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  1. So I decided to read this because Halloween is coming up and a lot of people suggested this as a very creepy manga. I'd have to agree. This manga did genuinely creep me out. The ending was slightly rushed and I was rooting for the main character to survive but what was I to expect with a horror manga. I preferred the first volume but I did enjoy this one too.

  2. Well, this volume was better and creepier for sure. I learned a new life lesson: Don't talk with lolita dressed girls on garbage bags. LOL

  3. See my review of the first volume if you are so inclined to know my thoughts on this series.To summarize:1. Manga is a very scary thing to explore.2. Torture as spectacle and little else does not much appeal to me.3. Society's acceptance of this sort of storytelling is what proves truly frightening.4. Do not speak to girls sitting in trash heaps.

  4. I normally don't enjoy horror. In fact, horror anything tends to make me hide and/or runaway. HoweverI really enjoyed this short series! One thing that really let me enjoy the horror aspect is the fact that it wasn't just a like hyper violent tale but it also had a healthy amount of psychological thriller themes to it. I am a bit of a sucker for stories that screw with one's mind, not gonna lie. The characters were decently likable. There weren't any characters that I really hated. I mean, the l [...]

  5. in the beginning I was very excited to read it , I'm ok with reading horror , but this one made me feel colic a lot , and some times grosses me , the art was good , and the story was good too , but the END was such a waste for all that , I didn't like the way thee things end up with , it can end with a better way actually ter finish reading it I felt a little bit disappointing , cuz it end with such an unsatisfying way e Lolita girl really pissed me off , and the way things was going into made m [...]

  6. This volume was by far better than the first one. If only what happened in this book happened in the first one, it would have lost a lot less readers. Volume 2 of Ibitsu pretty much had me on the edge of my seat. I learned that "Remina-chan" wasn't even Remina and that the lolita girl's stuffed animal was stuffed with the last "older brother" she killed. She also took over the identity of the little sister. This series is one of my favorites and I'm looking forward to reading more by Ryou Haruto [...]

  7. can't remember how I found this Manga but I'm glad I did. it was refreshing having the "big brother complex" in a Manga in a horror fashion. the suspense was more than intense, made me almost too scared to turn the page if it weren't for curiosity, the plot twist was unexpected, and the ending was bone chilling. overall amazing read for any hardcore horror and guro fans

  8. It was enjoyable, but I would have liked to see more gore. The characters were so dense that I was yelling at the book. Life lesson NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS, especially ones dressed in lolita clothing and sitting by the side of the road! It's not rocket science.

  9. My first completed read of 2013. Yes, it's a quick little read as all manga is, but it was fun and creepy. Quite a good horror manga. I think I should check to see if this artist did any other work and give it a read as well.

  10. 3.5Despite several cliche scene and act, but the end of this story is something that suit well with my logic. And really like the "bunny" idea.

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