Tapahtumapaikkana Duma Key

Rantaidylli Floridassa muuttuu kauhujen saareksi.Rakennusurakoitsija Edgar Freemantle selviytyy nipin napin hengiss vakavasta ty tapaturmasta H n menett oikean k tens , ja lis ksi puhe, n k ja muisti takkuilevat H n k rsii my s voimakkaista kivuista ja ailahtelevista mielialoista Raivop iss n Edgar on hy k nnyt kaksi kertaa jopa vaimonsa kimppuun Nyt vaimo haluaaRantaidylli Floridassa muuttuu kauhujen saareksi.Rakennusurakoitsija Edgar Freemantle selviytyy nipin napin hengiss vakavasta ty tapaturmasta H n menett oikean k tens , ja lis ksi puhe, n k ja muisti takkuilevat H n k rsii my s voimakkaista kivuista ja ailahtelevista mielialoista Raivop iss n Edgar on hy k nnyt kaksi kertaa jopa vaimonsa kimppuun Nyt vaimo haluaa erota.Psykologinsa neuvosta Edgar ottaa maantieteellist et isyytt tapahtumiin H n muuttaa Minnesotasta Floridan rannikolle ja vuokraa vaaleanpunaisen rantatalon Duma Keyn saarelta H n ryhtyy piirt m n ja maalaamaan, ja vaikuttaa melkein silt kuin h nest pursuava luovuus ja lahjakkuus tulisi jostain ulkopuolelta Pian Edgar huomaa, ett h nen kuumeisesti maalaamat ty ns vaikuttavat arvaamattoman voimakkaasti saaren el m n V hitellen alkaa paljastua talon omistajan Elizabeth Eastlaken traaginen perhetarina, ja menneisyyden haamut tuhoisine voimineen nousevat esiin.Kingin uuden romaanin aineksia ovat kuoleman kohtaaminen, muistot, luovuus, pahuus Pelottava ja yliluonnollinen Tapahtumapaikkana Duma Key pit tiukasti pihdeiss n.
Tapahtumapaikkana Duma Key Rantaidylli Floridassa muuttuu kauhujen saareksi Rakennusurakoitsija Edgar Freemantle selviytyy nipin napin hengiss vakavasta ty tapaturmasta H n menett oikean k tens ja lis ksi puhe n k ja muisti

  • Title: Tapahtumapaikkana Duma Key
  • Author: Stephen King Ilkka Rekiaro
  • ISBN: 9789513146245
  • Page: 325
  • Format: None
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    1. DUMA KEY BY STEPHEN KING: Most Stephen King fans will admit that the last couple of novels by the international bestselling author, while selling well, have been somewhat lacking coming from the renowned horror writer; one might even go so far as to use the term “mediocre,” and don’t get me started on Cell. Thankfully, with the arrival of Duma Key, the slate has been wiped clean and the master of horror is back! King’s first novel set in his alternate home of Florida weighs in at over si [...]

    2. Every single page is like a lover touching my cheekmetimes it's a caress, and sometimes it's a slapbut every page, every word, has a profound impact upon me. I'm in the middle of the book, and I'm terrified to finish it, but I can't stop turning the pagesJust finished it. I heard one reviewer state that it was the best book King had ever written. While reviewers have short memories and liberal use of hyperbole, I must admit that this was one of his best he's written. While not epic likeThe Stand [...]

    3. And this is why adults shouldn’t play with dolls…Edgar Freemantle used to be the quintessential American success story. He was a self-made millionaire who built a thriving construction business, and he had a long and happy marriage which produced two daughters. However, Edgar’s good luck ran out one day when he had a brutal run in with a crane at a job site that cost him an arm, screwed up a leg, and cracked his skull. The brain trauma left his eggs slightly scrambled and made him prone to [...]

    4. It was red.This must be King's most underrated book, and I've no idea why. Maybe because it was released in 2008 and maybe horror wasn't as cool then and it kind of slipped through the cracks. Feels weird calling a book with 70k ratings underrated, but there you go. I've never heard anyone say that Duma Key was up there with the best of King's works. After finishing this I certainly will be! If this was released earlier in King's career, would it be mentioned as one of his greatest? MaybeThis bo [...]

    5. How jacked up is it that I'm going to say I find Stephen King comforting? Yep. Pretty jacked up.Then again, I've been reading him since I was a pre-teen (or tween, I think that's the proper term for it these days). Anyway, when the R.L Stine and Christopher Pike seemed a bit immature, (no offense to those authors, I LOVED them as a kid!) I turned to King.He's what I know.(insert joke about my psychological issues here)After all these years, he still manages to weave a fantastic tale.So, to not g [...]

    6. Wrap Pet Sematary in a Bag of Bones and you'll have Duma Key. Revenants, creepy dolls, paintings that fix the broken, and enough tragedy to fill a swimming pool with tears is what you'll find within these pages. The scene at the end with [name deleted because spoilers] is one of the creepiest heart-rending scenes I've read. The descriptions are so well written. It truly is masterful. The sand coming off her fingers Well, I guess you had to have been there. Those of you who have read Duma Key wil [...]

    7. Awful. Cloyingly sentimental, forcedly folksy, sloppily written. At first I was hoping that he was doing this on purpose, using the unrealistic dialogue and the instant bonding of the characters to turn it around on us, make us look back and see it as creepy eventually, but it's just bad writing. The characters don't act like people, they act like characters in a Stephen King novel. When they develop psychic powers, nobody even blinks, and everybody immediately understands how they worke these a [...]

    8. In Duma Key Stephen King taps into extreme mid-life crisis and although he stirs it in a bubbling vat of macabre, the core, non-magical, element remains. What is one to do with one’s life? Edgar Freemantle struggles with redefining himself after having faced near-death trauma, having lost not only his right arm but some of his mental function, and, oh yes, his marriage. Have a nice day. Luckily for him, and conveniently for the author, he has been a very successful contractor and, having socke [...]

    9. I've read a lot of King. I read a lot of King, and this is among his best. I know some people feel that after his accident he lost his touch for the creeping horror that made him famous, but I assure you that is not the case. This book proves that King not only still has it, he's still improving. I listened to this on audio, and I'm sure that lent something to the suspense, but I'm very glad that I did. (I downloaded from Audible, and each part was preceded by music that is creepy on its own. I' [...]

    10. Negro es la ausencia de luz, pero blanco es la ausencia de memoria, el color de no poder recordar.Duma Key es un libro increíble. Es uno de mis favoritos de Stephen King (sí, ya sé, tengo muchos de él, pero todos lo valen).Me encantó el modo de narrar los hechos, te absorbe fuertemente en la trama. En cuanto a los protagonistas puedo decir que son de los mayores atractivos. Jerome Wireman es uno de mis favoritos de todos los libros que leí. Elizabeth no se queda atrás; qué personaje tan [...]

    11. This book is a return to King in his classic style. The writing was tight and concise, umlike some of his 90s material which tended to ramble a bit. He claims to be writing more slowly as he ages, and tyhis is working in his favor. This book capitalizes on the author’s ability to create likable characters that we care about, foreshadow tragedy, and establish settings that can drive the story when the plot lags.The story focuses on Edgar, a protagonist that has suffered a tragedy and goes to an [...]

    12. Dosta dobar roman. Ni jedno poglavlje nije imalo prazan hod i ni na sekundu se nisam dosađivao. Ima u njemu elemenata iz „Deperation“, „Shining“, „Bag of bones“ ali su svi povezani u jednu lepu celinu tako da nisam imao problem sa onim „da sam to već negde pročitao“. Karakterizacija je više nego odlična i svaki lik ima svoju dubinu. Stanja kroz koja su prolazili Edgar i Elizabeth su fantastično opisana. Slike uopšte nisam imao potrebe da zamišljam koliko je sve bio preciz [...]

    13. I suppose firstly, I should admit that Stephen King is the man who has shared my bed the most after my husband. That got to the point where, right around "Black House" hubby made a complaint about having to share me in bed with Mr. King and I never brought a book to bed again unless I was all by my onesies. Since I was a preteen Mr. King has always been there for me in his own weird existential way. Through marriages, births, deaths, moving, depression, great highs of life and everything in betw [...]

    14. Ahh what can I say about Duma Key, other than it being an extraordinary experience, a literary breath of fresh air, a masterpiece of color and texture without any actual paint being used. I guess there are some people out there think it's boring or long but I instantaneously felt a bond with the book and I can say that I absolutely loved it! The writing itself was so colorful and interesting that I enjoyed each and every page, there was in no rush to get to the ending by any means, but I did lik [...]

    15. I'll have to mirror fellow reviewer and friend, Edward Lorn on this one because, as he pointed out, this novel did strike me as a mix between Pet Cemetery and Bag of Bones.King did a great job with the character development and plot line. Unlike Bag of Bones, which felt a little weak for me, Duma Key was laid down with great depth and power. If I had a complaint, and what keeps me from giving it 5 stars, is that after following this deep drama for so long, the climax seemed a little silly in con [...]

    16. "We can't imagine time running out, and God punishes us for what we can't imagine."Duma Key focuses on the story of Edgar Fremantle, a self-made millionaire who becomes injured at work after a crane crushes his pickup truck. Following the loss of his arm, amidst other injuries, Edgar becomes a little too much for his wife to handle and she asks for a divorce. He leaves behind his wife and two daughters and heads off to Duma Key, a stunning but eerily quiet stretch of the coast where he has rente [...]

    17. I wasn’t far into reading Duma Key before it dawned on me that there was, quite possibly, something very important about this novel. It’s no secret that King was almost killed in a car accident in 1999 and, for quite some time afterwards, there was doubt whether he would ever recover enough to be able to write again. The author himself even gave voice to the idea that he was considering the very distinct possibility of retirement, because of the constant pain he’d suffered from since the e [...]

    18. More literal magical negros than we usually mean when we use that phrase (although this one shows teaches white people things too), more classic-rock-oriented tragic heroes than you see in Sophocles, and arche/stereotypes so predictable and effective that you're totally sucked in even as you're laughing at the dialogue and the plot twists: you know when you are reading Stephen King. I'm glad I started reading him when I was little and I liked everything, instead of now that I am old and I hate e [...]

    19. I haven't been writing reviews of my King rereads so much lately, not for any particular reason other than perhaps sheer laziness, but this one demands that I write something.This is a mammoth tome, but it reads like sands slipping through slightly spread fingers. Is it King's magnum opus? I can't be sure, but it is such a heartbreaking, eerie, and humorous read, combining all of the man's best qualities and mixing them into a cyclone of white-knuckle suspense. If you need a place to begin readi [...]

    20. Too long and completely muddled. I will admit that King is a good tale teller and the book reads easily, but this is a novella turned into 700 pages!! A mixture of rehashed folklore and Greek myth with a strong dose of Pirates of the Caribbean. Some of it is laugh out loud funny, but not purposely.Edgar Freemantle has an accident, loses an arm and acquires a brain injury. His marraige falls apart and being wealthy moves alone to a Florida Key to paint. Something has awoken and drawn him there; h [...]

    21. It must be nice to be Stephen King. Everything you write is automatically a bestseller -- no editor or publisher will ever tell you "no." But the flipside of such omnipotence is also evident in this book.A building contractor from Minnesota has an awful accident in which he loses one arm and also suffers brain injuries from which he slowly recovers. His wife leaves him so he moves to an almost deserted Florida key and begins painting strange works of genius. It turns out that evil has awakened i [...]

    22. If Stephen King had died fifty years ago and left all these books for us to read whenever and in whatever order, I wouldn’t have placed this one in the twilight of his career. This would have gone in the “good and thoughtful” pile. I guess being hit by a car helped him write Edgar, the man who lost an arm, mangled a leg and lost part of his mind to a construction accident. Edgar is our sympathetic narrator, who stumbles out of a marriage that couldn’t survive the accident even if he did, [...]

    23. In many circles, Stephen King's last novel LISEY'S STORY is considered his masterpiece. I couldn't get past the 50 page mark, the gauge by which I judge the readability of a book. This is not to say that it isn't a classic. We've all put down books with a snort of disgust only to try again sometime later and realize them for the great works that they are (or, in some cases, are not.) Before LISEY'S STORY came CELL, and while I found it entertaining and worth reading, I didn't consider it a good [...]

    24. #40 in my Stephen King reading project, this is one of the 'modern' ones that has received mostly praise and it's actually well deserved. Once again, I found myself entranced with the pure flow of the storytelling and the narrative and not in the least, the fantastic characters. Sometimes when King writes, the story becomes almost secondary, which is kind of funny, because the telling of a story is what he stresses most himself. Anyway, there is of course a story in this one too and if you read [...]

    25. “ a person's memory is everything, really. Memory is identity. It's you.”Dear King,I will forever be your Constant Reader.This was a brilliant novel! It continued to build & build until the ultimate climax. King often struggles with an ending, but not this one. This one was perfect! I am finding it hard to write a review, to find the words I want to say. This is not only because it is 1am (in fact, I am far more creative in this wee hours) but because I just truly loved this book so much [...]

    26. In preparation for doing this review of Stephen King's latest, I did some poking around and read some other reviews on the 'net and was surprised to find that a lot of people like it. I, despite being a King fanboy, didn't care for it that much. It's gotten to be that King barely writes what you can fairly call horror books anymore. That's his prerogative, of course (roaring, scarcely imaginable success has its privileges), but between this, Blaze, Cell, Lisey's Story, and The Colorado Kid it's [...]

    27. ¡Me gusta la pizza, que le voy a hacer! Un cocido, un bistec o una paella están muy bien, es comida sana, sin duda. Pero reconoced conmigo que de vez en cuando no apetece una buena pizza, con su queso fundido, su mozzarella, su atún, bueno, lo que sea. Pues lo mismo me sucede con Stephen King, que cada cierto tiempo me apetece leer alguna de sus fantásticas historias.Pero, ¿es Stephen King un buen escritor? La respuesta es un rotundo y merecido sí. Aparte de se aportación a las letras nor [...]

    28. I've been a King fan for over 30 years now, so I'm a little biased, but I was really pleased with this new one. I'm not even a horror fan, just a Stephen King fan, because he is such an incredible storyteller! (I'm now a Joe Hill fan as well, but still not a horror fan.) King went through a few years there where I wasn't too thrilled with the stories he was writing, but with Lisey's Story and now Duma Key, he's back in a fabulous groove. One of the best things about this book is that it's more c [...]

    29. Good prose and King sets a really good mood, but it ended up going absolutely nowhere. Very anti-climactic. Second read: It's with a heavy heart that I'm putting this one aside. I thought maybe I didn't give it a fair shake the first time around and I always wanted to give it another go. But again I'm just not feeling it. There's a point where the story loses me and I just can't seem to pull myself through it. Instead I end up losing all interest. It's starting to feel like a bit of a slog, and [...]

    30. DUMA KEY had so much promise. GREAT story in the beginning. Then when Edgar Freemantle and Wireman got together, the direction and dialogue just became silly. I don't know of any 2 grown men who converse in the same way as Edgar and Wireman did. It was forced and overly trite. That was the beginning of the end for me. I was also disgusted with how King wraps everything up in Florida. Hard to buy into it all. DUMA KEY was ultimately a big disappointment.

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