Count Down to Love

Kelly Grace Pickens is an excited brideuntil she s abandoned at the altar Desperate, she accepts an offer to appear on a reality TV show, Count Down to Love Her country ways are a stark contrast to the mysterious bachelor from New York Wading through hurt and betrayal both on and off screen, Kelly discovers that being true to yourself is essential to finding happiness aKelly Grace Pickens is an excited brideuntil she s abandoned at the altar Desperate, she accepts an offer to appear on a reality TV show, Count Down to Love Her country ways are a stark contrast to the mysterious bachelor from New York Wading through hurt and betrayal both on and off screen, Kelly discovers that being true to yourself is essential to finding happiness and love.
Count Down to Love Kelly Grace Pickens is an excited brideuntil she s abandoned at the altar Desperate she accepts an offer to appear on a reality TV show Count Down to Love Her country ways are a stark contrast to th

  • Title: Count Down to Love
  • Author: Julie N. Ford
  • ISBN: 9781599555164
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. As the author I give this story five stars because I really do love the plot and all the characters. However, as the author, I gave it four stars because I know the text isn't perfect. With three novels under my belt, my goal as a writer continues to, one day, be able to give both the story and my writing five stars. I realize that some readers were thrown by the fact that I left most of the secondary characters far in the background, that the particulars of the show were low-lighted, for lack o [...]

    2. I'M A HUGE FAN OF "THE BACHELOR"! And because "The Bachelor" is my favorite guilty pleasure of television, it is only natural that my guilty pleasure for reading would be reality TV romance books! Who knew?!But before I get carried away on a "Bachelor" spiel (trust me, it happens!), I need to point out that even if you are not a fan of reality television, Count Down to Love is still a good, clean romance that will make you smile and maybe melt your heart a little.One of the things I like the mos [...]

    3. What a fun summer read! Countdown to Love is one of the few books this year that I can definitely say I would pick up and read again. Fans of the movie Sweet Home Alabama and the T.V. series the Bachelor will eat this one up. Countdown to Love opens with Kelly Pickens, a sweet Southern singer on the rise abandoned at the alter. Left with no where to live and no idea where her fiance has gone, Kelly's not quite sure what to do with her life. In sweeps Kelly's cousin, the producer of a popular rea [...]

    4. This was a story about testing the range of love and loyalty to oneself and what better way to exhibit that than by starting off in a horrible situation.  Hence, Kelly was left at the altar!  Yikes, what now?  How about getting roped into being a contestant on a dating TV show?  A "Bachelor"-like program, no less.  Wow, that was way out there!  It didn't seem to be the logical next step but it ended up serving as an intriguing backdrop for Kelly's journey to staying true to herself and [...]

    5. This book surprised me by how much I loved it. And not just because the writing was stellar. I thought, "Sweet romance? Okay, I'll try it." This was sweet by secular standards but a sizzler when it came to kissing and emotional turmoil. It made me think of the reality show THE AVERAGE JOE, but in reverse because the star was a guy and not a woman. (I don't watch much television and this is the only reality show I've ever seen.) But this book was better than the show. Plus, I got to go on a ton o [...]

    6. Ohh I can't tell you enough how much I loved Count Down to Love by Julie N Ford. I have read and completely enjoyed other stories by Julie. She knows how to bring sizzle and fun to her stories that keep the pages turning and the laughter going. I really couldn't read it fast enough. I was totally caught up in the plot and characters and didn't want it to end. This was so much fun to lose myself in the events of the story line.Count Down to Love is a contemporary romance that leaves you wishing f [...]

    7. I've always been a sucker for a sweet romance, but I've never been a big fan of supposed reality shows that claim to help a man or woman find 'love.' These shows seem anything but real to me. So I was a bit wary going in about how much I would like this, but Kelly sounded like an appealing character so I gave it a try, and I'm glad I did. There are characters in this book who definitely made me roll my eyes and wonder how anyone could be happy living such empty, image-focused lives but there wer [...]

    8. Count Down to Love is the book version of the TV show The Bachelor. I happen to enjoy the show and ended up really enjoying the book. I liked our heroine Kelly. I loved that she had high morals, especially that she was saving herself for marriage!! Trevor is a loser and I wanted Kelly to wise-up a little faster. Dillon really grew on me. To be honest I didn't really have a great first impression, but I ended up liking him in the end. It's a really cute read, totally sucked me in and I wanted to [...]

    9. Reviewed onClean Adult Fiction Wow. The beginning of this book was just tragic. Getting left at the altar?! That would be awful! So right from the start I wanted to see things turn out for Kelly. I wanted her to have a happy ending.I normally love the love interest in stories, but I wasn't so sure about this guy. I liked him then I hated him. I guess I just don't like the setup of The Bachelor TV series which this book was similar to. I don't like watching or reading about a guy who kisses and c [...]

    10. I think this will become my go-to book whenever my friends ask for a good romance book to read. I started this book this morning and finished it at about 9 PM. I couldn't pull myself away from it.My favorite part were the scenes between Dillon and Kelly during the making of the "reality" show. They were a hoot to read. I loved their interaction and that they had so much in common.Kelly however was having trust issues because at the beginning of the book she was left waiting at the alter for a gr [...]

    11. Kelly Grace Pickens, an aspiring country singer, has just been abandoned at the alter. With no way to pay for her A-list wedding, she finds herself, not just alone, but homeless and broke.When her best friend, a producer of a show like The Bachelor, asks her to be on the show, Kelly has nothing to lose.Still pining after her groom who is missing-in-action, Kelly isn't looking for love. She just needs cash and an escape from the prying eyes of her mother.While finding herself again, she just migh [...]

    12. So cute! Kelly Grace Pickens was jilted at the alter by her fiance and her cousin, a Hollywood producer, convinces her to join the women on Count Down to Love (a Bachelor-type show) when one woman backs out at the last minute. Kelly does and finds herself in situations that are more than she bargained for. I liked the fact that this book was more about Kelly finding herself and figuring out what she wants for herself and not what others want for her than about the ins and outs of a reality show. [...]

    13. If you like the Bachelor, romance and true love, you'll enjoy COUNT DOWN TO LOVE by Julie Ford. Kelly is left at the altar. Her cousin tries to help get Kelly's mind off her troubles by making her appear on a Bachelor-like tv show. Instead, Kelly finds herself falling in love with the shows main character.Kelly tries to stay clear of Dillon, the "bachelor" but it's hard when he seems to return the feelings. But does he really like her or is he just acting for the show??While Dillon was the perfe [...]

    14. This was my first read by Julie Ford. Not her first novel, but a truly enjoyable read.I don't watch reality shows like The Bachelor, etc. but reading this book you don't have to be a fan of those kinds of shows, even though this story takes place in one.It is all kinds of funny, a great romantic comedy.Just start with the name Kelly Grace Pickens, which plays off the real life celebrity Kellie Pickler, and go from there.It has all the right elements of heart, romance, ridiculous outfits, country [...]

    15. I started reading Count Down to Love the day I downloaded it and finished it in one evening. So much fun. I really enjoyed this book. Kelly Grace is an extremely likable character and she works through her hurt and trust issues--something that is especially difficult when she finds herself falling in love with a man that several other girls are chasing as well. I highly recommend to those who are looking for a fun, romantic comedy and to those who love The Bachelor. I will be reading this one ag [...]

    16. Count Down to Love is so much fun in the way it goes behind the scenes of a Bachelor-type show and lets us in on all the little juicy details. It's like being an insider! A perfect weekend read. Read our full review of Count Down to Love by Julie N. Ford

    17. This one sucked me in so cute. I did not plan to spend all morning reading, I was just going to get to page 100 then stop. The dishes and laundry are still waiting since finishing this book was much more fun.Content: Clean read for an adult

    18. I loved this book! What a great romance and story of a woman coming to finally know who she is. I can't wait to share my full review of this novel on my blog Monday, July 18, 2011. whynotbecauseisaidsos

    19. I loved everything about this book. Bachelor premiss, romance, clean romance, kept me up late and turning pages until I finished.

    20. TN writer and TN reader hummmm do u think my rating has anything to do with that? To tell you the truth it doesn't. This book got tht rating all by itself. I recommend this to all my friends.

    21. Count Down to Love was a totally fun book. I loved the premise of a Bachelor type TV show. Definitely a good choice for an evening of clean romance.

    22. Loved this book. It was a good, clean read. I love the idea of the story. What a fun plot. It's a good read-just-for-fun type of book, my favorite kind!

    23. Kelly Grace Pickens is in love and about to be married--or so she thinks. Her fiance Trevor, who is also her manager for struggling singing career, doesn't show up for the wedding. On the same day, she learns that she's not getting the touring gig she and Trevor had been counting on. She's emotionally devastated and publicly humiliated, and she soon learns that she's also homeless and destitute. Trevor hasn't actually been paying the mortgage on her condo as he had claimed. She's also left holdi [...]

    24. Overall Rating: If you are a fan of the reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’, you will love this book! The antics of the girls are hilarious—petty and shallow, yet endearing all the same. It is a very contemporary book, with lots of ‘girl talk’ and the sometimes vindictive games they play to get their man. Kelly is very different than all the other girls on the show 'Count Down to Love'--she is a last minute addition when her cousin (a producer of the show) receives a last-minute cancellatio [...]

    25. What is a girl to do when she's left: 1) Waiting at the alter for a fiance who never shows & doesn't call2) Holding the bill for the fancy wedding she didn't want in the first place3) Homeless because her fiance didn't make the payments on their condoAfter finding herself in that exact predicament, Kelly Grace Pickens reluctantly agrees to join the cast of a reality love show, similar to "The Bachelor", which is scheduled to start filming that week. Is Kelly looking for love so soon? Goodnes [...]

    26. Kelly Grace Pickens has everything going for her. She's a rising Country Music star, she’s going to have one of her songs featured in a blockbuster summer movie, and she's about to marry the man of her dreams. There's nothing that could ruin her perfect wedding day, not even her overbearing and extremely judgmental mother. Nothing, that is, until her groom doesn’t show up, leaving Kelly to pay for everything. Now Kelly is broke and homeless. Her career is bust and the producers of the film h [...]

    27. In order to understand my response to this book, you would have to understand my relationship with country music and reality shows. And romance novels. I hated country music as I was growing up, but in recent years, country music has easily become my favorite genre--or almost favorite. Once I read the synopsis of this book, I knew I would love it because it was about a country music singer. The author's knowledge and integration of country music into the story really intrigued me. All I could th [...]

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