Moonlight, Tiger, and Smoke

Winner of second place for Best LGBT Cover in the 2011 Rainbow Awards Taken from their families and raised to be assassins, Moonlight and Tiger are the perfect weapons and secret lovers Even when they are sent into service with different clans, their love remains pure and strong until a insidious threat divides them When Moonlight realizes his master is manipulatinWinner of second place for Best LGBT Cover in the 2011 Rainbow Awards Taken from their families and raised to be assassins, Moonlight and Tiger are the perfect weapons and secret lovers Even when they are sent into service with different clans, their love remains pure and strong until a insidious threat divides them When Moonlight realizes his master is manipulating people for his own ends, the discovery threatens not only Tiger, but their entire society Betrayed by a fellow assassin, the men are tortured and broken If their love and their people are going to survive, one of them will have to defy everything he knows and stand up for the only thing he believes is real Love.
Moonlight Tiger and Smoke Winner of second place for Best LGBT Cover in the Rainbow Awards Taken from their families and raised to be assassins Moonlight and Tiger are the perfect weapons and secret lovers Even when they

  • Title: Moonlight, Tiger, and Smoke
  • Author: Connie Bailey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Okay wow. As I said in some of my friend's threads, this book made me feel like I was rode hard and put away wet. It was an angst-filled, edge of your seat, ride and I was pretty much STRESSED OUT nearly the whole time. I typically don't enjoy crazy amounts of angst in a book, but in this case, none of the characters rated a TSTL designation, and the angst was circumstance triggered and not decision triggered so I was able to deal.6 boys are taken from their families at the age of 6 and taken to [...]

    2. This is one book that made me feel just about every emotion I could. It's been hard trying to write a justifiable review for it because I'm just not sure how to put into words how much I enjoyed it.Moonlight and Tiger have not had the best of lives. Taken from their homes at such a young age and then brought up in a society where they're expected to do illegal and horrible things, killing high profiled individuals who are bad for their organization or seducing them to get information that will b [...]

    3. Six year old boys are taken from their homes and families, shipped in crates together to a mysterious island and trained to become members of the secret Shadow World. Why, how, and what they are to do will keep you turning the pages all night long.This book takes off at a dead run when six young boys stolen from their homes and form a creche and are trained to take their places in this secret world. Two of them, renamed Moonlight and Tiger, (all the boys taken to this terrifying world are requir [...]

    4. This was often a frustrating and tension-filled story but I still found myself reluctant to put it down. It sucked me in from the very beginning when these sweet six year old boys were stolen from their homes and forced to accept a new way of life as they were groomed and trained for specific clans of the Kagehito. We watched them bond and protect each other as they grew into adolescence but then they had to leave one another in order to continue their training with their designated clans. For T [...]

    5. I'm not sure what I thought of this book. When I started it didn't appeal to me much, then I started to get in to it but then I started to enjoy it less again. I think if I could define it, I would say I felt uncomfortable and apprehensive a lot of the time. I read somebody else's comments who said they felt like they were getting gut punched over and over again and I felt a lot like this, too. I don't mind angst but in this book it was pretty much unrelenting. Not really what I am looking for i [...]

    6. DNF, I should have started a different first book from this author. I love the Japanese theme of assassins but I'm not ready to read it just yet.

    7. Tiger's a "full-fledged Iron man."Oh, popular culture. How you invade my consciousness.Uhh yeah. I have no real complaints. Wow.Hmm a point about the names, though. They first introduce the name in Japanese, and then repeat it in English and create nicknames based on that. It's just odd because while the entire thing is in English, we as the reader ought to pretend as if the characters are speaking Japanese (or Korean, in the very beginning). I suppose it's not a big deal for others, but I have [...]

    8. I'm sorry, but this wasn't for me the writing style felt messy and the POV was all over the place so it was hard to built a connection with the characters. Also maybe this is just because of my educational background but why did the author use the English translations for the names instead of the 'original' Japanese ones? The story, as far as I read it, played in Japan, the boys are forced to speak Japanese every one does, so why the English names? I get why the author introduced the characters [...]

    9. The male/male version of Kill Bill? Perhaps. Regardless, I enjoyed Moonlight, Tiger, and Smoke because:1. The premise is unique. It is a story of loss, family, coming of age, formative years, revenge, skill, sex, manipulation, and ultimately, love - all set in modern day Japan within a secret society of guardians.2. It's a true good vs. evil tale. I have a soft spot for those.3. I love conspiracies, and this one had that in spades.4. It's well plotted and written.3.5 stars (trending to 4) out of [...]

    10. 3.5 starI like how Connie Bailey woven up her supernatural plot into an action packed story and the way she brings out her characters caught my attention from the beginning to the end. There wasnt any boring parts that I had to skip through. However, I couldnt give it the extra stars as there are a few minor drawbacks like how the heck Moonlight not catch any STDs with that much of sex, how did Tiger survive that gruesome pitfight and a few instances that had me stretching my head ( oh well its [...]

    11. Holy shit. Fucking BRUTAL. I feel like I was put through the fucking wringer, I loved and hated this book. Mostly hated it- I was sweating fucking bullets through this thing. I'm gonna sit with this for a bit before I give it a review.Damn.

    12. I don't know what it is about Connie Bailey's books but I love them. This is one of my new favorites. I love how no matter what Moonlight and Tiger never give up on one another.

    13. 5++ stars-edited-Amazing book. Planned to buy the paperback, but didn't know if I could reread this in future. Heavy angst warning for you before you read this book. Oh, and there's magic involved too. And this is a contemporary, not historical, if you expect that. I was disappointed at first because I was expecting some Hanbok (traditional outfit of Korean) with long spears and swords etc etc, but when I drown in it, wow.r mind the time or place, because the plot and world-building is awesome. [...]

    14. Slash Readers: If you were to say that I had a love hate relationship with this novel, you be about right. While, I was not disappointed by Connie Bailey's writing, I was somewhat disappointed by the story its self. I picked this novel out after Bailey was mentioned by someone on this group. Lol, it was fun to read something someone else suggested. :)(view spoiler)[I felt that the world presented in "Moonlight, Tiger, and Smoke", was well thought out and well done. However, I found the character [...]

    15. OverallI think this is one of the first, if not THE first novel that I've been unable to rate.A little history: I started this book a while ago, got about 40% of the way through and just ran out of desire to read it. The writing wasn't too bad, the characters had potential for being interesting, and the world that was being crafted had potential for being very interesting.So why did I come to a dead-stop and not pick it up for several months?Several factors are involved. One, the story is dark, [...]

    16. This book had an old-world feel to it & I kept getting thrown whenever modern things were brought up. If there a sequel, I'm pretty sure I'd read it.Moonlight & Tiger are stolen from their families at the tender age of 6 and trained as operatives for the Shadow group. They're everything to each other until their training diverges and they're forced to separate, not knowing if they'll ever see each other again.At the conclusion of his training, Tiger is gifted with Moonlight in his "Manho [...]

    17. ** Books 36 - 2015 **This books to accomplishNew Author Reading Challenge 2015 3,9 of 5 stars! Finally i finished read this pieces! i love the setting story I dunno somehow remind me about Konoha's village from Naruto where some childrean being trained as Kagehito's soldier and they divided into different units. >__<Obviously, I love Moonlight and Tiger's pairings so muchh! they are adorable and their love need really hard effort! *Slowly Crying I Also hate the Autumn, the omyouji freak th [...]

    18. It's like a quasi ninja/kidnapping/assassin/forbiddenlovers/geisha kind of a thing :-)It's good but not satisfying. What I mean by that is I found myself wishing for death upon certain characters, painful, torturous death. After what Autumn did to Moonlight he needed to receive the same punishment he forced on Moonlight we're talking about being a forced whore to the entire barracks for years, every SINGLE NIGHT I also wasn't satisfied with Tiger NOT GETTING his revenge on well, everyone. So apa [...]

    19. This was stunning, so many times reading it I wanted to stop because I couldn't see how it could end well, but I didn't dare because I wanted to believe that there was a HEA. I wasn't disappointed.The book covers the lives of Tiger and Moonlight from age 6 when they were kidnapped by the janpanese Shadow organisation until they manage to find their own way in the world in their late twenties. The two are instant friends and gradually grow to love each other as brothers and then lovers whilst bei [...]

    20. This is an interesting premise, certainly, and I dove into the book with great expectations and much excitement. Unfortunately, that emotional draw just wasn't there for me. There seems to be a lot of telling rather than showing, and as the story winds down, the focus seems to fracture.One reason I couldn't connect with the love story between Tiger and Moonlight is that I couldn't *see* the relationship. Don't get me wrong -- we certainly see the sweaty and desperate part of the relationship, bu [...]

    21. i really love this story, the idea, the plot, the character, the romance and the intrigue, and even the cover. a kind of story that not easily forgettable, at least for me, and i forget a lot hahaha this was kind of a story that leave mark to my heart and mind. but then the ending kind of ruined everything a little i guess. like hastily abruptly forced. it feels like a dress made with a splendidly nice garment and a uniquely good fashion but badly sewn.

    22. 3.5This was an entertaining read that grew on me as I continued reading. There is some action, some intrigue and plotting, some heartbreak, and a tied up ending. Moonlight had the most depth of character, so I looked forward to reading chapters that he was in and see how he adapted to his Rose role.I do wish the pacing was a little more consistent and some of the relationships a little tighter, but still an enjoyable read.

    23. Unfortunately this book did not work for me. I did not care for all the time spent as kids, as well as being way too brutal to the kids. Then had problems connecting with them as adults. Also I do not care for m/m/m or multiple partners and wish this book had been marked as such.

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