Sektion 20

Alex Ostermann lives in an apartment block with his family in East Berlin He hates the regime and his parents are worried that Alex and his sister, Geli, aren t displaying the correct socialist attitude After school they are often followed Friends suddenly break off relations The final straw comes when Alex is arrested With the help of professional escape assistantAlex Ostermann lives in an apartment block with his family in East Berlin He hates the regime and his parents are worried that Alex and his sister, Geli, aren t displaying the correct socialist attitude After school they are often followed Friends suddenly break off relations The final straw comes when Alex is arrested With the help of professional escape assistants the whole family make a dramatic escape to the West Although their driver and his accomplice are killed in the attempt, the family all make it alive But Alex soon discovers that in a bid to save Alex and Geli, their father has cut a secret deal with the Stasi, agreeing to become a spy in West Germany A deal that places Alex and Geli in even danger when their father s Stasi handler realises that Alex and Geli have found out With the CIA and West German Secret Service on their trail too, powerful forces converge for a terrifying showdown.
Sektion Alex Ostermann lives in an apartment block with his family in East Berlin He hates the regime and his parents are worried that Alex and his sister Geli aren t displaying the correct socialist attitu

  • Title: Sektion 20
  • Author: Paul Dowswell
  • ISBN: 9781408808634
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Somewhere around pg. 2 my eyes glazed over. <-- Not a good sign.It's an incredibly interesting story about Germany in the Cold War form the POV of a teen. YAY! I read it specifically for that. I want to read more books about other countries, and everything about Germany for YA seems to be in WWII. While this isn't modern, of course, it's better than nothing. It was fascinating to see how strict and awful it was. Germany's divided by the Berlin Wall, and one side is all free, and the other sid [...]

    2. Review by BethWhen I received this novel in my last haul from Emma, I have to say the cover didn’t impress me. It looked like it was going to be action-packed and adventurous which is not my usual style. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sektion 20 is far and beyond one of the best accounts of post-War Eastern-Bloc Germany I have ever read and I’ve studied German History at degree level. This story worked perfectly, clearly showed how lift in the Communist East was far from the idyll that t [...]

    3. 4.5 stars.Firstly, there is one thing that I wish I had done: I wish I had read Sektion 20 after I had visited Berlin, after I learnt more about The Cold War, the Stasi, and the idea behind the Berlin Wall, and the rest of the history being there where it all happened. After I became to know the city inside out like a resident of Berlin does. But I hadn’t. I read Sektion 20 fourteen days before I left for Europe, for Berlin. It would’ve been wholesomely better and I more connected if I had e [...]

    4. Mini-review originally posted on Nightjar's Jar of Books.Set in East Berlin in the 1970s, this book follows Alex Ostermann, a rebellious teenager who falls afoul of the Stasi for the grave crime of having long hair and liking rock music. As you can probably tell from my tone there, I wasn’t really able to take it all that seriously, though it was quite interesting in its portrayal of life in East Berlin under the rule of the German Democratic Republic. I just find it hard to believe that the S [...]

    5. This is a wonderful, compelling young adult novel, portraying life in the former East Germany from the point of view of a teenage boy who is beginning to struggle to deal with all the constraints that that society imposed on the cultural and lifestyle choices of its’ inhabitants. Alex and his sister Geli live in East Berlin in 1972 and are trying to grow and develop their own interests, his in music and hers in photography, but under the restrictive rules of the socialist realist dictates of t [...]

    6. I once again fell victim to Kindle's Daily Deals with Sektion 20. The £0.99 seemed so inviting and the synopsis sounded interesting. It wasn't. Instead this felt like the type of East Berlin-based thriller you'd get in an episode of MacGyver or 1980s Mission: Impossible. The author writes at the end that he tried to offer a balanced portrayal of East Berlin and the DDR as many who lived through it talk favourably while others are highly critical. This is certainly not the impression I got. For [...]

    7. Also reviewed on the blog: gloriousbooks/201This was a new kind of read for me, apart from Between Shades of Grey I've never read anything based on any kind of war because it normally doesn't really appeal to me.This was quite a good read for the most part. The problem for me though is that it doesn't completely keep me utterly engrossed in the story the whole way through. I only started to get into it around half way through even if exciting things happened throughout. It just wasn't exciting e [...]

    8. Sektion 20 is set in East Berlin in the nineteen seventies. It's the story of a family who fall foul of the communist establishment because of the activities of their teenage son, Alex. As a result,they are forced to defect to the West although, unknown to the rest of the family, their escape has been facilitated by the Stasi because Frank, Alex's father, has agreed to spy on their behalf.This book is all tell and no show. I've ticked the box that says 'hide review because of spoilers' but it ha [...]

    9. I have read two other books by Paul Dowsewell and his new books are always pretty good. Although this book has a similar story line to Auslander, as the plot revolves around a teenage boy, who wants to escape his life once he realizes the world is not quite what the authorities tell him it is. Plus add a love interest that is not to mushy who he can relate to but that comes from a totally different background then his, and you have nearly the same plot set up. This book focuses on Alex who grows [...]

    10. I've lived for a year and a half in the ex-DDR and I'm interested in reading stuff about that time and, although my German isn't that bad, I still struggle with reading in that language. So, when I stumble upon books about the DDR in English (although I read this one in Italian, to be fair), I am always pretty excited because apparently all authors only seem to still care about writing about the Nazis. So I started reading with the highest expectations, because I found the plot pretty interestin [...]

    11. I choose to read this book because when I saw the book, it looked appealing and the blurb lured me Into reading the whole book. A character that I found interesting in this story was Alex. He is a boy living in East Germany, he is a smart boy but isn't showing a correct 'socialist attitude' in the minds of his school and the government. He doesn't follow the correct living way that East Germany have and is a usual rule breaker. My favourite quote is "socialist attitude". I liked this because it [...]

    12. I started this book with low expectations because of the topic but still managed to disappoint me. The topic and the setting could have been great or even amazing but this book is just boring. I did not finish it. I had the feeling I was reading a bunch of information on how life was in DDR. The characters have no dept and every action or even word in the novel seems to be there just for the purpose of allowing the author to show he did research the time period. Yes, we get it. But I don't want [...]

    13. Alex lives in East Berlin. The cold war is raging and he and his family are forbidden to leave. But the longer he stays, the more danger he is in. Alex is no longer pretending to be a model East German, and the Stasi has noticed. They are watching him.Alex is told that further education will be blocked to him. His summer job is mysteriously cancelled, and friends begin avoiding him. His parents start to realize that leaving the East may be the only option left to them, but getting across the Wal [...]

    14. A quite enjoyable YA novel that gives a great insight into what life may have been like in the DDR in the 1970s before the Wall fell.The main character dreams big, but at times I didn't feel as invested in his plight as I imagine the author would have liked. In fact, I believe I would have got more enjoyment out of the book had I been following his girlfriend Sophie as her story was of more interest.That being said the research into this time, and the attitudes of the teenagers all felt authenti [...]

    15. the book is quite good but very obviously written for young teenagers. as a result i found it glib and patronising. the basic story is good but there is no real depth to the characters, the description of life in the East is done with a series of cliches and the plot itself lacks detail that would give it credence

    16. Boek over het leven in Oost Berlijn voordat de muur viel. Blijft een bizarre samenleving als de organisatie van die samenleving niet gebaseerd is op vrijheid van meningsuiting. Boek met historisch besef maar traag. In bibliotheken in de collectie voor jongeren. Ben benieuwd wat jongeren er van vinden. Is de spanningsboog voldoende om door te lezen en zo een vleugje geschiedenis mee te pikken?

    17. This story takes place mostly in East Berlin in 1972, when it was under Communist rule & two teens rebel against the strictness & dreariness of life, while their parents struggle to keep them on the safe & narrow path that will get them opportunities for a good education & job. Gives you a look at a way of life that no longer exists in Germany, since the Berlin Wall came down.

    18. Uhm, lo stile mi sembrava un po' banalotto a dire la verità.È il primo romanzo di Dowswell che leggo. La storia è OK ma l'atmosfera che l'autore riesce a creare è veramente soffocante. Non fidarsi di nessuno, attenti a ciò che si dice, uniformarsi al resto del mondo

    19. I found that I could relate to the main character and could wholly imagine the situation and the need to question and rebel. The oppression Alex and his family felt was tangible with the description of school and life as a teen in East Germany shockingly clear. Great book.

    20. I was surprised that this wasn't as skillfully written as Dowswell's other book, "Auslander". Only 3 stars because of the amateurish style--it just didn't flow very well for me.

    21. An excellent way for children to gain some historical knowledge of life in East Germany under the Stasi.

    22. Gripping, unpredictable, and very informative. Couldn't put it down. My only gripe was with the POV which shifted awkwardly at times. But it was a great glimpse into life in the DDR.

    23. Good story, but brought down by bad writing. The entire thing was an example of why 'show don't tell' is so important, along with copious amounts of confusing head-hopping. :|

    24. Sterk boek voor (jong)volwassenen over het leven in het oostelijk deel van Berlijn in de Koude Oorlog. Dowswell creëert de wereld van de hoofdpersoon op zo'n manier dat je mee kunt leven.

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