Deadlands Reloaded Marshal's Handbook (Savage Worlds, S2P10205)

Deadlands Reloaded Marshal s Handbook Savage Worlds S P None

  • Title: Deadlands Reloaded Marshal's Handbook (Savage Worlds, S2P10205)
  • Author: Shane Lacy Hensley
  • ISBN: 9780982642733
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Deadlands Reloaded Marshal's Handbook (Savage Worlds, S2P10205)”

    1. Good full system with interesting character ideas and a really gritty, deadly feel without reducing character empowerment. There is a lot a person can do, both in and out of combat and the world feels rich and full.

    2. Because no one else wanted to run the Deadlands RPG, it was up to me to run. Even though I've never ran or even played an RPG before, I decided to give it a go. Mainly because I missed Doomtown. If I had known Doomtown would make a return, I probably wouldn't have done it. Still, running an RPG may help me in my writing.Anyhow, I expected more of a structure from this GM book. I thought that GM books were filled with scenarios that players could do along with stats and monsters and what not. Boy [...]

    3. A good overview of the setting, plus a generally good if occasionally overly repetitive selection of monsters. The main annoyance is that there's a bit too much stuff about leaving certain things alone for the sake of the metaplot.

    4. This is a great sourcebook and a fun game. My only criticism is that if you played most of the monsters in the book using the rules as written you would have a TPK on your hands pretty fast if you aren't handing out fate chips like it is Xmas. That is the nature of the setting though I guess.

    5. More good stuff, and a lot of background, on a Wild West meets black magic meets awesome setting.

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