibilities in these stories a [...]

    9. Much cooler than I thought it would be. I honestly didn't know if the Transformers action I loved in the 80's cartoons could be translated in comic book form. Not only did it translate well, but the comic books were able to add quite a few details the cartoons left out. I've been saying for years that the original cartoons are the only canonical entities in the world of Transformers (That's right, Michael Bay. I like to pretend you and your terrible movies don't even exist), but I guess I'm goin [...]

    10. After the original four-issue miniseries - a poorly drawn and over-scripted mess - this series becomes a solid, if overly teachy (oh, yeah, there's a lesson in every issue) adventure comic. I'd read four of the issues as a kid (7-10) and nostalgically wanted to revisit them; even without the nostaglic attachment, those four installments were the best issues, after Bob Budiansky took over writing and established the tone of the stories. The artwork ranges from good (the middle chapters mostly) to [...]

    11. Bought this book out of nostagia for the Transformers comic I used to get as a child - certainly a superior incarnation than the current films.The book comes with a bit of background about how it came to be created, which is quite interesting.Credit is deserved for creating an interesting plot around something which could have been seen as a cynical marketing exercise.Did find I got tired of the constant changing of the characters eventually, but the comics did have a good run and there were som [...]

    12. I love comics that connect me with my youth. Nothing against the modern comics with their awesome graphics and more mature story lines, but there is something about the stories and art of the great comics of the 80's that just makes me smile. Two of the best comics that were based on toy lines were, of course, GI Joe and Transformers. This is a collection of the first 13 comics in the Transformers run. It was originally supposed to be a 4 issue mini-series but instead hung around for many years [...]

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