Auringonlaskun jälkeen

Auringonlaskun j lkeen on Kingi parhaimmillaan Ja paras hetki lukea Kingi on auringonlaskun j lkeen.Kolmetoista j nnityksent yteist kertomusta, joissa el m n ja kuoleman raja on h ilyv ja todellisuus voi hajota palasiksi hetkell mill hyv ns Tarinassa Willa odotellaan eriskummallisella juna asemalla, ehk ikuisesti Piparkakkutyt ss lapsensa menett nyt nainenAuringonlaskun j lkeen on Kingi parhaimmillaan Ja paras hetki lukea Kingi on auringonlaskun j lkeen.Kolmetoista j nnityksent yteist kertomusta, joissa el m n ja kuoleman raja on h ilyv ja todellisuus voi hajota palasiksi hetkell mill hyv ns Tarinassa Willa odotellaan eriskummallisella juna asemalla, ehk ikuisesti Piparkakkutyt ss lapsensa menett nyt nainen vet ytyy kes huvilalle Floridaan ja kokee siell uusia kauhun hetki Ayana on sokea seitsem nvuotias tytt , jolla on ihmeit tekev vaikutus ihmisiin Kingin rento kerronta on parhaassa iskussaan, ote tiukka ja tarinat monis vyisi Yliluonnolliset elementit ja muut poikkeamat normaaliel m st ovat erityisen tehokkaita siksi, ett King kuvaa tavallista arkea niin oivaltavan osuvasti ja tarkasti.
Auringonlaskun j lkeen Auringonlaskun j lkeen on Kingi parhaimmillaan Ja paras hetki lukea Kingi on auringonlaskun j lkeen Kolmetoista j nnityksent yteist kertomusta joissa el m n ja kuoleman raja on h ilyv ja todellisuus

  • Title: Auringonlaskun jälkeen
  • Author: Stephen King Ilkka Rekiaro
  • ISBN: 9789513151690
  • Page: 253
  • Format: None
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    1. Willa:After a train derails leaving its passengers stranded, David Sanderson's wife wanders away from the station and he goes looking for her.On the surface, this was a tale of people who don't realize that they're ghosts dealing with their fate. Beneath, I think it's about how time slips away and the deeper the rut you get into, the harder it is to get out and do something new. His Kingship picked a good tale to start the collection with.Gingerbread Girl:After leaving her husband, Emily takes u [...]

    2. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:

      Αυτή η πένα έχει μεγάλο ειδικό βάρος και κλασσική αξία όμως το βιβλίο τούτο φάνηκε πολύ κατώτερο των προσδοκιών μου. Από τα 13 διηγήματα μου άρεσαν τα 4. Τα υπόλοιπα ακόμη αναρωτιέμαι τι ακριβώς σκοπό εξυπηρετούν και όταν καταφέρω να βρω απαντήσεις καμία δεν ανταποκρίνεται σ [...]

    3. This was kinda hit and miss for me. I'm not a true fan of short stories so maybe that's what it is. I mean dang.'s Stephen King.The ones I did like:The Gingerbread Girl- A woman runner tangles with a very bad man. Harvey's Dream-short but chillinging that dreams do come true. Rest Stop-I know this one has been done before but I liked it. Then in the final chapter when King explains his reasons behind the story it made me like this one even more. The NY Times at Special Discount rates-I was a sof [...]

    4. This review was originally posted here: kingreviews2015/2I’m here to talk about my favorite Stephen King collection since “Night Shift” - “Just After Sunset”. If you knew me, I wouldn’t have to say how big a King fanboy I am but I’m sure I’ll provide enough evidence of my fandom before we’re done. Settle in, Constant Reader, and let me tell you a story.I grew up surrounded by Stephen King. My mother was a huge fan, one who needed every new release on the day it dropped. I have [...]

    5. ثلاثة عشر هو رقم ليس سيئا أبدا لى و ان كان غير محبب للكثيرينو لكنى أحببته هنا لأنه عدد القصص في هذه المجموعة الرائعةأول قراءاتى لكنج و بالطبع لن تكون الأخيرةيمتلك الرجل قدرة على الاسترسال في تفاصيل صغيرة غير مهمة أبدا و لكنها غير مملة مع ذلكتجد فلسفة عميقة لا يشعر بها من لا ير [...]

    6. Oh, that age has gone. Oh yeah. Totally. For the last novel with any ounce of originality still left in it by Stephen King was surely the serial-then-(underrated)novel "The Green Mile." And now? Now is the age of rehash (boo "Doctor Sleep" boo boo BOO!) with an originality factor that registers at about 0.07%. Therefore yes; this ain't too bad at all, but it's no good either. This is a total miss for me, for I pretty much KNOW, am certain that the writer actually manages to flourish in the short [...]

    7. This is probably one of Stephen King's most hard-hitting collections of all time. Just After Sunset is very dark, darker than most of King's material, mainly because it deals with reality just a bit more than usual and brings out deeper characters.

    8. كتاب بعيد الغروب مكون من 13 رواية قصيرة، الترجمة حرفية رديئة للأسف وأضعفت الحكاية بشدة عند مقارنتها بالنسخة الأصلية، متوسط التقييم نجمتان ونصف، وإليكم الريفيو لكل رواية منهم:ويلا كلٌ يكمن في كلمتين الملاحظة والتوقع ---------------------------------------------"الفتاة الهاربة"!إركضي كما لم ترك [...]

    9. There are two "eras" of Stephen King: before and after he got clean and sober. Like quite a few of his fans, some of my favorite King novels are the ones he wrote during his coke-fiend days, when he was just writing whatever crazy shit ran amok through his booze-addled brain. Even back then, his stories were coherent and compellingly written, if sloppy at times and sometimes giving the impression of a train about to go off its rails at any moment. But I really like the old King classics.That is [...]

    10. "Any parting could be forever, and we just don't know."Just After Sunset is the fifth collection of short stories published by Stephen King, containing 13 stories in total. A lot of these stories seem to focus on the aftermath of tragedy, and how people react. Whether this is pertaining to the loss of a child or the events of 9/11, it's a strong theme throughout this collection of short stories.Usually I will review short stories collectively, but I had gotten a few private messages and comments [...]

    11. This is an interesting mix. I found that for some of the stories there was a been-there-done-that feel. In another, my favorite in the collection, a nuclear bomb in NYC tale, I felt as if King had been peeking in at dreams I have had myself. His 9/11 story had a very welcome gentle touch. In another a dark reality strives to pop through into our real world, being held back only by the OCD activities of a series of unfortunates. I thought it was a tribute to H. P. Lovecraft, particularly given th [...]

    12. I've heard so many people critique Stephen King by saying that his books are always long and he needs editing. That boggles my brain, because to me he seems to be one of the only mainstream authors that consistently releases great short stories, short novels, and novellas. And this book once again proves that he's one of the top dogs of the short fiction format.This might actually be one of my favorite Stephen King short story collections (and yes I've pretty much read all of them)! This is his [...]

    13. Just After Sunset is a collection of 13 short stories. Some of the stories in this book are excellent whereas some are not that good and some are just a waste of time. Stephen King explores the deep and dark corners of one's mind in these 13 unusual stories. My favourite one is story #8: 'N.' It's really creepy and I totally freaked out. This story begins and ends with a letter and at the end you really feel helpless as you know what's going to happen. This story still gives me goosebumps. It's [...]

    14. This is a collection of 13 short stories To be honest not the best of Stephen King I heard a lot of good things about him and starting with this one, not the best choice but I still want to read from him specially after reading Gingerbread Girl story ( it's so good)

    15. Most of the short stories were profound and even heartbreaking, but one of them was e Like what was he thinking e Eww . Eww. Eww.King often says he writes about his nightmares and writes to tackle and overcome what frightens him. No wonder, you can see why. After all, emptying out all the ugliness can be quite cathartic.Monolith stones one was my favorite in this collection.

    16. I love Stephen King stories. There are lots of authors I read, but few that I am as eager to consume as any new work by King (Elizabeth George is a close second). Any new offering by King is a cause for celebration for me."Just After Sunset" is King's latest collection of short stories, written over a period of about two years. Thematically, several of the stories look at what happens to us in the moments and years after we shuffle off this mortal coil and several of them are heavily impacted by [...]

    17. بعيد الغروب تمنيت أن أجد في هذه المجموعة بعض قصص الرعب أو قصص ما وراء الطبيعة الجيدة، شيء يعيد لي وهج قراءات المراهقة، عندما كانت تنحبس أنفاسي رعباً أو إثارة، ولكن للأسف بالكاد استطعت قراءة القصتين الأوليين، بالأصح أجبرت نفسي على قراءتهما، ومع الترجمة الرديئة، صار هذا الكت [...]

    18. By far my least favourite short story collection by King, so far. Largely forgettable. I finished this about a week ago and gave myself time to absorb the material. A week later, the only story I remember anything about was N. N. was a terrific short story (I've also read the graphic novel by the same name) and it was well written. The other stories fell flat, and didn't do much to entertain. In fact, I felt like King wasn't in his usual language groove; the writing just didn't flow like it norm [...]

    19. I'm giving this book four stars with one exclusion, to be discussed later in the review. Overall, a great, versatile collection. Over the years King has moved away from monsters and vampires and gore and moved into the realm of psychological boogie men and supernatural possibilities. Some of these stories don't have anything otherworldly in them at all. Just regular old human beings are scary enough.I really liked:1)Mute: Real life horror with nothing supernatural, and very believable. Outstandi [...]

    20. Just After Sunset is Stephen King's latest collection of short stories, containing a hodge podge of different tales that with one exception had been previously published in various magazines or anthologies. I've liked Stephen King's similar works in the past, despite the fact that some of his so-called short stories have clocked in at novella or even full novel length. This collection, however, contains relatively short works that can all be easily read in one sitting. Unfortunately I didn't car [...]

    21. A significant portion of my 'free' time outside the book is on the internet. Needless to say, Facebook is the main culprit there. The best part of Facebook to me has always been the outstanding quotes & images shared by my friends. Why this diversion here in this review you might wonder ! Here is why : A good life must be like a good short story. A solid beginning, interesting characters, strong setup, suspenseful episodes, pleasant twists, fulfilling resolution and the end shouldn't really [...]

    22. يقول الكاتب ان افكار هذه المجموعة القصصية جائته من مشاهد حدثت في حياته،خبر قرأه في جريدة او حادثة سمع بها.معظم قصص المجموعة جيدة،ليست مرعبة بالدرجة الاولي ،لكنها بالتأكيد غريبة جدا وغامضة لدرجة تشعر معها بالجنون.تجربة فريدة ورائعة لأول مجموعة قصصية اقرأها لستيفن كينج رغم ش [...]

    23. 3.5This collection of short stories wasn't bad, but for someone who is a master at writing shorts, I don't think this one stacked up well with prior collections by King. Still goodjust not great.

    24. Another nice surprise was the 2008 collection of King shorts! My friends perception of this one was less than stellar (even if some really liked it) and for some reason I went in with a bit low (for King anyway) expectations. I needn't have - even if like most collections it has ups as well as not-so-ups, there was no story I didn't care for at all and quite a few I really liked! All in all a good read. The stories:Willa - Started out very odd, I almost doubled back to see if I missed something [...]

    25. I got a gift! Yay! I'm happier than a cat in a box! I never would have picked it out on my own, but my friend Ron gifted me this lil beauty and I'm so happy he did! It was a very fun read.So let's get this candle burning, shall we? Willa: Why did this one make me cry? Tell me why? It was melancholy and dreamy and all of a sudden I was crying.The Gingerbread Girl: Surprisingly scary, for what was a pretty basic thriller concept. I loved the execution and the tension! I could feel the fight in Emi [...]

    26. Willa-2 stars-Not very interestingThe Gingerbread Girl-5 stars-Amazing! Really suspenseful and lots of fun to readHarvey's Dream-1 star-Total waste of time IMORest Stop-1 star-Another story that wasn't worth the time. It wasn't even interestingStationary Bike-5 stars-Really good and scary.The Things They Left Behind-4 stars-had some unanswered questions and was a little slow paced, but overall a good storyGraduation Afternoon-3 stars-Interesting even though it was pointless and dullN.-4 stars-Re [...]

    27. This scrumptious lil' candy box of nasty short story surprises is vintage King, each darkly delicious tale accompanied by a ghost ("Willa"), serial killer ("The Gingerbread Girl") or demonic being ("The Cat from Hell"), and all with a chewy moral center. Almost all of these 13 tales have been previously published, but my favorite might be the only one original to the collection, "N.", a story of a psychiatrist who comes to believe that his obsessive compulsive patient really IS the guardian of t [...]

    28. Unabridged on 13 CD’s (15 hours)Warning. This review is going to be long. There are a lot of stories in this collection and I took notes on all of them for once in my life. None though, except for The Cat from Hell, are what I’d consider pure horror but most have some sort of haunting, chilling or suspenseful survival elements. All have King’s swell characterization and because of the short format none venture too far into long-winded territory). The narrators all do a fantastic job of bre [...]

    29. Warning! This review will be incredibly long because I find it impossible to review a collection of short stories without reviewing each story. Feel free to move along.Overall, this was not a typical Stephen King short story collection. His short stories generally give me nightmares. There were a few horror stories in here, but really he was exploring the post-9/11 world, grief, loss, and the afterlife. Some of his efforts were more successful than others, but the ones that worked really worked [...]

    30. I'm reading this collection in bite-sized pieces, between novels every now and then. I'll review each story as I read them.Since I need to rate this to have it saved, I'm setting the bar at 3 stars for now.Willa: This was okay, there wasn't much of a storyline, but King creates an eerie sense of place with this one. 3 stars.The Gingerbread Girl: A fairly longer short story, but it sure doesn't feel that way. King ratches the suspense meter up to full with this one. 4 starsHarvey's Dream: Read th [...]

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