The Adventures of Hergé

A GRAPHIC BIOGRAPHY OF TINTIN S CREATOR by Jose Louis Bocquet and Jean Luc Fromental, Illustrated by Stanislas Barth l myThe Adventures of Herg is a biographical comic about the world renowned comics artist Georges Prosper Remi, better known by his pen name, Herg Meticulously researched, with references to many of the Tintin albums and complete with a bibliography and mA GRAPHIC BIOGRAPHY OF TINTIN S CREATOR by Jose Louis Bocquet and Jean Luc Fromental, Illustrated by Stanislas Barth l myThe Adventures of Herg is a biographical comic about the world renowned comics artist Georges Prosper Remi, better known by his pen name, Herg Meticulously researched, with references to many of the Tintin albums and complete with a bibliography and mini bios for each of the main characters, the biography is appropriately drawn in Herg s iconic clear line style as an homage to the Tintin adventures that have commanded the attention of readers across the world and of many generations.Seven year old Herg first discovered his love of drawing in 1914 when his mother gave him some crayons to stay out of trouble He continued drawing in school when he fatefully met the editor of XXe Si cle magazine, where Tintin first appeared His popularity skyrocketed from the 1930s through post World War Two Herg was perceived by some to have aided the Nazi government in Belgium by continuing to publish Tintin in a government sanctioned magazine, and he was briefly imprisoned in the aftermath of the war and narrowly escaped execution Also covered are his marriage troubles in the 1950s and subsequent affair with Fanny Vlamynck, who went on to become his lifelong partner his late career in the 1960s, as his interest in Tintin waned and he occasionally disappeared for weeks at a time as he contemplated giving up his career to become a fine arts painter and a recounting of a humorous encounter with Andy Warhol.
The Adventures of Herg A GRAPHIC BIOGRAPHY OF TINTIN S CREATOR by Jose Louis Bocquet and Jean Luc Fromental Illustrated by Stanislas Barth l myThe Adventures of Herg is a biographical comic about the world renowned comics

  • Title: The Adventures of Hergé
  • Author: José-Louis Bocquet Jean-Luc Fromental Stanislas Barthélémy Helge Dascher
  • ISBN: 9781770460591
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Adventures of Herge is a brief autobiographical comic of Herge's (or Georges Prosper Remi to give his real name) life and, at 60 pages, it's a whistle-stop tour of the highlights of the Tintin creator's life. From childhood, where there were rumours of him being a descendant of the Belgian Royal Family, and where we meet his twin uncles who would later serve as inspiration for the Thompson/Thomson twins, to success with Tintin in the Land of the Soviets when he was in his twenties.It continu [...]

    2. I don't know, man - I just did NOT connect. I read a LOT of Tintin when I was a kid - I particularly remember one week in a converted mining town, way up in the hills above Lake Chelan, reading a million and a half of the awesome adventure comics starring a boy and his dog. A friend recently gave me some of the recently-published collections of the original comics, and I can't wait to revisit them - they filled a hole in my comic book shelf.But this. I just didn't connect. Maybe because where t [...]

    3. Hergé has always been a mysterious figure to me. What interests me more is not TinTin, but the research that went into his work. The fact that he was a depressive personality and sort of in murky waters with respect to politics -makes him a fascinating subject for a biography. As far as I know there are two biographies in English (one of them is coming out next month) and of course, this graphic biography by Boucquet, Fromental and the remarkable illustrator Stanislas. I am a total sucker for t [...]

    4. Another great entry in the genre of bio-graphic works. This one seems to have a meta feel to it because it is a biography of Hergé done as a Tintin comic. Entirely appropriate representation of his life via the art he dedicated his life to. Lots of interesting details and anecdotes which flowed very well as a narrative. It showed that he was aware of the controversy surrounding Tintin au Congo before his death, a book which was partly a product of its times and prejudices and ignorance, but was [...]

    5. The Adventures of Herge is a 2011 biography of George Remi, creator of Tintin, (1907-1983). He produced one of the most popular European comic creations in Tintin - a boy reporter who travelled the world having exciting adventures. His cartoon work is done in the claire ligne (clean line) style with no shading and bright colours - which matches the light and elegantly told adventure stories of the boy adventurer.This is comic biography done in the style and form of a Tintin album with the same l [...]

    6. নিজেকে কানেক্ট করতে পারলাম না কোনওভাবেই।টিনটিন-স্রষ্টার প্রতি শ্রদ্ধা রেখেই হয়তোবা, ইলাস্ট্রেশনগুলো সাজানো হয়েছে সেই আদলে। কিন্তু বইয়ের অ্যারেঞ্জমেন্টটা বড়ই অদ্ভুত লাগলো। গ্রাফিক নভে [...]

    7. Love Tintin, didn't know much about Herge, and now I know more. Not really a deep biography of course, but it does tell the story and, appropriately, the illustrations are done in the same flat style that is characteristic of Herge. Fun!

    8. This comic book biography of the author of the Tintin books was really bad. Often I couldn't tell what was happening. Even when I could, it was told in disjointed snippets identified only by a year and sometimes separated by large gaps of time. Then the index at the end that finally identifies all the people and explains why they were included is in alphabetical order rather than chronological so I still don't have a good feel for Remi's life. All I learned was that Remi was kind of a dick. And [...]

    9. Beautiful drawings. Story sort of disjointed, you have to work to follow it. Maybe written for a Belgian audience that knows Herge's story well already? And Tintin, the boy-reporter, is surprisingly scarce. And yetI was moved by the story. And captivated by some of the images.

    10. José-Louis Bocquetin "The Adventures of Hergé" (Drawn and Quarterly, 2011) vaikutti etukäteen kovin kiinnostavalta sarjakuvan muotoon tehdyltä elämäkerralta, mutta taisi muodostua sitten pienoiseksi pettymykseksi. Sarjakuvataiteilija Georges Remin eli suuren Hergén elämä oli jaoteltu pieniin välähdyksiin, jotka myös jäivät sellaisiksi - ehkä albumi olisi avautunut paremmin, mikäli hänen elämänvaiheistaan olisi etukäteen tiennyt enemmän kuin lyhyen oppimäärän verran. Nyt s [...]

    11. I liked the concept and the presentation of this book (very Castermanesque) but I admit I felt like I was reading some kind of counterfeit Tintin that might at any minute turn into a Tijuana bible. It didn't (and I was strangely, though mildly, disappointed) but I couldn't get over the feeling that I was doing something dirty. It just felt weird. Does that make sense? Like I was betraying Herge somehow. Or more to the point, betraying Tintin. Can you betray a cartoon character? One that doesn't [...]

    12. It thought it was an interesting idea, to present the life story of Tintin's creator, Herge, in graphic novel style. The story is told in episodes which range from 3-5 pages in length, organised by year. The illustrations are very nicely done, but I found the story a little hard to follow at times, without having much prior knowledge of Herge's background. The brief biographies of the "main characters" included in the back was more informative.

    13. The Adventures of Hergé is a delightful biographical comic about Georges Prosper Remi, better known as Hergé, the creator of Tintin.According to Jose-Louis Bocquet and Jean-Luc Fromental, Hergé first discovered his love of drawing in 1914 when his mother gave him some crayons in order to keep him quiet and out of trouble. This incident serendipitously coincided with Hergé witnessing an informal performance from a powerfully voiced family friend who would end up immortalised as Bianca Castafi [...]

    14. A biography of Tintin creator Hergé, done sort-of in the style of Tintin. I learnt some stuff but it was a difficult story to follow. At the back of the book, there are some biographical details about some of the characters, and this probably would have helped if I didn’t find this section when it was too late. I feel like there were a lot of references in here for Tintinophiles, but I haven’t really read any Tintin since I was a kid so I probably didn’t get as much out of it as I could h [...]

    15. This is the life story of the creator of Tintin. A graphic novel in the same style of art as the Tintin adventures. An easy read,nicely told and drawn. Herge had quite a life,good and bad times;its not all good just because one has money.

    16. Really a 2.5. Mildly interesting, but somewhat confusing at times. Too much bouncing around from one period of Hergé's life to another, without enough context for the reader (until the very end, when there's an index of characters which I hadn't seen until I finished!).

    17. I love me some memoirs and this one was SOOOO boring. Great art. Some cool little factoids But nothing I couldn't get from a cursory search.

    18. "A useful introduction to one of the 20th century's most important cartoonists."-Hollywood Reporter"[An} intriguing…curiosity…Effortless charm."–New City, Chicago"Offers greater rewards for dedicated fans than those purely interested by the big-screen adaptation."–THE AUSTRALIAN"Barthélémy wisely evokes Remi’s style without attempting to copy it…the book evokes an unspoken fusion between its subject and his work…One can almost imagine slipping the pages of The Adventures of Herg [...]

    19. Very good, bande-dessinee treatment of the life of Herge presented in the claire-ligne graphic style of which he was one of its pioneers.The first edition began at 56 pages, and has since been expanded with future editions. Obviously, no biography can include everything, especially when it's presented in graphic-novel format, and in a style that aims to strip things down to essentials to achieve (in Herge's own words) clarity of narrative.Charming and often humorous, while not dispensing with th [...]

    20. The Adventures of Herge is a biographical sketch of Tintin's creator told in a graphic novel format with a visual and storytelling style modeled on that of its subject. I was hoping to read this with my six year-old now that we've finished the Tintin adventures, but it turns out that despite the similarity in look and tone to a Tintin story, this book is not for kids (sexualized nudity and Herge's infidelity are two reasons; the book also addresses Herge's bouts with depression, which in my opin [...]

    21. When I go to the library, I often roam a bit through the graphic novel section, just in case there might be something interesting there.This book caught my eye right away: I thought, ah Tintin in English! And a crowd of childhood memories raced to my mind: I did enjoy a lot Tintin comics, good plots, nice drawings, funny characters, and I had not read any for ages, and probably none in English.So I picked up the book and realized it was actually a biography of Tintin’s creator: Hergé! AND I n [...]

    22. I liked the idea of creating this bio in the style of Tintin, but the comic itself was a little dry and lacked detail, especially when it came to the business of Tintin. Also, it was hard for me to differentiate between Herge and the other characters, partly because all the male characters were drawn very similarly(his father being a twin did not help much), and partly because he was constantly being called different names, none of which, by the way, were Herge. There is no explanation of the pe [...]

    23. I knew nothing about Herge before reading this. Now I know a little more, but the story jumped around so much that it never really got going. The format lacked a feeling of depth since it is all very brief vignettes that supposedly illuminate his character and life but mostly feel extremely disconnected. It seemed like there are many elements that would have benefited from some more explanation and focus, but the book never really digs deep. Nice as a graphic novel, not so good as a biography, l [...]

    24. Those who are expecting another Tintin adventure, better find their solace elsewhere. Even though they've mimicked the style found in the comics of the boy with his dog, this bio-graphic is something totally different! I grew up in Belgium and have spent the greater part of my life there. Hence I’m not only familiar with Tintin's fellow characters, but also with Hergé's background and his associates. I wonder, without that and a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to history, I’m not [...]

    25. The strengths of this album were its artwork as a direct homage to Hergé, and its biographical vignettes rather than encyclopaedic biographical detail. I felt that it gave the picture of the man (although I don't know enough about him to say if anything was wrong).He's a pretty quirky dude, he married his mistress (that's not the quirky part!) but visited his first wife weekly. He invented one of the best known charcters in the world, but couldn't really branch out from that, even though he tri [...]

    26. Very short biography of Herge (real name Georges Remi), the creator, illustrator, and author of Tintin. I enjoyed the Tintin comics as a kid (and as an adult), so when I found this graphic biography of Herge at the library, I checked it out. The bio is very short, but is in the style of the Tintin comics. While I'm not opposed to the shortness of the title, I found it really hard to follow. The timeline jumped around a lot, and the dialogue did not guide the reader through those transitions very [...]

    27. A loving homage to the creator of Tintin. The cover is a wonderful pastiche of the bande dessinée genre, and the endpapers are a portrait gallery of significant characters in the manner of the hardback Tintin albums. The comic itself evokes the spirit of Hergé with lots of movement and onomatopoeia without being a facsimile of his style. The penultimate page moved me to tears.Kept from a five-star rating because it was sometimes hard to tell who was who in the drawings, and the story was somet [...]

    28. Kohtalaisen tyylikäs veto tämä Hergé:n sarjakuvaelämäkerta. Tekijäkaartista pistää silmään Bocquet, jonka aikaisemmista julkaisuista on "Kiki: Montparnassen kuningatar" jäänyt itselläni mieleen. Kirja on aika puhdas elämäkerta, mistä löytyy hauskoja viittauksia Tintti tarinoihin, niin kuvakerronnassa kuin Hergé:n omista elämänkokemuksista. Tintin ja Hergé:n ystäville tämän teoksen suurempi tarina lienee jo ennestään tuttu, mutta hauskat sivujuonteet taiteiljan elämäs [...]

    29. Masterfully done! Fun, wide-ranging, sympathetic, emotional, plenty of nods to Hergé's work without stooping to imitation.Sort of a casual read, and sort of not. The events are chronological, but very episodic; less a biography than a collection of complementary sketches. It definitely expects a fair amount of familiarity with the source material—I'm glad I already knew a lot about Hergé and his associates. Maybe it's good even without that, but there's not a lot of exposition to help out th [...]

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