You Have Seven Messages

It s been a year since Luna s mother, the fashion model wife of a successful film director, was hit and killed by a taxi in New York s East Village Luna, her father, and her little brother, Tile, are still struggling with grief When Luna goes to clean out her mother s old studio, she s stunned to find her mom s cell phone there charged and holding seven unheard mess It s been a year since Luna s mother, the fashion model wife of a successful film director, was hit and killed by a taxi in New York s East Village Luna, her father, and her little brother, Tile, are still struggling with grief When Luna goes to clean out her mother s old studio, she s stunned to find her mom s cell phone there charged and holding seven unheard messages As Luna begins to listen to them, she learns about her mother s life than she ever wanted to know and she comes to realize that the tidy tale she s been told about her mother s death may not be the whole truth a lovely contemporary fairy tale, with a sad Upper West Side princess at the heart of it, and that s a kind of folklore that many readers will enjoy The Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books, Recommended The book contains various delights the love story element shines, and the book offers a nice window into the life of privileged New York youngsters, refreshingly filled with protective and involved adults Kirkus Reviews Following Luna through a hazy grief state after the death of her mother is like a beautiful dream This book takes your hand and leads you on a wonder filled adventure Melissa Walker, author of Small Town Sinners Luna is someone to weep with and to cheer for, to wish was your best friend Readers will fall in love with Luna and her dazzling world Emily Wing Smith, author of Back When You Were Easier to Love From the Hardcover edition.
You Have Seven Messages It s been a year since Luna s mother the fashion model wife of a successful film director was hit and killed by a taxi in New York s East Village Luna her father and her little brother Tile are

  • Title: You Have Seven Messages
  • Author: Stewart Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780385908320
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Originally reviewed on reutreads, a young adult book blog.While I originally wanted to read You Have Seven Messages so much I requested it from my local library for purchase, this book did not live up to the hype I gave it in my mind. Overly simplistic prose and a slightly obnoxious narrator just ruined it for me.While I was reading this book, I was thinking about how little Luna sounded like a teenage girl. I mean, she's only just turned 15. I'm 14. There should be some similarities in the way [...]

    2. Book, you have one message from me:NOPE.I want to start off by saying that this book could've been really good, but I think I'd be lying. The whole premise has been done already, and with better results. I'm glad I got this at a library book sale where it cost be about 25 cents.To recap the story: Luna, who is supposed to be a 14 year old girl who sounds anywhere from 10 to 35 (but never actually 14), is enlisting the help of "dreamy" Oliver (another elitist kid with daddy issues and a cheater's [...]

    3. About twenty pages into this book, I realized it wasn't what I thought it was. I rarely purchase books, especially hardcover, except for releases from authors that I follow (John Gren's TFioS, for example). My impulse decision to buy this book was completely wrong. As a fourteen year-old girl who loves mystery stories, I thought that a book focused around another fourteen year-old girl trying to solve the mystery of her mother's death was intriguing, and bought the book at Barnes and Noble witho [...]

    4. Read my full review (with GIFs!) on Lauren Reads YA.If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be NOPE. If you like rage reviews, this post is for you.I expected a fun, quick read and got something that was all over the place and total shit. The ‘mystery’ was solved in less than a hundred pages and for the rest of the book she just kind of sat there being whiny about not knowing every aspect of her parents’ life.I’m all for male authors writing female characters and female auth [...]

    5. Where do I start? I loved this book! I read it too fast, I never wanted it to end. From the beginning to the end, there was something I wanted to know the answer to. When I first started reading this book I didn’t know what to expect. I decided to read this book because I thought the title was cool, and judged the book by its cover, but there is so much more. Mystery and romance and everything in between. My favorite part of the book was when the mystery began, I had so many questions and want [...]

    6. At first, I was totally into it. Feeling Luna's pain, sympathizing with her family.Then it just gotwelljuvenile.There were scores of misplaced exclamation marks, Luna really started to get on my nerves, and the believability took a nose dive. She's fifteen. In grade nine. And she thinks she's in love? And she goes unsupervised to Paris? What? That doesn't happen in the real world, daughter of a film maker or not.I seriously disliked Oliver towards the end. Bleh. Then we started divulging into op [...]

    7. I enjoyed the first fifty pages or so, then I came on GoodReads. I saw all the negative reviews of this book and I thought to myself what could really be that bad? Then it was like a light bulb flickered on in my head. YHSM definitely has a unique premise. If you take a detached look at the plot and where it goes, it's extremely promising. The shame of it is that the plot is completely drawn out (the book could have ended in half the amount of pages, and it was anticlimactic as well.) It tried t [...]

    8. This was an extremely good book (which I've glad of, since I own a copy!). Firstly, it was set out well and has unusual elements that I hadn't heard of in a book before. Secondly, it is well written and has well developed characters. Lastly (definitely a sign of a great book for me), I recommended it and discussed it with my friends today so hopefully they will read it too :)So just read it :D

    9. Well, let me start of by saying, this was in the tough stuff part of the Young Adult section of Barnes and Noble. My expectations were set that I was gonna cry and love this book.The reality is, this book, was horrible. Malia (Luna) is 14/15 years old, and has the world at her fingertips. She has met Drew Barrymore, Orlando Bloom, and many more famous celebrities. Her father is a director, her mother is a supermodel. But one summer her mother is fatally hit by a cab. You would expect someone to [...]

    10. It was really hard to build sympathy for a character who just isn't sympathetic. Luna/Moon has everything in the world, and she's not afraid of it. She doesn't have her mom, who died tragically in a cab incident, but she seems less sad about that than she is about figuring out her mom might have been less-than-honest about her life. It was a lot of Luna getting her dreams when it comes to making a name for herself in photography because she had connections via her parents (who were big deal folk [...]

    11. There's something about finding a book randomly on the shelf, say at a library. And either the cover, title or premise of the story catches your interest, you go in blind, not sure what to expect, having heard nothing about the book. That's how I felt with this one. You have a girl who finds her mom's phone at her studio apartment, with her and her little brother and dad dealing with mom's death.On the phone, she finds there's seven messages and decides to listen to each, thinking there might be [...]

    12. Sadly this story was about 200 pages too long. When I read the synopsis it held so much promise for an interesting story like a big mystery leading up to Luna's mother's death but it got on my nerves more than anything else. First off Luna was not a very likable character to me but then again all the characters seemed a bit edgy or incomplete. She's a bit childish on the one hand and too big for her britches on the other. She is supposedly falling in love with a guy across the street and is bash [...]

    13. DNF.The first 50 pages were good, but the rest was not.The main character Luna was incredibly annoying. She was querulous,immature and sometimes arrogant. And it seems that she didn't have emotions? I expected Luna to show up a bit emotions but no, I was totally wrong. Let's talk about the naming. Luna's brother was named Tile. Yes, her brother is named TILEWHY WOULD THE AUTHOR NAME A CHARACTER TILE???Luckily, I did not purchase the book. I borrowed it from library. But my time was wasted in rea [...]

    14. This was a cute little story, but it did not have enough depth for me. Everything was waaaay too easy for Luna. I don't care who you are, no relationship is easy at 15. All of the answers came to her too easily. Her dad was too cool. The girlfriend was too nice. Her 10 year old brother was to grown up. The uncle too understanding. EtcI know that there are amazing people out there who are extraordinary, but this book was full of them and completely unrelatable.Subject matter too adult for MG, but [...]

    15. This book lured me in with a promise of a mystery-thriller plotline. Unfortunately, it was not as exciting or suspenseful as it first seemed. I may have just dnf'ed this book about 20% through, but as it's my policy to always finish a book unless I physically want to strangle myself after picking it up each time, I had to finish You have Seven Messages to see how it ended.But as I went along there are three major themes that made me sigh with agony every time they came up:#1: The RomanceI simply [...]

    16. If you pick up this book thinking it's going to be a mystery, or at the very least, have mysterious elements, you will be sadly mistaken and probably bored. Moon/Luna/Malia is the daughter of a famous film-maker and a famous model who died a year earlier. She has a little brother named Tile. Really. Named after a hardware store staple. Moon/Luna/Malia likes to take pictures and knows a lot of famous people. And now she wants to unravel the mystery around her mother's death. Except if you even ha [...]

    17. I downloaded the sample chapter of You Have Seven Messages and I was hooked. I loved the premise of Luna finding her mother's cell phone and trying to uncover what actually happened the night she died. I loved Luna's mixture of worldliness and innocence. I loved the snappy dialog.Why did I give it only 3 stars? I felt like some of the elements were over the top. Having Luna know both Orlando Bloom and Drew Barrymore did nothing to advance the plot and seemed to be little more than gratuitous cel [...]

    18. 2thepointbooksI just finished this book, like 10 minutes ago, and I'm not sure what I think of it. It's a very sad, depressing book, and it has some relationship ideas that I wouldn't deem appropriate for the audience this book was written for. It delves into things that are deep and controversial, but the writer puts it out there like his beliefs are the only true and right way.That being said, I liked how the story emphasizes that people aren't perfect and that we all make mistakes, and that w [...]

    19. If you haven't read this book yet, don't let every one else's bad reviews stop you. I honestly loved this book so much and I cried while reading it. I have no clue why everyone on hates it so much. The author did such a great job keeping me on the edge of my seat.

    20. *3.5 Stars*Grief is not a new topic in YA fiction. In probably at least half of the contemporaries I read, the protagonist is dealing with some type of grief, whether it be a deceased parent or grandparent, a friend moving away, or divorced or missing parents. Nevertheless, when I was checking out some of the books at my local library, this one caught my eye and seemed like it would be a captivating mystery story involving grief with immense character development.Even though I did see some unden [...]

    21. The overall theme of the book is Sadness but also romantic. Why it is sadness is b/c the mom dies , but she and her boyfriend are trying to figure out what happened. A big hint to how they figured out what happened was the mom left the phone and there were messages on it that gave them hints and who to ask.

    22. This was a good book. It is about this girl who's mom died and she finds her phone a year later with 7 messages on it. She has to find out what her parents relationship was really like while trying to figure out her own relationship. I would recommend this book.

    23. "But how do you really know what's true? Is there some big book of truth?" "The book is here." She placed her hand where my heart is.Imagine discovering what you thought was true about your family might be nothing more than a lie? Fifteen year old Luna, who lives in Central Park West, is still grieving the death of her super model mother when she stumbles upon her cell phone a year later and finds it's still in working order with seven new messages on it. The rational thing to do would be to del [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book. In it, a teenager named Luna has to experience her mother's death that is very sudden and hits Luna hard. Her father never told her anything about how her mother died other than that there was a car accident. After a year of grieving, she decides to visit an old studio apartment that her mother would sometimes work at. While she is there, she soaks up the apartment as a whole, trying to really feel her mother all around her. While she starts picking up, she finds an o [...]

    25. Try thinking about your mom suddenly dead, and in your hand is her cell phone, found in her apartment, containing seven unheard voice messages she never heard. In the book, “You Have Seven Messages” by Stewart Lewis, Luna finds herself in this situation with several different options running through her head. On one side, she wishes to hear the voice mails to hopefully find out more about her mother’s death, yet, on the other hand she is unsure if she is ready to handle it. In addition, I [...]

    26. Just to warn you, this has massive spoilers.You Have Seven Messages was not at all what I expected, and unfortunately, that was a bad thing. In the book you follow the main character and narrator, Luna, as she and her boyfriend Oliver try to uncover the truth about Luna's mother's death. At first this book sounds great, but there are some major flaws. First of all, this book really isn't a deep mystery. It's more about Luna trying to get over her mother's death. It also isn't just about her moth [...]

    27. Luna is a teenager who lives in Manhattan. She has the world at her fingertips, and has some serious dislikes when it comes to snooty girls who, frankly, give her a headache. She’s not into the ‘tweenish’ stuff like make-up and boys, she is actually quite a loner. Luna loves her little brother and her big-time movie director father, but the one thing that is hurting her more than life is how much she misses her mom.Luna’s mom was a stunning model turned writer, who was also a great frien [...]

    28. I bought You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis with my buzz bucks from Random Buzzers last year and this is my honest review.You Have Seven Messages pulled me in from the start. Something about a 15 year old girl being grown up enough to be able to handle her mother’s death and then finding out more about what was happening to her parents marriage and what happened to her mother in depth just delights me. In this story we meet well to be honest I can’t even remember her real name because [...]

    29. Book Review of You Have Seven Messages by Stewart LewisIn the book, You Have Seven Messages, 14 year old Malia Clover, known to all as Luna lives in Manhattan with her father and her little brother Tile. Her father was a movie director and her mother was a model and they both traveled often, leaving Luna and Tile to grow a close relationship with each other and a distant one between their parents. After a sudden tragedy of their mom passing away, Luna is unsatisfied with how little their mother [...]

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