انسان تک‌ساحتی

One dimensional Man offers a wide ranging critique of both contemporary capitalism Soviet communism, documenting the parallel rise of new forms of social repression, public personal, in both these societies as well as the decline of revolutionary potential in the West He claims advanced industrial society creates false needs, which integrate individuals into tOne dimensional Man offers a wide ranging critique of both contemporary capitalism Soviet communism, documenting the parallel rise of new forms of social repression, public personal, in both these societies as well as the decline of revolutionary potential in the West He claims advanced industrial society creates false needs, which integrate individuals into the existing system of production consumption via mass media, advertising, industrial management contemporary modes of thought This results in a one dimensional universe of thought behavior in which aptitude ability for critical thought oppositional behavior wither away Against this prevailing climate, Marcuse promotes a great refusal as the only adequate opposition to all encompassing methods of control Much of the book is a defense of negative thinking as a disrupting force against prevailing positivisms Marcuse also analyzes the integration of the industrial working class into capitalist society new forms of capitalist stabilization, questioning the Marxist postulates of a revolutionary proletariat inevitability of capitalist crisis In contrast to orthodox Marxism, he champions non integrated forces of minorities, outsiders radical intelligentsia, attempting to nourish oppositional thought behavior thru promoting radical thinking opposition He considers the trends towards bureaucracy in supposedly Marxist countries to be as inimical to freedom as those in the capitalist west One of the most subversive books of the 20th century, it was criticized by both orthodox Marxists academic theorists of various political theoretical commitments Despite its pessimism, it influenced many in the New Left as it articulated their dissatisfaction with both capitalist communist societies.IntroductionThe paralysis of criticism society without oppositionThe new forms of controlThe closing of the political universeThe conquest of the unhappy consciousness repressive desublimationThe colosing of the universe of discourseNegative thinking the defeated logic of protestFrom negative to positive thinking one dimensional philosophyThe historical commitment of philosophyThe catastrophe of liberationConclusionIndex
One dimensional Man offers a wide ranging critique of both contemporary capitalism Soviet communism documenting the parallel rise of new forms of social repression public personal in both these soc

  • Title: انسان تک‌ساحتی
  • Author: Herbert Marcuse محسن مؤیدی
  • ISBN: 9789640004906
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The One-dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society, Herbert Marcuseعنوان: انسان تک ساحتی؛ نویسنده: هربرت مارکوزه؛ مترجم: محسن مویدی؛ تهران، امیرکبیر، 1350؛ در 259 ص؛ چاپ سوم 1362؛ چاپ چهارم 1378؛ پنجم و ششم 1388؛ چاپ هفتم 1392؛ موضوع: تمدن جید - علوم اجتماعی قرن 20 منویسنده ی کتاب؛ برخی گرایشهای نظام سرم [...]

    2. This was a very interesting read, I'm particularly interested in this line of critique on modern society and technology, how our technology ends up imprisoning us within closed loop thinking making it difficult to avoid subjugation to the system, both in the mental and physical realms. We are reduced to instruments, all life and nature is reduced to mere tool and in the process our thinking is flattened (one-dimensional man). We become prisoners within this paradigm, and there is no real way to [...]

    3. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، این کتاب از سه فصل کلی و 10 بخش تشکیل شده است من این کتاب را برایِ شما عزیزان سفارش نمیکنم چراکه ناامیدی درجای جایِ کتاب موج میزند ‎آقای <مارکوز> ناامیدانه اینگونه مینویسد که: تئوری انتقادی جامعه، حاوی مفاهیمی که بتواند حال و آینده را با پلی به هم بپیوندد، [...]

    4. Δυσκολεύτηκα πολύ να το αξιολογήσω σωστά. Κάποια κεφάλαια τα διάβαζα και τα ξαναδιάβαζα. Συνειδητοποιώ κοιτώντας τις ημερομηνίες ότι όντως μου πήρε σχεδόν 1,5 μήνα να το διαβάσω. Οι λόγοι γι' αυτή την αργοπορία είναι δύο. Δε θα ανέλυα τους λόγους αν δεν είχαν να κάνουν με την [...]

    5. Here's an interesting thought: Every technologically advanced society operates on a de facto ideology stemming from the technology itself, regardless of its particular political system. When television or the Internet replace newspapers, for instance, as the means by which an individual interacts with society, the concomitant replacement of words by images takes on an unforeseen brainwashing quality. This is the odd progression looked at in One-Dimensional Man, and Herbert Marcuse’s investigat [...]

    6. A nice addition to Marcuse'sEros and Civilization,One-Dimensional Man presents Marcuse's devastating characterization of advanced capitalist society as totalitarian. As in his previous work, Marcuse here follows in the footsteps of Marx (tied together with Freud, actually) in criticizing the furtherance of repression in societies with highly advanced technologies--he calls for a re-appraisal of this mode of existence (which he calls domination) and a restructuring of 'work' into 'play' (followin [...]

    7. Marcuse was a very prominent figure when I was in high school and on into the seventies. While familiar to pretty much everyone with a penchant for politics, few actually went beyond the various articles by and about him or the occasional interview in the progressive press. My intellectual mentor in high school, Ed Erickson, however, had read One-Dimensional Man and passed on a copy of it with a very strong recommendation.Not having read much Marx in high school and having read no Heidegger, I f [...]

    8. A brilliant thought provoking and challenging book. Covers lots of different topics but the key one which i found relevant was the one on technology and how this has been imbibed into our minds and modus operandi. Ask yourself, if you were to start a new business for example, what would be your first thought when it came to operationalising it? Which website to launch it off i guess right? Which app to use? Technology has become such a leading driver and medium for our thoughts that its hard for [...]

    9. yadayadayadayadayadayadayada--- As well read the endless debates of the Philosophers for all the good Marxist and neo-Marxist theorizing does anyone. Once buy into the notion of Historical Inevitability, whether it be the Inevitable Class Struggle or the Second Coming of Jesus, and human experience is open to endless criticism concerning its conformity--or the lack of it--or the antithesis of it-- to the way things are spozed to go. Instead, gimme Rachel Ray, the Tuscan Sun and bottle of Vin Or [...]

    10. هربرت مارکوزه.چه شب و روزایی که با جامعه شناسی سر نمیشه.مارکوزه پوزوتیویسم رو نقد میکنه و اونو یه عارضه ی فلسفی میدونه.تو این کتاب میگه که فراخ زیستی نظام سرمایه داری یه جور کودن سازی مردمه.کتاب فوق العاده ایه

    11. يقع القارئ لكتاب ماركوز تحت عملية إسقاطية كبيرة على مايعيشه الإنسان في العصر الحديث ، حيث لا يمكن النظر أو الكتابة عنه بتجرد ، على الأقل سأقول أنني حاولت جهدي ، لكن عند التفكير بأنني فرد يعيش في هذا الوجود ، فإن محاولاتي العبثية تنفي وجودي .يعتبر ماركوز من أوائل من كتب عن هذا [...]

    12. few books have left me more curious to read other people's reviews. sadly, it's my impression that relatively few reviewers here, lovers or haters, have actually read the book in its entirety. browsing the reviews, one can easily get the impression that this book is an awesome (or awful) critique of modern technological society. which it is, but also much more. the things that many people respond to arrive within the first few sections of the book. lots of fluffy, vague rhetoric about industrial [...]

    13. This is pretty damned radical for its time (1964). People mock the Frankfurt school these days for reasons I do not understand. One Dimensional Man is Marcuse's best known work, though probably not his best. The question he tries to answer is rather straight forward: What has late industrial society done to us and how has it shaped our state of mind? The problem with Marcuse (as with other Marxists, I suppose) is that while criticizing industrialization, he still holds out much hope in technolog [...]

    14. This book remains as important and flawed as ever and is probably MORE significant now than when it was published in 1964. A couple of weeks back, Nick Cohen wrote a salient article in The Observer in which he compared the present political situation with that in the 1930s - the last time that capitalism experienced a crisis of this magnitude (though not compounded to the same extent by the circulation of fictitious capital in the economy). The 1930s gave us a revolutionary crisis, Jarrow marche [...]

    15. يتحدث الكتاب عما يسميه الاستبداد الكلي في المجتمعات الغربية الصناعية، وتذويب جميع مظاهر الاختلاف الطبيعية واحتواءها في سبيل المزيد من الانتاج وخلق النموذج الواحد ، في الأفكار والرؤى والأحلام والسلوك. وتأثيرات النظام الرأس مالي والسياسة وتأثيرها في التقنية والعكس أيضا، و [...]

    16. مباحث مرتبط با معنا و رسالت هنر در دوران پیشامدرن و مقایسه اش با دوران مدرن بسیار تامل برانگیز بود. بحثهایی از تفاوتهای ذاتی بین نگاه بالزاک و مثلا تنسی ویلیامز و آنچه دنیای سرمایه داری در مواجهه با معنا بر سر ما آورده است. این بخش آن قدر تاثیرگذار بود که بعد از سالها هنوز به خا [...]

    17. بدأ المترجم بمقدمته ، ففيها أبدى جورج المترجم رأيه بالكتاب و مؤلفه من ناحية نقدية ، و أبحر في بحر المصطلحات الصعب الذي يبعد القارئ عن الفكرة العامّة ! ، لذلك فهو برأيي معرض لكم من المصطلحات المفيدة لأن يعرفها القارئ قبل قراءة الكِتاب .أفكار أعجبتني :الخطَر الحقيقي :أوافق مارك [...]

    18. "This society turns everything it touches into a potential source of progress and of exploitation, of drudgery and satisfaction, of freedom and of oppression."Wow. Few things I've read in the past 12 months even approximate what reading this fine book was like. As a neophyte of Marxist theory, the proceedings were at times hard to follow: I would read five pages enthusiastically, and on the sixth I would be incapable of attentive reading. I would constantly find myself thinking about other thing [...]

    19. كتاب فلسفي يحمل بعدا سياسيا واجتماعيا وثقافيا وجاء في فترة عقد الستينات من القرن الماضي اثناء الموجات الفكرية التي اريد لها ان تعطي الحرية المطلقة للانسانيعتبر الفيلسوف الالماني الامريكي هربرت ماركوز الاب الروحي للثورة الطلابية التي اجتاحت العالم في عام 1968 بسبب افكاره وت [...]

    20. مردم مي پندارند كه دسترسي به محصولات مختلف و مصرف بيشتر، بهترين شيوه ي زندگاني است، از اين رو در برابر هر گونه تغيير كيفيدر شيوه ي زندگاني خود، روي خوش نشان نمي دهند. در اين شرايط است كه انديشه و بر داشت هاي تك ساحتي در يك جامعه گسترش مي يابد

    21. update: markuze, sve ti je oprošteno! i to što se pozivaš na frojda i što si izvrgnuo marksovu teoriju i što teško pišeš i što reč transcendtalno koristiš svaki put u drugačijem značenju. 💅a i pozdrav za druga petra sa master studija filozofije koji je nevaspitan i na sred ulice dobacuje da je markuze sranje. a čak su kolege. sramota. možemo da se kritikujemo ako imamo argumente a takvi površini stavovi nemaju vrednost (reče ja koja je kraljica opštemestašenja ovde na u [...]

    22. قد وصف ماركوز من خلال (الإنسان ذو البعد الواحد) تلك الامبريالية النفسية التي هيمنت على الداخل الغربي وصفا دقيقا حين قال: إن المجتمع الاميركي هو مجتمع التسامح القامع, أي أن هذه المجتمعات الغربية هي مجتمعات شمولية من دون قهر خارجي ومن دون ضرورة وجود شرطة ومن دون قهر مفروض مرئي ف [...]

    23. فى الكتاب ده بيحاول ماركيوز الاجابه على سؤال واضحليه محصلتش الثوره فى البلاد الصناعيه المتقدمه لحد دلوقتى طبقا لما تفترضه النظريه الماركسيه خصوصا مع توفر القوه الكلاسيكيه للثوره وهى البروليتارياوبيشوف ماركيوز ان الثوره مش ممكن تحصل بدون وعى بالإستغلال بمعنى ان طبقة البرو [...]

    24. تدور فكرة الكتاب الرئيسية حول تنميط الإنسان وتزييف وعيه او بمعني آخر أحب أن اطلقه هو "تسطيح الجماهير" من "السطحية" في رأيي لا تنجح اي حكومة في فعل هذا لسبب بسيط هو اختلافات الأشخاص بينهم وبعضهم والإنسان لا يتأثر بالبعد المادي فقط الإنسان مليء بالمفاجآت مفاجآت قد تفاجئ الإنسا [...]

    25. -رغم تشاؤميته البالغة و نظرته الفرويدية للمرأة، إلا أن هذا الكتاب يصل لنقاط عميقة في النقد للمجتمعات الأحادية الرأسمالية.‏-أنصح به.

    26. Ģeniāls un nepiedodami aizmirsts autors. 60 gadu elks un kulta figūra. Marksisma savienošana ar freidismu un savu paša kreiso filozofiju. Ļoti baudāmi un vērā ņemami. Izlasi.

    27. One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society by Herbert Marcuse (Beacon Press Edition, Boston, org. published 1964 pb.)I read One-Dimensional Man as a philosophy student at the University of Kansas during the mid-1960s. As a reader of Hegel, Marx and Freud, Marcuse’s study of the stabilization of capitalism and the critique of capitalism’s desperate attempt to contain militarism, nationalism, consumerism and repression under the lid of “affluence” and “mo [...]

    28. الكتاب مقسم إلى :- تخدر النقد -مجتمع بلا معارضة- أشكال الرقابة الجديدة في المجتمع الأحادي البعد وانغلاق العالم السياسي فيه- تغذية الفكر السلبي في الفكر الأحادي البعد و إحباط منطق التناقضوفصول أخرى,يشرح ( في بداية التسعينات ) هربرت ماركوز عالم الاجتماع الراحل أطروحته التي أراد [...]

    29. A metà mi ha stroncatoMi sono trovato ad aspettare mia moglie davanti alla sede centrale della Mediolanum, a Milano 2. Era là per un colloquio di lavoro, per fortuna andato a buca.Leggevo L'uomo ad una dimensione, davanti all'ingresso, chiuso in una Fiat Panda.Un pomeriggio intero.Attorno a me passavano uomini della Mediolanum in cravatta: cravatte in pausa pranzo, cravatte in pausa sigaretta, cravatte frustrate, cravatte trionfanti, cravatte capo e cravatte gregario. Centinaia.E io dentro la [...]

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