A few years in our future, Ken Murphy is a National Guard Colonel and senior manager at a factory in tranquil Highview, West Virginia When the local economy is thrown into a tailspin by a plant shutdown, Murphy is thrown out of work, with no way to pay for medical care for his son In an attempt to prove they can operate on their own, the workers move in and occupy the faA few years in our future, Ken Murphy is a National Guard Colonel and senior manager at a factory in tranquil Highview, West Virginia When the local economy is thrown into a tailspin by a plant shutdown, Murphy is thrown out of work, with no way to pay for medical care for his son In an attempt to prove they can operate on their own, the workers move in and occupy the factory The government intervenes, escalating the labor dispute into a deadly conflict As the conflict intensifies, politicians on both sides refuse to back down or compromise, tipping the nation into a bloody civil war.
Republic A few years in our future Ken Murphy is a National Guard Colonel and senior manager at a factory in tranquil Highview West Virginia When the local economy is thrown into a tailspin by a plant shutdo

  • Title: Republic
  • Author: Charles Sheehan-Miles
  • ISBN: 9780979411427
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. A gripping tale that predicts civil conflict in the United States over the ever-expanding and increasingly oppressive powers and tactics of federal authorities in the name of security and counter-terrorism. If you live outside the USA then this book is interesting and thought-provoking. If you live in the States and are seeing first-hand the aggressive and illegal tactics employed by agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, then this book will scare the pants off you. This fictional [...]

    2. I’m a sucker for believable alternative histories, and what-if’s. All the review came back suspiciously and overwhelming positive for this book. Despite that, I figured that I had nothing to lose, and dove right in. This was my first Kindle download, and a free one at that.Republic was written a number of years back, but remains eerily close to things that have happened in America up to a point. Facing economic ruin, and rising unemployment, Republic follows a number of characters in West Vi [...]

    3. 'Republic: A Novel of America's Future' weighs the US Administration against the Constitution; the States against the Federal Government; the local police against the Department of Homeland Security; the National Guard against the US Army; Washington against West Virginia. The author asks which of them represents the 'real' America? And to which does the American citizen owe their loyalty? The answers may lead to a second US Civil War.The story revolves around Ken Murphy, an Iraqi war vet, a Col [...]

    4. I first found Mr. Sheehan-Miles through his romance series, The Thompson Series. As a member of his Facebook reader group, I became aware of Republic and Insurgent, and thought that as a "fan," it was my duty to give Republic a try. I honestly had no idea how much I would love it. It was breath taking and heart breaking and scary as hell. Perhaps made all the scarier by the fact that it *could* actually happen. The one thing I loved the most about it was the characters. They're so real. Their st [...]

    5. I will start with the negatives, of which there are few. There was some clumsy editing, the characters seemed slightly over-emotional, and the ending was entirely too abrupt. That being said, I don't think the objective of writing a book should be to attain perfection; it should be to tell a good story, and to tell it well. Alas, I don't feel the negatives warrant revoking a star.This book is very realistic in many regards. There are some parts where you question the potential for occurrence, wh [...]

    6. Was offered this book free from the author, but ended up buying it. I thought this was a great story and something we may actually see played out if we continue to let our government grow, unchecked. The only part that really troubled me, kind of a minor criticism, was I thought the author passed up the opportunity to expand the scope of the story by limiting the uprising to just one state, West Virginia. I live in the NW and with the exception of the Portland and Seattle, if Idaho seceded from [...]

    7. In all honesty I can say that this is the first military type book I've ever read and actually enjoyed. No sign of impossibly long and boring details and speeches made by so-called important people. I could easily relate to the characters and their flaws, no attempt was made to create them into almost god-like heroes and villains. I really appreciate that. Charles didnt beat around the bush when he wrote this novel. His writing style is short and to the point. No unnecessary details are included [...]

    8. It was an interesting look at what could happen - government run amok and radicalism ruling the day, but ultimately there was no real conclusion - the major conflict was resolved, but the reader is left to wonder if it made any difference. Perhaps that was intentional, as life often is that way. The characters were fairly well developed and the author did a good job of building the reader's sympathy for them. But even here, there is much left unresolved. It does make one reflect on the direction [...]

    9. I just picked this book up on a whim, and tore through it in two days' time. Based on an interesting premise, that the unconstitutionality of the powers assumed by a particular federal agency becomes apparent to the citizens of a state in the union, who demonstrate their objection by voting to secede from the union, Sheehan-Miles takes us on a fast-paced trip through the resulting events. Well-written, filled with well-drawn characters, this book presents some chilling scenarios that the author [...]

    10. Republic is Charles Sheehan-Miles’ second novel, and it’s an outstanding read. The book opens with a short prologue, and then puts us into the main action, three years later. Ken Murphy is a widowed single parent and middle manager at Saturn Microsystem’s plant in Highview, West Virginia. The plant, recently acquired by a corporate raider, is suddenly shut down, despite being profitable. The factory is by far the largest employer in town, and several hundred people are suddenly laid off wi [...]

    11. Charles Sheehan-Miles, Republic (Cincinnatus Press, 2007)What happens to America if things continue on the way they have been over the past six years? Charles Sheehan-Miles offers one possible scenario in Republic, and it's both plausible and horrifying. A few years from now, the Department of Homeland Security has grown into a monolithic beast that is, for all intents and purposes, all-powerful, and the President of the United States is in their pocket. Various small-scale terrorist attacks occ [...]

    12. Republic Captivates Both Senses and SensibilitiesRepublic: A Novel of America’s Future written by Charles Sheehan-Miles is a fictional dramatic work that will have readers taken captive by the tale. Within the pages of this story are the lives of characters that could be one’s neighbors or self. Sheehan-Miles has taken possible present-day scenarios and created a future for the United States that reads like newspaper headlines with the depth and heart of the people involved with the happenin [...]

    13. Civil war is not the way to go. Particularily if you are a small state, not prepared and have little support from anyone around you.West Virginia in this tale has suffered an increasing number of indignities by the federal government. In this case a crony of the President closes the major employer in a small WV town and plans to move it overseas. After the people of the town reject that decision, even going to the point of breaking into the plant and pretending that things were okay, the favorit [...]

    14. I thought this book would be different from what it turned out to be. I thought it would be uplifting and have a successful ending. Perhaps there is a second book or perhaps there could be no "happy ending." I found it to be discouraging, showing the futility of fighting the government. The deaths related to the uprising were realistic, but disappointing none-the-less. The one redeeming quality, in my mind, was the fact that it personalized those courageous people who are willing to die for thei [...]

    15. This was s good read. The ending was a bit abrupt. There were two characters whose fates were not accounted for. There were also some events that were not fully explained. This was written from one side, it would have been interesting to have a bit more insight into the DHS and where there motives came from. The source of the motives can be assumed, but it would have been nice to learn the facts. This book can serve as a warning to readers. If someone believes his or her power is more important [...]

    16. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, since I don't usually read military fiction. It took a few chapters to really get into it, but it was a pretty good book. It was written from multiple points of view, so it was difficult to remember who all the characters were at first. But once you get further into the story, you don't even notice. Aside from a few grammatical errors that not many people would notice, I enjoyed the story. I do wish the author had explained what happened to a few of t [...]

    17. A challenging and thought provoking novel in which you will question your entire political thought process. Charles Sheehan-Miles brings us REPUBLIC, a novel that takes the human condition and changes it at the core. All that we’ve known and all that we are can become up rooted with the best intentions, but at what cost to our Constitutional rights. It was once said that the political parties would bring the downfall of the United States, and this novel gives us a glimpse of what tomorrow may [...]

    18. This is not the typical type of book or story that I like. But the characters were so real I could see them and cried for them. I could see how and why the fiction could be real if we are not careful. I hated some of the characters. Like President,HDS agents. their misuse of power.I cared for a lot of the characters and none had a happy ending with so much death around them. the book was well written and I could not put it down. It wrung out my emotions. How greed and power can corrupt is scarry [...]

    19. Review of member giveaway eBookSet in the near future in an increasingly oppressive America. This tells the story of a chain of events leading up to a state seceding from the USA and the ensuring civil war. Told from multiple view points with well drawn characterisation and gripping plot lines this was a very interesting and well written novel.I enjoyed this enormously and would recommend it highly.

    20. I received this book for free from bookbub. The title was interesting so I ended up choosing this book. I like history books and even though it was a fictional book I found parts of the book eerie. The author incorporated actual historical events into the book. I enjoyed the book but towards the end it was a long ending. The war and the end of story was not really what I was hoping for. Over all the book was about a three star.

    21. I thought the book was well written and the author was able to develop the characters to the point where you can relate to them and the situations that they are inwhat struck me about this novel is that the storyline is developed with enough realism that it is acutally disturbing thinking about all the "what ifs" and if our society could (or is) following a similar pathI really enjoyed reading the book

    22. It took me a few months to read this (thanks to the author for the giveaway) because I read too many books at a time. But what was with that ending!? So Ken Murphy got the death penalty or am I confused? And where did his daughter go? Throughout this book I kept thinking this would make a good movie.

    23. One does not have high hopes for low price Kindle books, but this one is really well worth reading. Remarkable bit of social realist portrayal of the insecure position of even relatively well paid and skilled employees in the USA at a time of economic crisis and increasing political repression. Reading about the father's plight with a disabled child makes you glad we have the NHS.

    24. Brilliant, simply brilliant- from prose to plot to characterizations, Republic: A Novel of America's Future by Charles Sheehan-Miles is a unique reading experience that will enthrall lovers of good story-telling and thrilling plots OFFICIAL JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

    25. Seriously, seriously good. And almost frighteningly prescient. Many of the events in Republic feel much like late-2011 US under the #occupy movement - an over-powerful DHS, a massive and growing disenfranchised populace, heavy-handed government controlled by special interests.Thoroughly recommended. You seriously MUST read this book.

    26. A surprisingly good read. A very believable scenario, especially in today's political climate.Interesting it was written in 2007 before the current administration took office, yet much of it sounds familiar.

    27. What happens when the government turns on itself? The Republic poses a frightening scenario of how it just might play out. I found the main characters touching and could totally feel sympathy for what he was feeling. It makes you take stock in beliefs in the government and your life.

    28. I enjoyed this book. It was an interesting read. It draws you in and keeps you turning the page. Overall, I liked the characters and the set up of the story and I would recommend it for anyone that wants a good read.

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