Once Upon a Company... A True Story

Tells how a seven year old boy and his sisters started a wreath making business which, over the course of six years, grew to include other businesses, marketing, wholesaling, and investing, and netted than 16,000.
Once Upon a Company A True Story Tells how a seven year old boy and his sisters started a wreath making business which over the course of six years grew to include other businesses marketing wholesaling and investing and netted

  • Title: Once Upon a Company... A True Story
  • Author: Wendy Anderson Halperin
  • ISBN: 9780531300893
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Library Binding
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    1. I love Wendy Anderson Halperin's illustrations and they are absolutely wonderful in this story about three young siblings who start a wreath company to save money for college. Their entrepreneurial spirit grows and they branch out into a PB&J and lemonade stand in the summer (how cool to have an artist grandma to make the stand look like a PB&J sandwich!) As demand for the wreaths grow, they recruit employees, go into wholesale, and ultimately save up $16,000 for college. Way to go, kids [...]

    2. This is the richly illustrated and amusingly written report of how a family with three siblings started the "College Fund Company", followed by the "PB&J Company", growing and expanding and learning year after year. Their success eventually included the entire community and beyond. The natural growth of their efforts, the explanation of the economy, and the helpful back matter make this a useful and inspiring resource for math, financial studies, and entrepreneurship.

    3. Picked this up at an op shop as it written and illustrated by a favourite picture book illustrator Wendy Anderson Halperin. This book tells the true story of Wendy's enterprising children who start making Christmas wreaths to save for college. Simply told and lovely illustrations.

    4. This book is great in that it teaches about how a company can be built up, helping kids to understand things such as "employer", "distributor", "profit", or "merchant" is all about and it's all from a true story about two children and the business(es) they started.

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