The Charlie Factor

One, recovering from near deadly injuries the other, unaware of what he s been missing in his life What one man can do, may heal them both.Charlie Baker is recovering, slowly Nearly dying tends to make a man reflect on each day Take into account that his injuries were caused by a premeditated murder attempt, and he certainly isn t looking for a lover He is barely welcOne, recovering from near deadly injuries the other, unaware of what he s been missing in his life What one man can do, may heal them both.Charlie Baker is recovering, slowly Nearly dying tends to make a man reflect on each day Take into account that his injuries were caused by a premeditated murder attempt, and he certainly isn t looking for a lover He is barely welcoming to a friend unable to trust anyone, preferring to hide from the world hours and miles away from the memories Gregory Anders hadn t intended to disturb the man in silent contemplation on the beach, but when his pup, Samson, takes matters out of his hands, he s forced to at least apologize for his pet s behavior There s no doubt for Gregory that Charlie could use a friend Clearing the air up front that he isn t gay helps Charlie to relax, allowing for the cautious beginning of a friendship Two men, both alone, for different reasons What happens when friendship bears When support and affection turns into attraction Do you take the chance of a lifetime, for the love a lifetime
The Charlie Factor One recovering from near deadly injuries the other unaware of what he s been missing in his life What one man can do may heal them both Charlie Baker is recovering slowly Nearly dying tends to mak

  • Title: The Charlie Factor
  • Author: Diana DeRicci
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I've meant to read this for quite a while now. I originally put it off for the angst factor, but it ended up not being nearly as angsty as I expected. I liked both characters even though Charlie pissed me off sometimes, and I absolutely adored Gregory.I think that there were two things that made this work for me, even though I did end the story thinking it was just very good, rather than wonderful:1) The GFY plot is difficult to sometimes pull off, if I believe I'm supposed to take it seriously, [...]

    2. This has a strong hurt and comfort theme. Gregory meets and befriends Charlie, a man terribly hurt, both physically and emotionally.Gregory finds himself with feelings towards Charlie that he has never felt before. "It's like something that was missing has finally clicked, but I never knew it was missing to begin with because I've never been in this situation." He has always considered himself straight. It takes one of his friends to give him the push needed to explore these feelings."Maybe the [...]

    3. The development and sentence structuring are off and are distracting to me. Plus, I'm just kinda bored; it's not pulling me in, not resonating, not holding or providing any emotional depth. What Charlie's ex did to him is horrific, yes, but the writing doesn't really allow me to feel it. Then, too, my mind keeps taking me back to the similar and superbly written The Rebuilding Year and this one isn't cutting the mustard in comparison. While not terrible, this book isn't arresting and I just coul [...]

    4. Oh, Gregory, Gregory, Gregory. You stole my heart in this one. I've never met a character like you, epecially not in a GFY story. You knew what you wanted and, not caring what package it came in, you went after it with all your heart. I liked Charlie, but I loved you Gregory. This is the story of a damaged gay man and a lonely straight man. But, honestly, that is simplifying it way too much. Charlie is an ex fire fighter who was almost killed by his ex lover. Gregory is a straight man who moved [...]

    5. 3.5 starsIt's a gay for you story I like Charlie as a "tortured" hero (what can I say, I love me some angst hero who is not too whiny :p) is make up for good storyline. I like following his story, trying to rebuild his life again after the attempt murder by his ex-boyfriend. Even if he starts as someone who seems in too deep with his scars (physically and mentally) but at the end of the story, he seems to heal good. While Greg, even if he starts off first by telling Charlie that he is straight, [...]

    6. I definitely liked it less than my GR friends did. For some reason I never got the emotional closeness between Charlie and Greg, for me it was a case of "lust equals love". I found Greg's transition from straight to gay incredibly smooth and though I don't mind that when the book doesn't pretend to take itself seriously (Straight Men series by Alessandra Hazard is a big favorite of mine), it didn't work here for me since the book's tone was much more serious and realistic (?). I also skipped mos [...]

    7. Charlie, a former firefighter, is recovering from nearly dying in a fire set by his ex. He needs to walk with a cane, is badly scarred, his leg damaged, and can never work again. To top it off, once his coworkers found out he was gay they pretty much shunned him. He's moved to the beach and one day Gregory's dog comes over to say hi. Charlie is stand-offish, but when Greg helps him avoid a sink-hole they become friends even though Greg is straight. Charlie is attracted for the first time since t [...]

    8. Haven't read this book in years, and while I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I did back then, there are certainly parts that are still really good. The whole gay-for-you (with nary a mention of bisexuality) was a bit too old-school m/m for my tastes, and the sex tended to overpower the characters and plot when it finally got happening, but there were still two really great characters in this. It was also a real quick read, and it wasn't something I regret spending a few hours on. 3.25 stars

    9. Another exciting read from this author. I tend to love the unrealistic Gay For You trope reads.  This one seems to try to make more sense of the trope than most.  Both Charlie and Greg are the masculine-type men, that makes this hot read flammable.  LOTS of sex, but isn't that what makes people fall in love?  It's the chemistry, and these two have lots of chemistry.  I'm going for a glass of wine and a cigarette now. 

    10. I chose this book because I was in the mood for something achingly romantic but not too sugar sweet. I suppose this fit the bill, but the writing was just so bad I couldn't enjoy it. I mean, I've certainly read worse, but yeah. It didn't do much for me.I'm usually one to enjoy terms of endearment, but the overuse of the words "babe" and "baby" had me near vomiting here. There were also a lot of fights/break-ups that were based on nothing at all. They made no sense. And the 0-60 of the gay for yo [...]

    11. Read 11/10/2013Reread 4/3/2016 I stopped while I was ahead. It's obvious my tastes have changed quite a bit since originally reading this. I won't change my original rating, and I will put this with my other pleasant memories of my introduction to m/m.

    12. Some readers may be put off by the fact that this is GFY, but don't be. The author made considerable effort to deal with this particular theme. Not only in terms of the protags, but also the reactions of their families and friends. Quite a different approach and worth the read for that alone.

    13. A Whipped Cream 'BEST BOOK'!“Charlie would happily drop to his knees and nuzzle what lay behind zipper number one.” What a sentence to latch on to when it comes to reading a hot M/M narrative. The Charlie Factor is a love story that played on my heart as a reader and prevented me from laying the book down until the end. Gregory was experienced in the art of lovemaking, just not with a man, but when he falls for Charlie, he is more than willing to learn how to make him happy. The first thing [...]

    14. The Charlie Factor reminded why I usually skip books with injured characters. They let those injuries define who they are. They hide behind them and use them as an excuse to close themselves off. Charlie almost lost his partner because he let his insecurities cripple him. During their fights, I sometimes hoped it would be their last one. Whatever Gregory did, he couldn't make Charlie believe in his love for him. Charlie thought so little of Greg and it made me feel sorry for him. It didn't seem [...]

    15. I almost didn't read this book because of all the less than stellar reviewsy am I glad I gave it a chance. I loved this book! It was sweet and romantic just when I was looking for a bit of sweetness and romance (I just finished S.U. Pacat's The Captive Prince which was amazing but intense sweetness or romance:-). Give The Charlie Factor a chance. You may love it as much as I did! w on to the sequel

    16. Charlie pisses me off an I haven't quite forgiven him yet, even if I understand his reasons. Greg is delicious, though he forgives easily. I would have loved more groveling.And Elizabeth. I haven't read het in a while, but I would love to read her story.

    17. 2.5The plot had premise and the characters were likable. Unfortunately, most of the book is sex and the dialogue combined with the sheer amount of terms of endearment was not for me. Who says, "I"m going to make you shatter, sexy baby?" during sex?

    18. Very good m/m romance about a former firefighter slowly recovering after nearly dying in a murderous fire. He's befriended by a straight guy who finds himself developing very confusing feelings for his new friend.

    19. Главному герою периодически очень хочется дать по шее, чтобы он наконец-то перестал ныть высокохудожественно страдать и таки занялся делом, но в остальном все достойно.

    20. 3.6 I really wanted to love love this but Charlie Charlie Charlie annoyed me cos I loved loved Greg so much!!

    21. I wish I had followed my initial gut feeling and stopped reading after the first huge editing error at the beginning of the book, but instead I soldiered on until I gave up about half way though. The first scene is told from Charlie's perspective. When Charlie and Greg first meet, Greg introduces himself by name while Charlie, pointedly neglects to share his own name. We then switch to Greg's viewpoint as he continues on his way. He thinks about the meeting and repeatedly refers to the other man [...]

    22. A non stop read. Charlie isn't looking for anything except solitude and time to heal, physically and emotionally. Enter Gregory, out for a jog on the beach with his dog Sampson. Sampson decides to introduce himself to Charlie, who seems to need a friend. Soon the two men find friendship, but is there more? Gregory has been straight his whole life, but there is something about Charlie that attracts him like no woman ever has. Charlie has been permanently damaged by his ex and isn't sure he'll eve [...]

    23. I really liked this but man did I have issues with a few things. There's Charlie, who in the very recent past, had almost died when his lover drugged him and set his house on fire (trying to kill him) and left him disabled. I have read other reviews where people have complained about Charlie and how the "I'm not good enough for you because I'm disabled" spiel got old pretty quick. I had no issue with that in the beginning even toward the middle of the book. because I could pretty much see where [...]

    24. The one thing that I’m sure everyone agrees upon is that Greg is a freaking awesome guy. I’m not a big fan of GFY stories, but if they all had a character like Gregory, I’d easily become one.So, what makes Gregory so amazing? It’s not his golden blond hair, his warm brown eyes or his sexy body. Well, those too, but it’s more than that. It’s his personality and the way he deals with problems and unexpected feelings. One day at the beach he meets Charlie and the two of them start being [...]

    25. CHARLIE FACTOR is one of those feel good stories that leaves you with a smile at the end. The writing is tight, the story flowed smoothly and the characters are multi-dimensional. What I loved about this book was the characters. They were life like, enjoyable and relatable. The main character Charlie is a man who is afraid to live life again so he hides away from everyone, seemingly alone in the world and that is just the way he likes it. Meeting Greg and his dog Samson was not on his to do list [...]

    26. 2015 Re-read:The back-story here features so many complete discrepancies to Glitter that we’ll have to treat the prequel as taking place in an alternate universe. It’s a little disappointing to me since I liked that book so much.This one comes with a lot of issues.I mean, I completely adore the way Gregory woos and loves Charlie, so the story itself is fine. (Even if Charlie is pigheaded.)But god, the editing sucks.It’s a matter of grammatical slips, mostly, aside from the author’s unfor [...]

    27. Diana DeRicci has written a powerful story about friendship, pain, love and heartbreak in The Charlie Factor. After being drugged and almost dying in a fire deliberately set by his ex-lover, Charlie Baker has retreated, too scarred and distrustful of anyone to deal with life. Gregory Anders and his dog Samson slowly, but surely drawn Charlie out of his shell with acceptance and friendship. Greg is totally shocked when he realizes that his feelings for Charlie have deepened into a lot more than f [...]

    28. 3.5The Charlie Factor definitely struck a chord with me. It is a pleasantly written book, although the word choice seemed a bit too much at times, and the story flows rather smoothly if predictable. The angst and drama weren't too over the top and, generally speaking, the book was a good and entertaining read, not too long, not too short.(view spoiler)[ I have really no idea what it would be like to go though what Charlie's been through, and until the last part of the book, I thought he was hold [...]

    29. Charlie, oh Charlie.Charlie was a firefighter when his ex-boyfriend almost took his life. His ex burned down his house with Charlie in it, only because he was cheating on Charlie and wanted to be together with his new boyfriend. Charlie survived the fire, but has to live with the scars his whole life. His collegues don't talk to him anymore because he is gay and won't tolerate him. Reading this I was crying so hard. Crying for Charlie, because how can people be so there isn't even a word for it [...]

    30. I think I made a mistake reading the prequel Glitter first. In that book, we see Gregory heart-broken over the end of his relationship with Rachel. So heartbroken that he moves halfway across the country so he can distance himself from her and her new boyfriend.Having read that, it made it difficult for me to credit the many times in this book where we're told that Gregory has never been so hurt as he is/can be by Charlie.I loved the development of their relationship. I LOVED how patient and kin [...]

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