Invincible, Vol. 14: The Viltrumite War

Collecting Invincible 71 78, chronicling the Viltrumite War in its entirety, with Invincible and his strongest allies pitted against the entire Viltrumite race Spanning across the universe, no planet, species, or hero is safe from this epic battle
Invincible Vol The Viltrumite War Collecting Invincible chronicling the Viltrumite War in its entirety with Invincible and his strongest allies pitted against the entire Viltrumite race Spanning across the universe no planet

  • Title: Invincible, Vol. 14: The Viltrumite War
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Ryan Ottley
  • ISBN: 9781607063674
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This volume would be considered a milestone in the Invincible universe. The war with the Viltrumites is finally happening and it doesn’t end how you would expect. While I was taken aback with the ending I wasn’t all that surprised. Robert Kirkman was going to have to do something like this or else this would be the ending of Mark Grayson’s story and you could tell that there was so much more to tell with his personal life that his professional life needed to grow.Through his relationship w [...]

    2. The gang goes into battle versus the last surviving pure-blooded Viltrumites. Not to clickbait you - but the way this combat ends will surprise you. On the home front (view spoiler)[ Atom Eve is very pregnant at this point, and Mark just thinks she got fat while he was away. What a total idiot. (hide spoiler)] I really look forward to seeing where this is going - next month, when my ebook checkout limit resets.

    3. 4 stars.Invincible, Vol 14: The Viltrumite War is, like the title indicates, the moment we all have been waiting. This is it. Our heroes and the Coalition of Planets against the Viltrumite Empire. It is bloody and violent, but it is also exciting, emotional and funny.Without spoiling much, this volume is a game changer in the story. Aside from the obvious, the war takes a long time and a lot of things happen and change comes with them. Mark experiences tragic and intense moments and he still doe [...]

    4. The War is on mofos, who's ready!?!? So this is it. The big moment. It all comes down to this. Mark's very first obsticale? FUCKING Conquest!!! While this fight isn't AS good as volume 12 fight it's still very very good. It's shorter but just as bloody (maybe more so) and the end result is tragic and fucked up. There feels like a little bit of "Oh really? They did this becauseaining?" DBZ type moment. I thought that was a little to silly. I also didn't feel the final issue was as emotional as it [...]

    5. The Viltrumite War finally begins. Mark, Oliver, and their dad Nolan (Omniman) team up with others recruited by the Coalition of Planets (Tech Jacket, Alan, Battle Beast, and others). Their first run-in with the Viltrumites is bad. Mark is injured and has to spend months recuperating (think intestines being punched out your back recuperation – yuck). Ultimate, in order to save the earth, Mark must make a bargain with the remaining Viltrumites – to allow them to blend in and breed with humans [...]

    6. Unlike the grab bags of previous trades, this one (covering #71-78) focuses on the long-anticipated war against Viltrum -- a war which nearly goes off the rails from the very beginning, and degenerates quickly into a bloody brawl across multiple plants -- a war which ends in the most unexpected way, a blur of victory and defeat and Cold War that I certainly didn't see coming.Ryan Ottley's art remains clean and clear, despite the fountains of blood and mountains of intestines that the war generat [...]

    7. After a surprise attack waylays Mark and leaves both him, his father, and his brother sidelined for most of the war with Viltrum, they are finally brought back into the fray to wage the final attack on the homeworld. After the battle is over, Invincible is given a choice, and in making a sacrifice for the short term, the long run may lead to doom.Turning a bit on the decisions made in previous volumes where Mark exerted his authority to execute single minded justice, now Mark is forced into a co [...]

    8. Well. The Viltrumite War is here, and, while it is pretty violent. it is a grand story—with lots of fallout and foreshadowing. This story pushes our hero Invincible to the very limits of his abilities and finds the fate of the Earth, of course, hanging in the balance—thanks to Freddie Mercury look-alike Thragg and the other Viltrumites. The resolution of the war is probably the most interesting part of the story and not what one truly expects from a big storyline like this. Really, it's kind [...]

    9. I don't normally like resurrections but bringing Freddie Mercury back like this was a stroke of genius on Robert Kirkman's part.

    10. Honestly, this just fell kind of flat for me. Sure, jam packed with incredible action and so much violence it made my head spin. But as far as actually telling a story or building characters it was lackluster. It actually had the same issue that the last big fight story had - pacing. It would spend pages on things like months long recoveries, but then speed through immense battles, then give another battle 6 two page spreads. The whole thing just felt staged. Obviously everything was, but in a f [...]

    11. Finally! I've not read any of Robert Kirkman's less zombietastic ongoing series for ages (at least three years, since before I joined ) because, even while they stacked up subsequent volumes, none of my libraries had this one (and who wants to buy one volume in the middle of a series?). And on Tuesday, on a whim, I went to Marylebone Library and there at last this was. It's the big confrontation to which the comic had been building for years, and one could complain that eight issues isn't really [...]

    12. We finally get to the big war, which doesn't start off great for the heroes when an ambush takes out Mark, Nolan, and Oliver for months while the rest carry on with the war. There are betrayals and sacrifices that keep this volume compelling throughout, which is even more impressive when you consider the main character is out of commission for a long duration. The ending of the war was unexpected and it sets up for the next volume with Allen finding the Ultimate weapon. Plus when we last saw Eve [...]

    13. Reprints Invincible #71-78. Mark, his father, and his brother set out to have the last stand against the Viltrumites and not everyone may return to Earth. This book of Invincible is bloodier than normal (which says a lot about it since Invincible is usually pretty bloody). It is good, but there is also a slight problem with that. It seems like both Mark and his father can be beaten to a pulp everytime and just heal. That kind of takes the danger out of it for the main characters if there isn't m [...]

    14. Great as always. Lots of blood and gore. And it's my favorite 80s tv show also ;) This was a solid story complete with twists and turns. There were shocking moments and heart wrenching moments. And the end was universe altering. It will be interesting to see how this affects things in the future. I have a feeling the next trade will relax a bit with a cliffhanger ending. Might be too soon to see the affects of this war. Seems like it might be a more long term plot, give us time to forget about i [...]

    15. The Viltrumite War has arrived! Everything has been building to this and it was worth the wait! As a comic book geek, I remember seeing previews of the Viltrumite War issues and that is the single biggest reason I started collecting these volumes. It was everything I was hoping for. Awesome writiing, awesome art, twists and turns everywhere, just a great story! Some of the best writting was the quiet moments between Nolan and Oliver. I can't say enough about this volume and how great it was!

    16. And we're back to being little more than a glorified slaughterhouse. Invincible and pals fight some things in space and predictably, no one of import dies, people's heads are ripped from their shoulders and we see the signature Kirkman fist-punching-through-someone's-guts scene more than once. Little to nothing of interest in this volume. Probably won't be coming back to the book again. Grade: D

    17. Battle between Invincible and his allies against the ViltrumitesIt's been building up to this: the final confrontation between Invincible, his father, Allen and others against the Viltrumites out to destroy them. The book is basically one long battle with casualties on both sides, including some much-loved characters.It does not all end well but the book is engaging enough to see through to the end – a new chapter in all of their lives beckons. Now onto Volume 15.

    18. A good comic series. Nice plot and art. The stories are a little more graphic and adult than the ones I started off reading in the 1960s but still not as bad as many of the ones that today's comics have turned into. The stories remind me of reading the good solid fun comic books of the older Marvel and DC era of the 1960's but undated to today's world. Recommended

    19. This series is pretty good, a few times when I thought the characters were being ridiculous, but nothing too awful. But is it just me or is there much more gore and fan service now than there was in the beginning?

    20. This was really, really interesting! The way Kirkman plays with time and his willingness to kill important characters make this series unique, at least in terms of superhero and action genre stuff. I'm super intrigued to see how the twist ending stuff turns out! Still mad about how he writes Eve.

    21. When you continually go over the top, how can you keep topping yourself? Kirkman runs into that problem here. I'm still enjoying the book, but it's starting to seem as if these characters and this storyline have pretty much run their course. You can only go back to the well so many times

    22. Wow.The War.It happens here, and it ends here as well. No way I could have seen that ending. Plus the tease of what's to come. Damn, this is good stuff.

    23. Am I the only one who, despite all the build up to this war, was actually a bit let down by it in the end?

    24. A nicely epic story and a good conclusion to a couple of different long-running storylines. This volume could have been great, but there were sadly too many take-backs to make it so.

    25. This is some grand super hero fight, my friends. I love how the ending is such an ugly compromise. Nobody wins, everybody loses, but for now there's peace.

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