The Art of Vampire Knight

The full color artwork collection of the hit series Vampire Knight Reads R to L Japanese Style , for audiences T Cross over into the world of Vampire Knight with the lush, full color artwork of Matsuri Hino Includes an extensive gallery with author comments, a how to tutorial, and an exclusive poster.
The Art of Vampire Knight The full color artwork collection of the hit series Vampire Knight Reads R to L Japanese Style for audiences T Cross over into the world of Vampire Knight with the lush full color artwork of Matsur

  • Title: The Art of Vampire Knight
  • Author: Matsuri Hino
  • ISBN: 9781421540054
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Ill advisedly picked this up on a whim because it was *coughs* cheap, it is nevertheless providing me with a joyous afternoon of coffee and sexy vampire fun. I'm a huge fan of Hino and her art for Vampire Knight and it's a joy to have full colour illustrations to perv over peruse at my leisure.A gorgeously presented book with gorgeous illustrations, though there's not a huge amount of content for the price.


    3. E' molto bello vedere tutte le illustrazioni per intero e senza scritte, coi colori vivi e dimensioni maggiori, però, a parte l'immagine utilizzata per la cover e replicata in formato poster, ed un disegno in bianco e nero a chiudere il volume, non ci sono immagini inedite. Considerando che l'anime ed il gioco DS per me non fanno testo (perchè non rendono giustizia ai disegni ed alla caratterizzazione dei personaggi), restano quindi ancora sconosciuti i colori "ufficiali" di Rido e Yagari (per [...]

    4. I love Vampire Knight so much and it brings me to tears to see it over. I had to buy this art book because I'm a huge fan of this series and Matsuri Hino's art style and drawing is beautiful and incredible. I loved every page, every art, and every detail. The colors are vivid, the paper feels expensive and the overall book is worth the money. I enjoyed looking at each art and I reread/relooked this art book about a hundred times. The drawings expressed a lot of emotions and different scenarios y [...]

    5. I bought this book after reading about nine volumes of Vampire Knight, and I must say that the art in the book is just absolutely beautiful. There wasn't a page in the book that I did not love. The comments and how-to in the back of the book was great extra information, and the poster inside is a full length version of the front cover. I would recommend this to any fan, and it'd also make a perfect gift.

    6. This book is a nice collection of the cover art that has appeared in LaLa manga magazine and printed in black and white in the manga volumes released in Japan and the U.S. The colors are displayed in full color without any by-lines as seen in the original printing. If you love her cover art, this a a nice treat. She gives a little background about the drawings and at the end shows how she goes about the process of creating her drawings.My favorite part of Vampire Knight is her cover art.

    7. The pages of this book are filled with the most exquisite manga artwork from Vampire Knight, full pages of our favourite characters Yuki, Zero, Kaname and the gang. I devoured each page slowly, revelling in the amazing illustrations of Matsuri Hino, the mangaka of Vampire Knight.I will treasure this book for the rest of my life. Sigh :)

    8. My younger sister bought this for me because she knew how much I love Vampire Knight. I've read a lot of manga and comics, to me, Matsuri Hino has some of the best art I've ever seen. The characters are so dreamy and the effort she adds to her backgrounds are far better than many artists I've seen. If you're a fan of Vampire and love the art style as much as I do. Get this book. It's lovely.

    9. Simply beautiful. If you're a fan of Vampire Knight, this is a must. Definately worth the twenty-five bucks.ough if you aren't quite as rabid a fan as I am, you might want to wait until it comes out in paperbackheheh

    10. (I can't believe it's been almost two years since I looked at these pictures.)I would have preferred some more variety in the illustrations, less focus on the main characters for example. Another thing I would have liked is commentary, though I understand the artist's reasoning to leave it out.

    11. Breathtaking! The illustrations are brilliant and allowed the imagination to run wild after watching the anime series.Truly hoping that another illustration book will be coming out soon!

    12. So nice to look through this and get all the nostalgia and remember everything that happened in this series and see all the smexy pictures <3 Beautiful colouring! Beautiful art style!

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