Christmas at The Mysterious Bookshop

Each year, for the past seventeen years, Mysterious Bookshop proprietor Otto Penzler has commissioned an original Christmas story by a leading suspense writer These stories were then produced as pamphlets, just 1,000 copies, and given to customers of the bookstore as a Christmas present Now, all seventeen tales have been collected in one volume, showcasing the talents ofEach year, for the past seventeen years, Mysterious Bookshop proprietor Otto Penzler has commissioned an original Christmas story by a leading suspense writer These stories were then produced as pamphlets, just 1,000 copies, and given to customers of the bookstore as a Christmas present Now, all seventeen tales have been collected in one volume, showcasing the talents of Charles Ardai Lisa AtkinsonGeorge Baxt Lawrence BlockMary Higgins Clark Thomas H CookRon Goulart Jeremiah HealyEdward D Hoch Rupert HolmesAndrew Klavan Michael MaloneEd McBain Anne Perry S J RozanJonathan Santlofer Donald E WestlakeSome of these stories are humorous, others suspenseful, and still others are tales of pure detection, but all of them together make up a charming collection and a perfect Christmas gift for all ages.
Christmas at The Mysterious Bookshop Each year for the past seventeen years Mysterious Bookshop proprietor Otto Penzler has commissioned an original Christmas story by a leading suspense writer These stories were then produced as pamph

  • Title: Christmas at The Mysterious Bookshop
  • Author: Otto Penzler
  • ISBN: 9781593156770
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Reason for Reading: The book was sent to me unsolicited. I read several short story collections last year but haven't been reading many, if any, this year at all and the thought of spending some time with the short story format again was enticing, the book had come at just the right time for me.This is a collection of the stories that Otto Penzler has had commissioned to be written for his store each year beginning 1993. He then has them bound and gives them away to customers at Christmas. The l [...]

    2. I liked this book. As with all anthologies, some stories are better than others. Some were more Christmas-ey than others and more were more mysterious than others. However, I found it to be a lot of fun. The only rules for these stories are that the story must take place at Christmas time and some of the action must take place at New York’s famous Mysterious Bookshop.It was interesting to see how varied and wide reaching the different stories were. There were typical whodunits, tales of redemp [...]

    3. All of these short stories involve Otto Penzler or his staff, and the action takes place, for the most part, in his bookstore, The Mysterious Bookshop. It sounds like it could be great fun, after all what's better than being in a bookstore at Christmas time, surrounded by wonderful books with a mystery thrown in to boot?Unfortunately I found most of these stories to be poorly written with predictable outcomes. I realize that it is difficult to pen an intriguing story when every story must have a [...]

    4. A great book for Christmas season. I have several books of short stories that were collected by Otto Penzler and never really knew who he was. I do now!Every year Penzler, the owner of the real Mysterious Bookshop in NYC, asks mystery authors to write a short story that he then publishes (usually for friends and customers). The restrictions are that it somehow concern the bookshop (even if only as an employee, customer, etc.) and that it be set around Christmas.Some of the authors are ones I kno [...]

    5. As a Christmas gift to his loyal customers, Otto Penzler, owner of The Mysterious Bookshop, solicits a short story to be written and published by Penzler's publishing company; this book is a compilation of some of those short mysteries. Not so long ago all I read were mysteries, and I forgot how much I enjoyed them until I picked up this collection. Since a minimum requirement is for the story to be set at Christmas and have the bookshop as well as Penzler in them, I felt that this was enough of [...]

    6. A collection of short mystery stories written by 17 authors over seventeen years. Otto Penzler, owner of the Mysterious Bookshop in New York had the authors, one at a time, create a short story which he gave away as a gift each Christmas for the 17 years. A good Christmas read and the mix of stories is very nice. Some are better than others, but all worth reading. Now to see what else Mr. Penzler has put together.

    7. Like all short story anthologies, there were some fun, interesting stories and a few I didn't care for, but a solid set of stories. Loved the setting and premise.

    8. As with any anthology, some you love others meh. Once I got over the hubris of having all the stories revolve around his own store (why not just books, or Christmas), I enjoyed the store and Penzler himself being characters.My favourite story was The Grift of the Maji.

    9. The origin of this book is such a wonderful piece of biblio-magic and the collection represents a decade and a half of loving contributions to readers of the mystery genre who travel from far and wide to support a specialty shop run by one of humanity's foremost experts on mystery writing. Before you even get to the stories, that's a wicked cool mark in the book's favor - - and the stories themselves very rarely disappoint. I've been introduced to a store I want to visit, and more than a dozen s [...]

    10. A collection of mystery stories written over the years by famous authors. They are all about fictional crimes that occur in or near the Mysterious Bookshop, a real bookstore in New York City. I liked most of them. They were quirky and original.

    11. This book is short stories written by mystery writers given as Christmas gifts to the patrons of the Mysterious Bookshop in New York City. Each story has to be set at least partly at the book store, over Christmas and the owner has to be present. I particularly enjoyed these stories: “The Holiday Fairy” by Jeremiah Healy is about three successful mystery authors who (view spoiler)[conspire to gift the bookstore’s owner with a mystery for Christmas (hide spoiler)]. “The 74th Tale” by Jo [...]

    12. Otto Penzler is the proprietor of The Mysterious Bookshop, an iconic New York City store for decades now; certainly if I ever get to NYC, it's the first, and fourth, and ninth place I'll check out. Some 17 years ago, he began commissioning authors to write a short story for Christmas, which he gave in bound copies to longstanding customers; Christmas at The Mysterious Bookshop is a hardcover collection bringing those stories, from 1993 to 2009, together in one volume. The requirements were that [...]

    13. This was a fun "theme" book of short stories all about mysteryies set in the Christmas season, with at least part of the action taking place in The Mysterious Bookshop.The Mysterious Bookshop of the title is actually a real bookstore in the Tribeca area of Manhattan. The owner of the store is the editor of the book containing the short stories, all of which he commissioned through the years from famous mystery authors, one each year as a gift for loyal customers of the store for Christmas. He de [...]

    14. This was the December selection for the mystery book club to which I belong.Otto Penzler owns The Mysterious Bookshop in New York. He commissions a Christmas story each year from an author, publishes it, and gives it out as a holiday gift to customers. The bookshop has to play some role in the story.Seventeen of the stories are in this book. It was an amusing read. There is a story for every type of mystery reader.Now, I have a new place to check out for hard-to-find mysteries!

    15. Short stories make me feel like I read fast! ;)Some were good, some not so much and some were just average. But it was a fun little read.I chose 8 or so. That's all I'm doing. For book discussiond cookie exchangeally looking forward to that!

    16. The idea behind this collection of short stories is great. I am a huge fan of door stoppers and series, so sometimes short stories can be a bit of a challenge. There was a wide variety stories, and while I didn't love all of them, it was a good Christmas read.

    17. I enjoyed this collection much better than I thought I would. Most of the stories are very entertaining and for once they are actually short enough to be read in one sitting. Man alive, did it make me want to be in this bookstore at Christmas (especially the old location). Overall, 3.5 stars.

    18. Lots of amusing stories featuring The Mysterious Bookshop of New York City. I finished a higher percentage of the stories in this book than I usually would in a collection of short stories.

    19. For a number of years Otto Penzler, owner of the real Mysterious Bookshop in New York City has asked his author friends to pen a short story that he could hand out to his customers with one requirement that some of the action take place in the bookshop. The result is Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop. An excellent and straight forward compilation of suspense and mystery stories written by well-known and not so well known authors. While many of the stories also have a little bit of the holiday [...]

    20. Overall I enjoyed this collection of short story mysteries. There were a few that weren't terrific - but they were short so not awful. In all, the perfect read for someone who loves mysteries and Christmas. The stories can be read in any order and put-downable when the need arises to participate in a holiday social thing. And then you have the reward of going back and reading a couple more stories of murder or mayhem.

    21. Yes, these are mystery stories, but very light and fluffy. They are all Christmas themed so it makes for fun reading over the holidays.

    22. Racconti gialli a sfondo natalizio, ambientati nella famosa libreria newyorkese The Mysterious Bookshop.

    23. Some were good, some were bad. Was more or less just a foray into the genre of mystery for me and I think I'll try and read more mystery books. I just need to find an author I like now.

    24. A mixed bag to be sure but there are some great stories in here and I really enjoyed seeing how each of the authors wove in the bookshop during Christmas.

    25. I don't usually read mysteries but these were short and fun. I enjoyed the different writing styles of so many different authors in one book. It was a lot of fun.

    26. Short stories of murder and mayhem in NYC. This is a collection of short stories with the famous Mysterious Book store as a setting. Famous authors did their thing. Mixed results.

    27. It was ok. Only a few really good stories. Kind of disappointing. had read The Plot Thickens anthology, which I LOVED, so had high expectations for this book. Sadly, it did not deliver.

    28. Delightful collection of short mysteries all set at Christmas time! A perfect way to consume mysteries around the holidays when I have no time for reading.

    29. I always enjoy reading Christmas-themed books over the holidays. This anthology was very entertaining. Reading this book was like taking a trip to New York on Christmas Eve.

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