Punish Me, Please Me

Five tales about different women, each of whom submits to bondage and discipline in order to achieve her goal Though each woman consents to be used and abused by a man and none takes pleasure in suffering, each would willingly endure her ordeal again if necessary If you don t like reading explicit descriptions of kinky sex, don t read this book.
Punish Me Please Me Five tales about different women each of whom submits to bondage and discipline in order to achieve her goal Though each woman consents to be used and abused by a man and none takes pleasure in suffe

  • Title: Punish Me, Please Me
  • Author: Ashley Zacharias
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Heartwrenching. Mind-blowing stories. Shocking sexual yumminess. Imaginative. Brilliant.I found this author from . This is the January 2012 Book of the Month. You can currently receive a copy of this book in several different formats for absolutely FREE. A MUST READ!There are a few passages in this review that are somewhat bold. If you are easily offended by sexual content or phrases, please just avoid reading the rest of it :pYou can find it here:Punish Me, Please MeBetting on God is the first [...]

    2. Betting on Go 2- stars. ummm maybe i'm not hardcore enough but this was pretty damn crazy. I liked the story but I could have done without the events that took place inside that house >.< In Search of Master Exeter 3-stars. I actually liked this one and felt the author totally redeemed this book with this story Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned1.5-starsy to lose me again. *sigh* I didn't even finish this one. On a weird note. My boyfriend (who teases me about my taste in reading material [...]

    3. I read my first Ashley Zacharias book earlier this week (Wives in Service), and was so intrigued with the first novella in that book that I decided to read Punish Me, Please Me. Like the first book I read, this was a series of novellas bundled in one book. Honestly I didn't love all of the stories -- one in particular I didn't finish. However, I LOVED the story Private Performance. Basic plot line is that a female performance artist (Catherine) agrees to provide three live art performances in a [...]

    4. Betting on God - 2 StarsI thought that overall this was an OK story, definitely different to anything I've read before. When this was described to me as erotica I guess I had something different in mind. I suppose I was expecting a 'turn on' not a 'turn off'. The events that take place in this story are pretty extreme and graphic, I have read extreme and graphic but I had never felt as uncomfortable before as I did when reading this story. The plot was well thought out and so that deserved 2 sta [...]

    5. Having a hard time with this review and had a hard time with the book itself. I got this because it was the Erotica groups free download for this month. And I'm stubborn enough to keep reading something because I started it. The author states herself that this is a collection of work written over a two year period and are presented in the order they were written. You can clearly see Ms. Zacharias' skill as a written increase with each story. But with the exception of the final story which I actu [...]

    6. Betting on Go (2.5 stars) - Hmm. This was certainly interesting. There was a lot of set-up which I actually skimmed through to get to the bulk, but I got the gist of the plot. Very unique, and as an agnostic I thought it was an interesting idea but it would most certainly be offensive to someone religious (not that they would be reading this in the first place!). It is pretty intense though so not for the light readers!In Search of Master Exeter (2.5 stars) - This starting out SO promising! Ther [...]

    7. Betting on God:I liked this story a lot. I'm not an athiest, it's not that I don't believe, I just don't believe. This story put into words how I feel about religion vs. no religion. It showed a perfect piecing of masochism in religion. In Search of Master Exeter:This story left a lot to be desired. The whole idea that some creepy young guy trolled the web and managed to find a stupid women who googled "bored and horny", just a bit lame. Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned:Wow! 3 women who pack [...]

    8. Betting on GodThis wasn't something I would consider Erotica. It contains sexual explicit content, but the purpose of the story isn't to entice and titillate the reader.That said it's not necessarily a bad story, although I have a hard time accepting the characters and especially Dr Stone.(view spoiler)[It's fairly obvious what Susannah's goal is in accepting the outcome of the bet and especially how she demands that it shall be fulfilled, yet Dr Stone seems to be oblivious to her agenda. Isn't [...]

    9. 10/19 Betting on God is a humdinger.Not all that sexy, more humiliation and rape than I'm interested in. I know, I know BDSM.I'm just saying Onto the next one: In Search of Master Exeter. Not sure what to expect. 10/20 In Search of Master Exeter was pretty good. Much nicer story & much more entertaining. The dialog was more realistic too. Sex scenes weren't bad either. Next: Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned.

    10. By far one of the off the wall story I've tried to read to date. Could not finish this one as I really do not get where the author was coming from at all. And for once I'll admit that there was also a little bit too much plot in this erotica for my liking. No offense to the author but it didn't really feel like intellectual context to me either.

    11. Out of the five stories, only 1 and a half really held my interest. All of the stories were just way too drawn out and seem to go on forever in boring details. The stories took too long to get to the point for them to be short stories.

    12. A collection of Extreme Erotica. I will say that the last short story was my favorite as it was very deep mentally. Will read more by this author.

    13. ::APPLAUSE:: This is not BDSM smut. There is much sex and more punishment but they are tools, not goals. I will write a review. I will write a review

    14. This book wasn't quite what I expected. It took some dark turns and was too graphic at times. Had to force myself to finish it.

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