I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track

Lively rhythm and rhyme, and alluring art, carry children off on a captivating journey along the railroad tracks There they meet a hungry little ant and the gentle giant of a switchman who cares for him.
I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track Lively rhythm and rhyme and alluring art carry children off on a captivating journey along the railroad tracks There they meet a hungry little ant and the gentle giant of a switchman who cares for h

  • Title: I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track
  • Author: Joshua Prince Macky Pamintuan
  • ISBN: 9781402721830
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track”

    1. Great read aloud for 1st and 2nd year lower elementary. They thought it was hilarious and were genuinely concerned for the ant for a minute until they looked at the picture evidence to predict what would happen next--they were joyful their prediction was correct. The rhyming text and use of onomatopoeia was enjoyed by all.

    2. This book gets a 5 star because of how much my little boy loves it. We have been reading it at bed time since he was 2, and he still loves it. I love the illustrations! And the train-like rhythm of the story.To this day when we go on walks that cross RR tracks he looks for ants! Adorable!

    3. When I was older, after my 5th birthday, I read I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track, but my mom read it to me when I was little. And when I was little whenever we went on a walk that went by a railroad track I would act like I saw an ant on the railroad track.

    4. I can't really put into words why I dislike this, but there's something about encouraging a panic reaction to the possible death of an ant that I'm just not that into.

    5. Neat story. Light-hearted whimsical. Loved the cadence of the rhyming. And the illustrations are marvelous!

    6. Grade/Interest Level: Primary K-2Reading Level: NA, but I believe an appropriate level for this text is roughly around NGenre: Poetry, Picture BookMain Characters: Switchman Jack and AntSetting: Railroad tracks where Jack works, outdoorsPOV: from Switchman JackThis adorable poetic story written in rhyme details how a man named Jack and an ant formed a friendship. One afternoon while on this lunch break as a switchman for the railroads, Jack sees an ant walking on the tracks. Then suddenly, Jack [...]

    7. Our youngest asked to borrow this book because her teacher had read it to her Kindergarten class and she really liked it. The rhyming and rhythmic narrative is fun to read aloud and the illustrations are great. I like the mix of the cartoonish ant and the more realistic depiction of the switchman and the railroad tracks (they remind me of C.F. Payne's Reader's Digest backcover illustrations.) We recognized the illustrator, Macky Pamintuan, from the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series; and I thin [...]

    8. Written by Joshua Prince, illustrated Macky Pamintuan. Published by Sterling Publishing Co Inc copyright 2006.Grade level: 1st or 2ndWhen the railroad man hears the tick-tack of an ant coming down the railroad track, he realizes he must save the little ant from the oncoming train. When the strong man goes to switch the track to save the ant, he realizes the switch lever is stuck! Will he be able to save the little creature??Great story for beginning readers with vivid and fun illustrations. Kids [...]

    9. Read by: MaryTitle: I Saw an Ant on the Railroad TrackAuthor: Joshua PrinceIllustrator: Macky PamintuanGenre: Humor/PoetryGrade Level: K-2Lexile: 870L This is a rhyming verse book about a railroad worker who is fascinated by an ant who is walking on the railroad track. The workman Jack watches this ant until he hears a train that comes down the road. He drops his lunch and tries to stop the train but the train will not stop. The ant gets off himself and heads towards Jacks lunch. This is a good [...]

    10. I don't typically write reviews for Kids books because we read so many of them but this one is worthy of a review because it is so good! I love the rhythm of the story and it just begs to be read out loud with a slight twang in your voice! All of my kids love this book and it has a permanent place on our shelf, I will always keep it, especially to read to grandchildren later. I love the illustrations also, the ant is super cute and some of the prospectives are brilliant! This book is my go to bo [...]

    11. This is an incredibly fun book to read, the pictures are bold, and the text is lively - especially considering the same rhyming pattern is used throughout the entire book! As a writer myself, I was impressed with that. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that I felt a couple of the rhymes felt a bit forcedt a terrible problem, and nothing most folks would probably even notice. Highly recommend it.

    12. Love this book! Wonderful illustrations. Great vocabulary words like, switchman, northbound, and southbound. The children love chanting the "clickety-clack" alliteration. Kindergarten and 1st grade writers can use this as a springboard to a story about what else might have happened or where they thought the ant was going. A pre-k class could easily write a class story about where the ant was going.

    13. The rhyme scheme of the book is awesome! You can read it or sing it. It also contains a great deal of alliteration. It is a tale of an ant going the wrong way on the railroad track and of the railroad worker who saves him from being hit. The ant is traveling in search of food. And the railroad worker, jack is just sitting down for his lunch. In the end Jack shares his lunch with the ant, and they become friends.

    14. An excellent book for children and adults alike! the illustrations are really great and the narrative uses phonograms to move the story forward. I think this book along with "I saw an ant in a parking lot" are great for building children's fluency and for comparing and contrasting setting elements. Plus, I just love the ant and the railroad man.

    15. A funny, "suspenseful" book with a cute ending. Kids are sure to pay attention as the train gets closer and closer to the ant, and they're sure to giggle at what happens. I'll be using this for storytime.

    16. Pretty cute book about a track operator who tries to save an ant walking down the track, looking for a snack. High drama ensues as a train approaches, and the ant it still on the track! Ack! What will happen next? You'll have to read to find out. Cute story, good rhymes. Amaya was a fan.

    17. A definite read aloud picture book that makes you want to slap your thighs to the rhythm of the story about a railway switcher, Jack, while eating lunch, sees an ant and hears a train approaching. (PreS - Gr 1)

    18. Proud to say that that is my brother in the book, as Switchman Jack, illustrated by his best friend Macky Pamintuan. My kids love reading this book mostly because they get tickled by the pictures of their uncle.

    19. A cute story about a railroad worker's desperate attempt to save an ant. Although why he wouldn't have just flicked the ant off the track is beyond me. The artwork is bold and colorful and will keep young readers' attention.

    20. I purchased this as an ebook on my Nook Color. My grandson loves trains so of course he loves this book. In fact, everytime I see him he wants to hear the story again (it has the read-to-me option). Cute story written in rhyme with great illustrations. Highly recommended.

    21. The ant does not seem smart at first when he was walking on the railroad tracks. When the man saw the ant he changed the way the train was going so the ant wouldnt get killed. The ant was happy when the man did that. They shared a sandwich.

    22. This one is just to cute. The ant is just going on about his day with no worries, while the man is stopping well weight I dont want to give away to much. Great book for very young readers, however my teen boys thouhgt it was grand.

    23. I wonder if these books have ever been released with an audio CD. This book would be a huge hit with the kids when set to quirky tune. A fun read aloud for sure.

    24. Cute picture book about an any who almost gets squished by an oncoming train! He get's saved at the last second distracted by the switch-mans lunch.

    25. My 5 year old liked the rhythm and rhyme of this story. I did have to explain what a switchman does on the railroad tracks.

    26. My little boy loves this bookI think that's an automatic 5 star, although I will say the artwork is pretty darn great.

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