Christmas Cookies and Garland

A short story featuring the characters from the With or Without series.__________Word count 2,498Status Complete
Christmas Cookies and Garland A short story featuring the characters from the With or Without series __________Word count Status Complete

  • Title: Christmas Cookies and Garland
  • Author: J.L. Langley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: ebook
  • 1 thought on “Christmas Cookies and Garland”

    1. Against my "nothing short" exclaimatings of discontent. I love anything JL writes. Why it doesn't bother me is because I already know the characters and this is just a tidbit more! With her, I always want more! So yes, 5 stars. :)

    2. **3.5 stars**Loved the story of Remi remembering about his and Sterling's childhood and incorporating it into the present. It was great having them all together and a little peek at Rhys and Sterling!

    3. I really liked this short. I thought it was very poignant how Remi flashed back to his childhood with Sterling. It really showed the deep connection between the two brothers.

    4. One of my favorite shorts. There's the underlying sadness but then there's the total cuteness of Sterling to counter it. In my mind J L Langley can write kids with just the right amount of cuteness while still keeping them real.

    5. 4.5 'These little scenes are nice to have while we wait for the next book. Sterling and Rhys have been building towards their HEA for so long its gonna be AWESOME' stars.

    6. There isn't much to say about these in between shorts. They are little snapshots that don't add much to the overall story but are fun to read. This one is a continuation of Remi & Jake's story from With Caution. Actually it's more Jake than Remy. It is listed as 4.3, but you could read it anytime after you read With Caution. There's another peak at Sterling and Rhys. I know that the next book is Bambi and is on hold, I just wonder if there are plans for a book or at least a short story about [...]

    7. Reread 12/31/14Liked it slightly better since I understood what was happening, but gave it the same rating.Original review, 9/16/14This could have been a good story but it was really confusing instead. Most of it was a flashback but you don't find that out until near the end and the change is so subtle, only a couple of words let you know that you're now in a different era, that it's easy to miss. I had to go back and reread carefully to figure out what was going on. Discombobulating.

    8. (view spoiler)[I already knew that Remi's life always were difficult, but this explained a lot his relationship with Chay, with Sterling and how he always were so good. It was perfect and made me cry actuaaly (hide spoiler)]

    9. FREE hereRemi reminisces about the first time Sterling got to decorate a Christmas tree at Chay's house. A little sad to be reminded of their childhood but really cute and sweet.

    10. Beautiful. You know that heart warming feeling when having a flashback to one of your favourite books? That's how I felt. Amazing.

    11. Really charming - I was thrown when it went from past to present towards the end but it was a perfect short story! First read in November 2013, re-read December 2014.

    12. Cute and sweet and nostalgic! Loved visiting with the With or Without guys again. But reminded me I want another book from LangleyNOW!!

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