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  1. Decent book with some great recipesDecent book with some great recipesfor the price; yes it's free! it's a great book! I want to try every recipe. I almost wish I were getting married agAin! try it um sure you'll love it. I loved every 'recipe! really great ideas and some classic recipes as,,well as some I've never heard of. I want to make each and every one. I a almost wish I w ere getting married agAin. not! I'm sure I can find another excuse to make these recipes! lyndaI

  2. Favs:*Baked Brie (Brie (something "mildly French", cheaper = firmer = better), fresh crusty bread (Italian loaf or baguette), honey (optional), almonds (optional), jam (optional)) (loc 268)*Bacon wrapped weenies (16 oz package of lil' smokies, 16 oz bacon (cold), 1/4 to 1/2 c. dark brown sugar (can substitute light brown), box of toothpicks, shallow baking dish) (loc 356)*-Phyllo/filo/fillo shells (loc 527) (can stuff with caramelized onions and provolone mixture; something with sweet potato (lo [...]

  3. the pictures were good but the recipes themselves were not so hot. i guess i'm used to more traditional cookbooks where measurements are precise

  4. Shares some of the same recipes as the 5-Minute Recipes ebook, but altogether nice and easy appetizers.

  5. Easy Appetizer Recipes is a good book to pass time. It is also good if you are a fan of Brie Cheese and get hungry a lot. I have it on my kindle and read it all the time.

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