Scumble. Ingrid Law

Nine years after Mibs s Savvy journey, her cousin Ledge is about to turn thirteen.
Scumble Ingrid Law Nine years after Mibs s Savvy journey her cousin Ledge is about to turn thirteen

  • Title: Scumble. Ingrid Law
  • Author: Ingrid Law
  • ISBN: 9780141324203
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Things start to come apart for Ledger Kale on his thirteenth birthday. Literally. In Ledger's family, kids get a savvy, a special power, on their thirteenth birthday. Ledger had been hoping for super speed, but savvies don't work that way. They're unpredictable. And Ledger's savvy seems to be the power to destroy man-made objects. After he demolishes his uncle's barn at his cousin's wedding, Ledger's parents decide it'll be best for him to spend the summer at his uncle's ranch in Wyoming learnin [...]

    2. When I read this book I was hoping for a spectacular continuation of Savvy. So, I was kind of disappointed. I don't like that in some ways the family is falling apart, and there are long term problems that can't be fixed. Plus, yes it was fun but not as much of a page turner as Savvy. I knew what was coming and instead of really getting inside of the head of the main character, like I did with Mississippi (Mibbs) in Savvy, I just got fed up with Ledger. Overall, I really liked this book, just di [...]

    3. Ledger Kale is the most recent thirteen year old of the Beaumont clan. With high hopes that his "savvy" would give him a super wondrous athletic quality Ledger anticipates his birthday to be spectacular. Unfortunately his high hopes are diminished when his savvy is a sad ability to destroy everything technological. While he deals with his inner fears of disappointing his father, who wants him to be an award winning athlete, along with his concerns of destroying all the belongings his family trea [...]

    4. Okay so yeah, the book I liked it but at the beginning it was really frustrating. I read Savvy, the first book, and I didn't write a review for it but, I remember what happens, and I REALLY liked it. So anyways going back to this book, Ledge is a very annoying character He runs away from his problems and I don't like that. My personality makes me comfort my problems head on even if I don't want to, not run away from them and then figure out that if I want to solve them I can't run away - Somethi [...]

    5. This is really good. The companion novel to Savvy, a Newbery Honor book maybe 2 years ago. These kids have "savvies", special powers that make thenselves known on the 13th birthday. Ledger's savvy causes mechanial things to explods, sending their component pieces flying - and he can't control it. His whole family has dealt with some savvy or other - his grandfather could move mountains, his uncle handles big bugs, his cousin is literally electric. Until they manage their own savvy, they are a da [...]

    6. This is a charming middle-grade fantasy about a boy in a magic-wielding family finally getting his own "savvy" on his 13th birthday. Ledger (all the kids in the family have bizarre names) hopes that he will become a super-fast runner, the track star that his father hopes for. Instead, his talent seems to be making mechanical things fall apart. He hopes that he'll have something useful and controllable, like his twin cousins who can move things with their mind, or his mother, who can make people [...]

    7. gr.5+ David Kremenitzer has done an excellent job of reading this fun, delightful, coming of age story about a 13-year-old boy who has to learn how to control his "savvy." I read Savvy a while ago and have been looking forward to this second book. "Scumble" can be read alone, although a few of the characters like Rocket and Grandpa Bamba, play central roles and others, like Mibs, the main character in "Savvy", make brief appearances. Even though delightful on its own, reading Savvy first, I thin [...]

    8. Unfortunately, I found Scumble was not as satisfying a read as Savvy. The underlying theme of both these books involves dealing with personal demons and family – the good, the bad, and the just plain weird. As part of a family filled with ostensibly more useful and controllable abilities, thirteen year old Kale is learning (not so well) to cope with his recently acquired, seemingly destructive savvy while his new-found “friend” Sarah Jane fare’s with personal and family problems of her o [...]

    9. When I read Savvy last summer I must admit that though I thought it was good I didn't *love* it for some reason. Maybe because I tend to prefer edgier fiction written for older teens, maybe it was just the wrong book at the wrong time. Nonetheless, I expected to feel the same way about Scumble. Instead I found myself really enjoying it. It's well-written, pitch-perfect, and an overall fantastic bit of magical realism for juvenile level readers. It's touching, original and really held my interest [...]

    10. I've waited for this book for quite some time. I love Ingrid Laws writing style and Savvy is one of my favorites. Sadly, compared to Savvy, Scumble does not quite come up to par, and some plot points felt lame. But the magic of the Beaumonts and the inspiring coming to age themes still resound in Scumble. All in all a fun, comfortable read.

    11. The book,”Scumble” by Ingrid Law is a book that really tries to show you the importance of family. The book is basically about a boy named Ledger, and he comes from a family that has these powers that are called a savvy, Ledge later goes to Wyoming for a wedding where he faces many problems, trying to keep his savvy under control, and also trying to keep his family secret from a reporter. The details in this book are really describing, I purely understood every little thing that happened in [...]

    12. It was good because I like how at the wedding it was all the magical people and they were all using there powers

    13. Allgemeines:Titel: Der Schimmer des Ledger KaleAutor: Ingrid LawGenre: FantasyISBN-10: 3551581940ISBN-13: 978-3551581945Preis: 8,99€ (Kindle-Edition)12,90€ (Gebundene Ausgabe)Weitere Bände: SchimmerInhalt:Stell dir vor, deine Schwester wagt sich nur noch mit Sturzhelm in deine Nähe. Die Harley Davidson des Sheriffs zerfällt in ein Chaos aus Chrom und Stahl, nur weil du zufällig daran vorbeiläufst. Und eine neugierige Möchtegern-Journalistin wittert die Story ihres Lebens und heftet sic [...]

    14. In her debut novel Savvy, Ingrid Law introduced us to the big, unconventional Beaumont family, in which each child manifests a unique super-power (called a "savvy") on his or her thirteenth birthday. The challenge is to recognize what that savvy is and scumble it, or figure out how to control it, before something big happens. Otherwise people could get hurt; or, even worse, outsiders might find out about the family's secret. In this sequel, we meet some of the Beaumonts again, as well as their c [...]

    15. Scumble is a hilarious, rollicking, fun-filled adventure. If not for the groan-inducing romance, I would have given it five stars. Brilliantly conceived and written with down-to-earth yet fanciful prose, it’s a vivid story of a boy trying to harness, or “scumble”, his “savvy”, a unique power which runs through his family, manifesting itself on each person’s thirteen birthday. The havoc which ensues during the wedding reception scene made me giggle like a small child. The prose wasn [...]

    16. The book Scumble by Ingrid Law is pretty good and it tells the story about a boy who gets savvies (a special power) at the age of 13. Unfortunately, he didn't get the savvy that he wanted which is super speed and he ends up getting the ability to destroy anything he wanted to. Savvies are unpredictable like that. Ledger is afraid that he will never be able to control his new savvy. He has to cope with trying not to tear everything apart. To make matters worse, a girl named Sarah Jane from the ne [...]

    17. Another fantastically fun and heart-warming savvy adventure! When I first read this I liked it better than the first book, and though it still holds a special place in my heart, I've decided to lower my rating to four stars this time around. Once again I found the beginning quite hard to get to grips with and I definitely think it could have been shortened in some places. Also, the first time I read this I thought the lead-up to the reveal of (view spoiler)[Sarah Jane's savvy (hide spoiler)] was [...]

    18. Not a sequel, but a "companion" to Savvy. I liked this one just as much as the first one! Maybe even a little more. This one was actually a bit more exciting because of the nature of the main character's savvy (much more dangerous than mind-reading). The writing is fun and accessible but also very insightful and complex. The ending felt a little too easy, but I am almost NEVER satisfied with endings, so this isn't a surprise. Although I thought the ending of the "love plot" was clever and hilari [...]

    19. I was so excited to see another book after Savvy! Though I did have misgivings because I had loved Savvy so much and I wasn't sure how any other book could deliver. Thankfully this story did not disappoint! The characters provided such amusement and wonder. I loved the setting and the way people dealt with their relationships and powers. It was good to be back in this world and see it being further explored. I found myself loving the characters just as much as Savvy and I didn't want the story t [...]

    20. This book is the second one in the series the first on is Savvy. Ledger's family has special powers. They are called savvy. On your 13th birthday you get your savvy. On Ledgers 13th birthday he waits to get his savvy. His dreams of his savvy are running the fastest. Instead he breaks a clock. All the pieces come out, screws and all. Ledger is frustrated his savvy is not suppose to be this. There family starts to travel to a wedding in Wyoming. Everything goes wrong. Ledger can't control his savv [...]

    21. Scumble is a wonderful sequel the much-loved book, Savvy. One reason why I loved it is because Ledger's savvy was revealed at the beginning. The story was about how he learned to control it, rather than his waiting to find out what it was. I loved that the characters from Savvy were background characters. For example, Ledger's cousin, Fish, got married. His counsin, Tucker, was the newborn baby announced in Savvy. I recommend Scumble to all book lovers, especially to Savvy fans.

    22. The second in a pair of YA novels by Ingrid Law. I read and enjoyed Savvy a couple of years ago and wasn't disappointed to find Law revisiting a family who come into their 'supernatural' power at age thirteen. In this book, we meet Ledger Kane who needs to learn to 'scumble' his newly gained talent to keep from destroying everything around him. There is 'deep' young adult writing and then there is this type which frees us to travel somewhere fanciful for a little while.

    23. I sort of liked this book. It didn't really keep me hooked. I was close to abandoning it, but decided to finish it. I think I should've abandoned it. I liked his power, but definetly liked Savvy better. It sort of had a Christian world-view, but Savvy definetly had a better world view. I think boys and girls would like this book.

    24. I really liked this book. I haven't read "Savvy" but I bet it is good. You should really read this if you like fantasy. It's a book that will want you to keep reading. It is kinda long but you won't care after you start it.

    25. Scumble is a very interesting take on a coming of age story in which the author brings a tale of a boy learning life through trial and error into a magical setting, and cleverly disguises it as a boy trying to learn his powers. Throughout the book, you see our protagonist mess up time and time again, but these "failures" all help make him better in the end. It is, at its most basic, a book about children with powers living in the human world and one kid who is having trouble adjusting to life wi [...]

    26. The book was good, but it didn't really pick up steam until about halfway through the book. I found myself pushing through it, telling myself that it would be good. When it finally did, it was magical.It's just that nine years have past since the last book and thats just a lot of time gone. Will and Mibs are dating---Hello?? I'd like to hear more about that!!! But no, instead, we only get one speaking line from Mibs, and we never see hide or tail of her for the rest of the book. Instead, we are [...]

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