A Ilha do Amor

Aquela era a mulher perfeita para ele e ia prov lo Os Calhoun tinham dado a Megan O Riley e ao seu filho a possibilidade de terem uma nova vida e Megan prometeu a si pr pria nunca mais voltar a deixar se guiar pelo seu cora o Nathaniel Fury reparou nela no dia em que a conheceu, no entanto, como conseguiria destruir as suas defesas e ensin la a am lo
A Ilha do Amor Aquela era a mulher perfeita para ele e ia prov lo Os Calhoun tinham dado a Megan O Riley e ao seu filho a possibilidade de terem uma nova vida e Megan prometeu a si pr pria nunca mais voltar a deixar

  • Title: A Ilha do Amor
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788467182613
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is another book in the Calhoun series. Written so that I want there to be lots more Calhouns that she can write about. I know there are a few more in the series. Definitely wan to read them.

    2. Loved it. A fitting and exciting conclusion to the 5 book group. Read them all start to finish and you have the feeling of closure and happiness Read it. Love it. And enjoy the excitement on every page. Nora Roberts scores big again, as she always does.

    3. Technically neither Megan nor Nathaniel are Calhouns, I like the storytelling ---- simple yet entertaining because of all the other characters whom you've already gotten to know in the other books in this series, they are all here.

    4. I am not a great fan of the star-crossed lovers and love at the first sight ideas and, as long as I love all books by Nora Roberts, I prefer her later ones. But this one was quite good for a category romance written in 90's.There is not much to write about this book. It was very short, so the romance part was definitely undeveloped. I wish Nate and Megan had more time to get to know each other. But the characters were really likeable. I have already read some other books in this series, so I kno [...]

    5. This final installment in the series was much more romance than mystery. At this point, the mystery of what happened to Bianca has been solved, her emeralds have been recovered, and the hotel has been finished and is opened. Megan, who is not a Calhoun sister, but a sister-in-law, and whose son shares a father with Suzanna’s children, has come to join the family and work at the hotel. This book tells her love story, with a few problems with her son’s father thrown in. It was a good epilogue [...]

    6. Para pasar la tarde es un libro bastante completito. Eso sí, es un harlequín así que no esperéis grandes dramas. La serie en general es entretenida, más que otras de la misma autora editadas por Harlequin.

    7. I enjoyed this book as much as the others even if the mystery and the thief had ended in the previous one. Megan is a troubled woman and who could blame her after what she's been through? She had a bad experience at 17, the phase where a girl starts to become a woman. However, her bad experience gave her a gift, her son. And I would say it gave her 2 gifts, the other being Nate. Everything in a life leads somewhere and the things in her life, well, led her to him.As for Nate, he had an abusive f [...]

    8. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1996Length: ~200 pagesSetting: Contemporary, 1990s. Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine.Sex: Explicit.Hero: ex-Merchant Sailor now co-owner of boat shopHeroine: AccountantVery much an addendum to the series, visiting with the new babies, seeing the relationships carrying on, tying up all the loose ends. Nicely paced and an easy romance.The Calhouns:Book 1 Courting Catherine - Trenton St. James and Catherine (CC) CalhounBook 2 A Man for Amanda - Amanda [...]

    9. Not sure how Ms. Roberts uses her formula for siblings finding their mates over and over again. Yet each time, it still is endearing to me. I enjoyed this one. I think it's because Ms. Robert's siblings shows the good and some of the bad, yet at the end the family loyalty and unity wins. This is a fantasy I enjoy and wish could have happened for me. In the Calhouns, Megan who is related by marriage is still included in the "club". Nick was an okay guy and I'm glad they had their happily ever aft [...]

    10. The fifth and last book of the Calhoun sisters. The whole book was like an epilogue, you found out how the other marriages had worked out. The book is full of babies and happy stories about The Resort (smartly named "The Resort", oh my). This book is about Megan, who is a sister-in-law, and her meeting the charismatic Nathaniel. And, no, it didn´t work for me. It was tedious and very predictable. A pity really, because I liked the earlier books. Could be that the mystery story with finding the [...]

    11. Idiota como só eu sou li este volume primeiro que é nada mais, nada menos do que O ÚLTIMO DA SÉRIE Retirando estanabice minhá, só tenho a dizer que adorei este livro.O que para mim é surpreendente, tratando-se um livro da Harlequin. Fico sempre com aquela sensação do gostei mas queria mais.

    12. I wasn't going to read this, because I wasn't particularly enamoured by Megan when we met her in one of the previous books, plus the mystery of the emeralds had already been solved.But then I did. Call it unwillingness to leave a series unfinished, or just having no idea what to start next, but in any case, aunt Colleen showed up again which made this into a 2-star read. Everything else just failed to keep my attention for very long.

    13. 2.5 stars, rounded down because of the secondary romance (she is far too good for that misogynistic, arrogant creep, imo). The first romance was okay, but I can't help but feel that in a effort to tie up this story to the original series, Ms Roberts tried too hard and tripped over the treads of her writing.

    14. Megan O'Riley and Nathaniel Fury's story. This the final book of the Calhoun series. Megan is Sloan O'Riley's sister. Sloan is married to Amanda Calhoun. She comes to join the family and be the Tower's Retreat's accountant. She meets Holt Bradford's friend and partner, Nathaniel Fury. Sparks fly.

    15. The Calhoun ladies rally around Megan who was left pregnant by the lout Suzanna had married. She moves to the island and finds love with a sea faring hero. Sweet and I like the way the author tied up the loose ends of the series - but once again - these men are magical because Megan was in love within days of meeting her man.

    16. *spoiler alert*Typical romance. Not too much mystery is this book. Any one else notice that Dumont's side wasn't finished? Aunt Colleen said she was going to do something about him and then it never stated what happened to him. The rest of the stories seem to come full circle but that part.

    17. I loved the magical tone of this series. And Megan's story was a perfect closing with a promise of more love & more family in the future.

    18. This book seemed to go much more quickly than the rest of the series and was a really good way to end the series. Like all of Nora Roberts, it was well written with characters that by now are beloved. I would have liked to have seen what happened to Baxter, but other than that I am satisfied that the series is over now.

    19. Nora Roberts Calhoun series. What can you say? Such a great writer. Roberts has phenomenal character development in her books that she could have many on-going series. Very much enjoyed the story line in this book with the turns that were taken. Looking forward to rest of series.

    20. I really enjoyed this series and if you like to read a romantic book with intrigue and mystery, this series is for you. It gets you out of your world and in the castle by the sea with them.

    21. O carte relaxanta, usurica. M-a surprins placut faptul ca am gasit aici doua povesti de dragoste: Megan si Nate; Cordelia( Coco) si Olandezul.

    22. I had hoped there would have been much more from Fergus' perspective. The ending of the series was just meh for me

    23. A worthy follow-up to the Calhoun Women series, Megan, not technically a Calhoun, has ties with the family and moves to the castle as its bookkeeper. Like Megan, I enjoy numbers, so I liked the way Ms. Roberts used numbers as a theme throughout the story. Nathaniel is a rough sailor-type who spouts poetry at the oddest times, and I enjoyed watching him fall for one particular woman after years of enjoying all of them, no matter their age or background. But my absolute favorites were the Dutchman [...]

    24. Megan diundang untuk datang ke The Towers, Maine, untuk menjadi akuntan yang mengurus bagian hotel. dengan mempertimbangkan Kevin, anaknya, akan tinggal dekat dengan saudara-saudaranya, Megan menerima tawaran tersebut.Disana ia bertemu dengan Nate, rekan bisnis Sloan, yang tertarik kepadanya. tetapi karena peristiwa masa lalu yang menyakitkan, Megan ragu untuk membuka hatinya. ia sudah bertekad untuk membentengi hatinya dan tidak mengulangi kesalahan yang sama.Tetapi Nate bukanlah pria yang muda [...]

    25. The mystery of what happened back in 1913 with Bianca & her love Christian has been solved. The emeralds have been found. The man who would have taken the emeralds for himself is dead. The hotel porotion of the house is completed and filled with guests. Amanda is finding it difficult to be the manager and the accountant for The Retreat. Nathaniel Fury has become business partners with Holt taking tourists out whale watching. Bookkeeping is definitely not their strong suit. Megan, Sloan's sis [...]

    26. Another installment in the Calhoun saga. Megan O"Reilly and Savannah Calhoun share something in common; both of them have children by Savannah's ex-husband, Savannah's being legitimate. Then Megan's brother marries Savannah's sister and the uncomfortable atmosphere could exist. However, Savannah and Megan genuinely like each other.Megan is hired by the Calhoun family to become the accountant for their family hotel. In addition, she is being wooed by the business partner of Savannah's husband, wi [...]

    27. Even Aunt Coco (Cordelia) must be HEA too.Di buku 4 dan 5, the bad guy-nya adalah Baxter jadi dia muncul terus mungkin supaya lebih seru ga monoton hanya romance antara Megan dan Nate.Buku 5 ini penghabisan jadi lumayan juga mendapat sedikit kilasan bertambahnya keluarga Calloun dgn lahirnya anak2 mereka. Colleen - anak pertama dari Bianca dan Fergus, muncul juga dgn karakter yg kasar, rese tp sebenernya have soft heart.

    28. Megan foi outra mulher que sofreu pelo mesmo homem que Suzanna, que raparigas azaradas. Este romance também foi muito querido, gostei especialmente do pouco enredo por trás do romance. Uma pequena série que me surpreendeu.

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