One Night for Love

Neville Wyatt, Earl of Kilbourne, awaits his new bride at the altar when a ragged beggar woman races down the aisle instead The cream of the ton see him stare, shocked, then declare that this is his late wife One night of passion is all he remembers of Lily, the woman he d wed, loved, and lost on the battlefield in Portugal Now he must endeavour to honour his commitmeNeville Wyatt, Earl of Kilbourne, awaits his new bride at the altar when a ragged beggar woman races down the aisle instead The cream of the ton see him stare, shocked, then declare that this is his late wife One night of passion is all he remembers of Lily, the woman he d wed, loved, and lost on the battlefield in Portugal Now he must endeavour to honour his commitment to her regardless of the gulf that lies between them.Lily wants only to start a new life with a husband who truly loves her She leaves Wyatt to learn how to meet his world on her terms and upon her return Lily soon becomes the toast of the ton, every inch a countess fit for the earl Wyatt vows to prove to his remarkable wife that what he feels for her is than desire, that what he wants from her is much than simply one night for love
One Night for Love Neville Wyatt Earl of Kilbourne awaits his new bride at the altar when a ragged beggar woman races down the aisle instead The cream of the ton see him stare shocked then declare that this is his l

  • Title: One Night for Love
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: 9780749942076
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. ”He said nothing to the woman at his side. He could not yet trust the reality of what had happened, of what was happening, even though he held tightly to the apparition and could feel her small hand in his own.He was remembering…”Synopsis: A bride’s nightmare upon a nightmare comes true, but sometimes crashing a wedding can turn out…. OK???Biblio-Babble:Sympathizing with a Wedding Crasher??!!!: Me? Sympathizing with a woman who crashes the wedding of a lord and lady and has the AUDACIT [...]

    2. One Night For Love is the first prequel to Mary Balogh's Slightly series. A Summer to Remember is a continuation of the events in this book and the two are best read in order. Neville Wyatt met Lily Doyle during the war when she was 14 and he was 23. He felt a deep affection for her, but he knew that nothing could ever happen between them because of the difference in their social position (not to mention their ages). He was the heir to an earldom and Lily the illiterate daughter of a common sold [...]

    3. Un inicio de serie que me ha dejado un buen sabor de boca y con curiosidad sobre lo que me voy a encontrar a continuación.Neville y Lilly son una pareja que me ha gustado mucho su relación romántica. Ambos son amigos desde hace tiempo, y aunque su matrimonio tuvo una serie de altibajos condicionados por una serie de circunstancias que no voy a contar para no spoilear demasiado, lo cierto es que he llegado a creerme su amor y sus sentimientos.Lo que me ha rechinado ha sido la actitud de Lilly [...]

    4. Buddy read with Aly & MaruNeville Wyatt, future Earl of Killbourne, was going through a rebellious stage when he joined the army and went off to fight in the Napoleonic war. The last thing he expected was to fall madly in love with the daughter of a common soldier and he knows deep down that there couldn't ever be a future for them. However, when her father is shot in battle he makes a promise to the dying man to protect Lily and it gives him the perfect excuse to marry her. Unfortunately wh [...]

    5. What a unique and well-written story! I thought Lily, the heroine, was very strong-willed and intelligent. She was very kind, too. Watching her grow into the person she was meant to be was great. The hero, Neville, was also smart, very protective of those he considered family, and very honorable. If there is one big fault I have with this book, it is that I wish his character had been explored more. Still, I liked him and Lily together. There was a mystery that I found very well-done, as I was w [...]

    6. Se me ha hecho largo, llegue a un punto en que no aguantaba a Lily, que si habia sufrido mucho, que si se sentia inferior, que si no soportaba vivir constreñida por las reglas sociales, para luego darle la vuelta a la tortilla. Neville no ayuda mucho tampoco.

    7. Foi um prazer ler Uma Noite de Amor. Apreciar como a sua autora, Mary Balogh, construiu a partir de um argumento pouco original e até bastante previsível uma história tão enternecedora, apresentando-nos personagens verdadeiramente encantadoras.O período histórico não podia ser dos melhores - para nosso deleite -, início do século XIX. Lily e Neville pertencem a estratos sociais muito diferentes e, consequentemente, incompatíveis: ele é um conde e ela é uma jovem iletrada, sem a educa [...]

    8. This was definitely my least favorite Mary Balogh book. It just did not work for me. I only pushed through to have a better background for group read of A Summer to Remember.

    9. This book took me a lot of patience and over a year to read. Yep. It was the first ever Mary Balogh book I tried to read, and I’d actually given up on it and figured she may not be for me. After seeing so much praise for her, I finally dipped my toes back in with A Matter of Class. Which thankfully was a quick, fun novella that made me realize she is for me. I have since read others I love (hello Longing!) and my stubbornness about reading order and knowing I wanted to read this series is what [...]

    10. One Night for Love is my very first Mary Balogh read, and I assure you, it wouldn’t be my last.One Night for Love is an overwhelming love story, in it being wonderful and extraordinary. It was overwhelming that it made me dizzy. But don’t get me wrong, I was dizzy in a good way.Neville Wyatt, the new Earl of Kilbourne, was born into a respectable family. Everything was planned for him. Up to the simple things to even his future wife. His life was completely drawn for him. Until he rebelled a [...]

    11. Neville Wyatt, conde de Kilbourne, espera para sua noiva, Lauren, no altar da Igreja, mas é a sua, até então falecida mulher, Lily Doyle que aparece.Ao contrário de Neville, Lily é uma plebeia sem sangue azul, de posição inferior à de Neville, tornando o seu casamento ultrajante perante a nata da sociedade inglesa ou assim pensa ela, até conhecer Lyndon.A família de Neville, dividida entre a necessidade de odiar Lily, favorecendo Lauren, e a crescente ternura a favor da jovem filha do [...]

    12. One Night for Love is the story that leads to Mary Balogh’s beloved novel, A Summer to Remember. (Which leads to the Slightly series and the Simply series.) Not only is it a good story in and of itself, it adds a lot of detail to the character of Lauren, the heroine of ASTR. Just as Neville is about to marry Lauren, his childhood friend, a woman in worn cloths enters the church. Neville instantly recognizes Lily, his wife, who he thought had been killed in an ambush by the French in the war in [...]

    13. Historic Romance Such depth!Highly recommended. This is my first Mary Balogh book, how did I not know about her?In my mind, a well-written romance must include tragedy, but that's a problem for me, because I don't like angst. That explains why I am so impressed with this book, Ms. Balogh manages to blend tragedy and romance to sheer perfection, without one ounce of angst.My heart broke for Lily, a heroine I will not soon forget. She clung to an unrealistic dream to make it through the horror tha [...]

    14. First, I have to admit that I generally enjoy books by Mary Balogh. Her characters are likeable and the plot is usually well developed. However, I struggled reading One Night of Love. I read first few pages and put it down to read two or three other books. I found myself in no mood to carry on. Finally, I decided that I have to finish it or put it down once and for all. And here I started skipping pages cause I was not interested enough. The first one third was all together rather boring. So I m [...]

    15. Gostava de me ter apaixonado por este livro. A capa é linda e a premissa do livro é boa e até se fala em Portugal! Mas não me encantou. Pode ter sido de mim e não do livro, mas o facto é que o achei em alguns momentos chato e enfadonho. Gostei muito da Lily, a personagem principal e do romance dela com o Neville, mas a maneira como a história é contada não me agradou. Gostei do romance e da forma como são descritos os momentos deles e até são fofinhos, mas parece que o enredo se arra [...]

    16. Even though this story was filled with every contrived and cliched historical romance plot ever written, from amnesia (not a big part but mentioned in chapter 2), secret wedding, first spouse not really dead and shows up at second wedding, rags to riches, servants secretly raising child of peerage to save her life, evil family villain, etc etc etc I still loved this book!In particular, I loved Lily. She was refreshing and sweet. I loved how she and Neville never gave up on their love for each ot [...]

    17. I like Lily, I give her 5 stars and only 3 stars for Neville.I don't like him much:(The storyline rather dark for this one, the whole situation really bad because the hero is weak, his decision destroyed the women who love him.He lied to everyone to suit his need, I know he loves Lily but his action incredibly selfish!Halfway in the story I'm glad Lily left him, because I couldn't convince with his love declarations to her. But I do believe him later on.Note, if you have rape trigger, you probab [...]

    18. FYI. First this book, and then next A Summer to Remember are both "prequels" to the Bedwyn family's "Slightly" series.I found it hard to swallow/accept that a peer from rank and status obsessed England (at the time that this book took place) would marry someone who was practically an illiterate, barefoot wild woman, and then have her be accepted by his tonnish family and friends! I need an HR writer to create (to some degree) an illusion that the characters are behaving, have the attitudes that [...]

    19. Gostei! Tinha visto algumas opiniões menos positivas e estava de pé atrás, mas acabei por gostar bastante deste livro :D

    20. "Uma noite de amor" marca a minha estreia com a autora. Foi uma leitura rápida e prazerosa.Transportada para uma época passada, cheia de regras de etiqueta e formalismos, sou apresentada a uma apaixonante personagens, a Lily. Adorei a irreverência dela, o seu lado extremamente otimista, a sua coragem Foi uma personagem bem construída e que me mostrou o lado bom da procura constante da liberdade nas suas mais diferentes formas.O romance criado entre ela e Nev está engraçado e é bastante ca [...]

    21. Mary Balogh cresceu em Gales, que se define pelo seu mar, montanhas, músicas e lendas. Quando se mudou para o Canadá levou na bagagem a música e a imaginação que a sua terra natal lhe despertou, sendo neste local que se torna escritora de histórias de amor com finais felizes. Tornou-se uma premiada autora, que constou por diversas vezes nas listas de bestsellers do New York Times, tendo vendido mais de 4 milhões de exemplares em todo o mundo.Em “Uma Noite de Amor”, Neville Wyatt, cond [...]

    22. Una pprotagonista con una historia dura. muy dura, sobretodo para esa época. Lily te cautiva por su fortaleza y valentía para rehacer su vida. Neville demuestra estar a la altura dela situación, cuidando de ella y respetando el espacio que ella impone (aunque no comparto esa decisión).Por curiosidad quiero saber qué pasa con Lauren, me pongo a ello ya mismo.

    23. The book opens with a young woman, Lily looking like a beggar making her way to an estate. When she appears at the home of the Earl of Kilbourne the servants mistake try to give her a coin and send her on her way. The next morning as the Earl's fiance Lauren is about to walk down the aisle to marry him, Lily appears and the Earl, aka Neville, recognizes her as his wife. They had married 18 months ago while in Portugal in the Penisular wars. The marriage was quick and occured to offer Lily protec [...]

    24. 4.5 starsThis is only my third Mary Balogh book. Of the other two I've read, one I loved and the other I didn't like at all. I think, however, of Mary Balogh as superior to most HR writers because she writes some of the most historically accurate books I've read. I rarely get the feeling I did while reading this book. It was almost like reading Jane Austen. The aristocracy, all high and mighty, looking down on the rest and being harsh with their expectations and rules, even those among their ran [...]

    25. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I've cried a gallon LOLAt the beginning it was so sad. Three people suffering and no one to blame, what an embarrasing situation!It was real love, you know :))

    26. Visit here to read this review with spoilers.I loved the first half of this book. A rebel aristocrat besotted with an illiterate girl he met at war? I would definitely fall for that and I did :) My only complaint while reading the first half was that Neville keeps calling Lily’s name in return Lily keeps saying “yes.” After a while it became too repetitive. Has anyone else noticed this?Lily is the daughter of a poor sergeant. After her mother’s death, she spent all her life with her fath [...]

    27. 2.5 stars. This was an odd one for me. I love Mary Balogh and the thing about some of her books is that even when some of them start off slow, she always wins me over in the end. This one just didn't quite get there. One of my main issues with this book is the first two thirds of the book. It was just so slow and I just couldn't connect with the characters. I had to force myself to pick it up and read a little before I put it down again. I loved the last third of the book, but it was almost too [...]

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