Susanna's Seven Husbands

Includes screenplay of 7 khoon maaf, Hindi motion picture.
Susanna s Seven Husbands Includes screenplay of khoon maaf Hindi motion picture

  • Title: Susanna's Seven Husbands
  • Author: Ruskin Bond
  • ISBN: 9780143416111
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Susanna seven husbands is a short story from Ruskin Bond. After reading this story, film-maker Vishal Bharadwaj found a potential in the story and asked him to write a script for the movie and that's how the movie '7 Khoon Maaf' came and many of you have watched the movie.It's really an interesting read how a rich and beautiful woman finding love and every man is eyeing on her wealth. Years after her death people believed that her ghost still wanders in the villa and snakes protect the jewels an [...]

    2. Susanna. Ruskin's beautiful, mysterious, seductive and wild protagonist. Susanna, being confident and wild, goes wrong not once, but seven times. Each husband's death is surrounded by a cloud of suspense.Of all the novels of Ruskin Bond, the four paged short shocker on Susanna was developed into 224 paged screenplay by Vishal Bhardwaj & Matthew Robbins. This book captivates you although the ending is obvious. Thriller indeed.

    3. I liked the story and it was quite interesting but didn't expect it to be this short. The book includes the screenplay of 7 Khoon maaf and I had known what it was about. So I was expecting more to come but it ended abruptly like a short story. Think the seven husbands each represent one of the seven cardinal sins. The writing was standard Ruskin Bond, only wished it had more to offer.

    4. A Gruesome story told so well that it felt like a bedtime grandma tale. I haven't read the screenplay but.

    5. Written in hurry yet the book is compelling and gripping. How all the murders takes place is so cunning to read.

    6. I am a fan of Ruskin Bond, have been so ever since I read his little articles in The Tribune. I discovered his short stories and anthologies later, when I read some of them in my daughter's prescribed English textbooks. Till date I love Rusty best, and his wastral of an uncle who tried his hand at many things.His books have been made into movies before, Junoon was based on A Flight of Pigeons, both great in their own way. The Blue Umbrella was made into a fabulous movie by Vishal Bhardwaj. Needl [...]

    7. Introduction: Ruskin Bond's literary works is a gems in itself and he doesn't need any explanation. Vishal Bhardwaj and Ruskin Bond has already worked together for the film of 'The Blue Umbrella'. So when Vishal Bhardwaj was searching for a new story then he finds the short story of Ruskin Bond 'Susanna's seven Husbands'. It was just four-page short story but after the persuasion of Mr. Bhardwaj Author has expanded this short story into 200-page novella. Based on that Vishal Bhardwaj & Matth [...]

    8. Ruskin Bond is fascinating as always! The content of his stories is presented (always) as suitable-for-all-ages. This is what makes even a simple story captivating for a reader.Susanna's Seven Husbands is no exception to this. A short story it is, describing the life of a beautiful woman, Susanna, narrated by Arun (her neighbour). Most of us are aware of the story (thanks to Vishal Bhardwaj). However, it's always better in the book than in the movies.The mysterious deaths of her husbands is so p [...]

    9. This is a pretty pointless novella. The original short story itself wasn’t superbly brilliant or anything and this novella is just 61 rather unnecessary pages. Also, the novella is supposed to be the short story expanded, but the only thing it has in common with the short story is the seven-husbands idea. The personalities of the husbands are not the same, the narrator is not the same, the side characters aren’t the same. I liked the last chapter, though, it made me reflect on the story when [...]

    10. This book is stunning, there is no suspense as such , as you know Susanna anyhow, is going to kill all her husbands a day or the other. But the readers curiosity keeps on increasing, as the way of her killing them is always different & the mysterious deaths of all her Husbands keep us glued to the book & you put it down only when you're done with reading it whole. P.S. I wish Susanna had married Hundred's of them & killed them in different mysterious ways :P . Only Seven , somehow , [...]

    11. a novela based on a short story from same author, this book is a good time pass for someone who is traveling by train/plane. one can easily finish reading this book in a single sitting. what's amazing about this book is the elegant writing of Ruskin Bond.

    12. always love the magic writing pen of ruskin bond which weaves a different tale alwayslove this.ked the novella better than the screenplay

    13. With his new dark comedy, Ruskin Bond easily proves that he is a master of all genre. We all have sure been touched by his vivid descriptions of the beauty of Uttarakhand and of the simple people living in it, but here he provides an another startling black comedy and not one you'd expect from a winter like this.Inspiring the Bollywood thriller drama 7 Khoon Maaf, SSH is a very clever and subtle dark comedy and one that is so much Ruskin Bond in spirit and one that is so much not. With so much c [...]

    14. I watched the film before reading the novel and therefore the story and it's settings were already very contextual as the images all flooded to the mind. I am not a fan of the movie, but could see why the story could have persuaded a story teller to adapt it for the screen. The writing is simple and yet deep enough for those looking for more. The ending gave me goosebumps and the descriptions are very detailed sucking the reader into the universe of the classic Ruskin Bond world. A definite read [...]

    15. After watching "Saat Khoon Maaf" movie, I always wanted to read this book. Fortunately, got the book on Kindle in the 10 minutes read. It is a kind of short story, didn't detailing much about death of each husband. However, Sir Ruskin Bond and his writings always fascinates me and I find a great joy reading the way his write - simple and eloquent way. Thus, a 4 star :)

    16. I didn't like this much honestly as woman killing her husband after every 15 minutes so i lose interest at a certain point, bit boring towards end

    17. Really catchyBeautiful :-). Love d mysterious lady Susanna. The author gives you ample space to reach your own conclusion. Great read

    18. Since the day I had heard Ruskin Bond's interview on a Live Mint podcast, I knew I had to get the book. Since this book had Mr. Bond's short story -> Converted to novella -> Screenplay.I had already watched the movie (which I did not dislike like rest of the denizens, but yes I wasn't swept off my feet), I first read the novella and then glanced through screenplay and then the short story.My curiosity lied in finding out how the screenplay had shaped up. I had read the short story long tim [...]

    19. Great fun to read, either before or after seeing the movie "7 Khoon Maaf" (Seven Unsolved Murders). The book is actually an accompaniment to the film, as it includes the original short story, the expanded novella version, and the original screenplay for the film. It is particularly interesting to parse the differences between each of the four versions -- including the final film. Warning: as with many Bollywood products, the screenplay and film presume the audience is bilingual in Hindi and Engl [...]

    20. The book that inspired "Saath Khoon Maaf" featuring Priyanka Chopra. Never realised it when I saw the movie. Cannot imagine that Ruskin Bond who write books for innocent could have written such a book (actually more a story as it is very short). Shows the versatility of the author.A real sinister read, unlike his other books which may look sinister due to the presence of tigers and leopards.Do read to appreciate what else Ruskin Bond is capable of.

    21. Regarding the short story, It is the writing that has the power to convince its reader, to suspend their disbelief to believe in a certain Susanna. Highly fictional and threateningly dark, crafted well in the words that convey the plot's impact with a regular pace. The writing wins hands down and the story, well! some will hate, some will like, I am a sucker for dark tales, I loved it :)

    22. Ruskin Bond is a charming storyteller and the master of denouement. This book is a must for writers as it tracks the interesting journey of a short story to a novella to a screenplay and finally, a film.

    23. This book contains all three versions of the same story: The original short story, the novella and the screenplay for the film that was made out of it. And you would wonder although being same in the essence, how the narrations change.

    24. Honestly, the movie is way way better. It treats each husband with more depth, giving more complexity to their characters and why they died. It shows the growth in Suzanna's character and certainly has a much better ending.The book- it leaves you with a feeling of huh???

    25. The best part was the short story itself. The novella was slightly disappointing, and the screenplay even more so.

    26. A truly captivating book. Ruskin Bond weaves the story in a delicate way and handled the premise the book amazingly. Give it a shot if you like short cozy read.

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