Doctor Who: World Game

The Doctor has been captured and put on trial by his own people accused of their greatest crime interfering with the affairs of other peoples and planets He is sentenced to exile on Earth But now the truth can be told the Doctor did not go straight into exile First the Time Lords have a task for him From the trenches of the Great War to the terrors of the French RThe Doctor has been captured and put on trial by his own people accused of their greatest crime interfering with the affairs of other peoples and planets He is sentenced to exile on Earth But now the truth can be told the Doctor did not go straight into exile First the Time Lords have a task for him From the trenches of the Great War to the terrors of the French Revolution, the Doctor finds himself on a mission he does not want with a companion he does not like, his life threatened at every turn Will the Doctor survive to serve his sentence Or will this adventure prove to be his Waterloo
Doctor Who World Game The Doctor has been captured and put on trial by his own people accused of their greatest crime interfering with the affairs of other peoples and planets He is sentenced to exile on Earth But now the

  • Title: Doctor Who: World Game
  • Author: Terrance Dicks
  • ISBN: 9780563486367
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Rating: 4 and a half stars One of the more interesting things about the mangled timeline of Doctor Who is the "missing season" of Patrick Troughton adventures, which popular speculation says occurred between the TV serials The War Games and Spearhead From Space. This missing season, called "Season 6b," explains away some continuity problems, such as the aged appearances of the Second Doctor and Jamie in The Two Doctors, as well as Jamie's knowledge of the Time Lords, among other things. Longtime [...]

    2. What if instead of going straight to earth CIA get him to do a job a really twisted job without Jamie or Zoe but on his own. This brilliant Troughton story that could have been made & could explain the Five Doctors

    3. At this point good ol' Terrance is like comfort food, giving us a delightful alternative to anything resembling experimentation or outside the box thinking, a nice cut and dried "Who" adventure, the way they used to make it for Mum and Dad.Only this time he's giving us a story that should only exist in the world of fan-fiction. What gives?For those who don't follow all the nuances and intricacies of the many sideroads of fandom, there's a branch centering on the end of the Second Doctor's tenure [...]

    4. Most the reviewers in this forum really liked this book, yet it has only a 6 rating overall. Peculiar. I note that Dicks' other original novels are also in the mid-range of the ratings. I suspect that maybe people see the name, know the connection to Doctor Who of old, and expect something more than they get. Whatever the reason, the book is definitely better than a 6. This novel is very "Terrance Dicks." If one has followed his interviews and read some of his various work, one will notice that [...]

    5. The 2nd Doctor's written stories did not end with Doctor Who and the War Games, unlike the televised stories. This is the last 2nd Doctor story in the chronological order of books I am reading, except for the multi-Doctor stories. It is ironic finishing the 2nd Doctor stories, with the rumors of possible two or more lost 2nd Doctor stories being found in time for the 50th anniversary.I was looking forward to this book, since it goes into the fan speculation area of an additional season for the 2 [...]

    6. World Game is an important Doctor Who story, I guess.Besides giving Russell T Davies psychic paper, Dicks tries to make sense of some of the weird Second Doctor plot holes. However, let's be clear, tacking a random explanation for "The Two Doctors" at the end of boring story about The Doctor getting involved in Napoleon's career is not groundbreaking.Nobody but Dicks is excited about his somewhat-fleshed-out-idea about the Players. Why are they playing "The Game"? We don't know. What's their mot [...]

    7. Second Doctor. The Doctor has been convicted of temporal interference by the High Court of the Time Lords and sentenced to death. However, the Celestial Intervention Agency, the infamous intelligence arm of the Time Lords, has a deal for him: commutatation of sentence if he goes on a mission for them.The Doctor is sent to Earth during the time of Napoleon. Shadowy figures are meddling in history, playing a game in which historical figures are the game pieces, making the Doctor's occasional foray [...]

    8. nwhytevejournal/2079089ml#cutid3[return][return]we have a brief return to Carstairs and Lady Jennifer in the First World War, and then the Second Doctor and new Time Lord companion Serena, dipping in and out of the timeline of the Napoleonic wars, trying to prevent history from being diverted by the Players. This is all set during Season 6B (as is the Second Doctor section of Players) with the Doctor sent on mission by the Celestial Intervention Agency in order to diminish his sentence to exile [...]

    9. World Game is the long awaited sequel to The War Games, and prequel to Spearhead from Space. It is the first Season 6B story to be released in a BBC produced line. (not the first BBC licences line, though.) Of all the Doctor Who books I have read over the years, this one is probably the second best, only failing to beat Who Killed Kennedy.[Spoilers Ahead]The book begins with the Second Doctor on trial, but as a surprise twist, instead of being sentenced to exile, he is sentenced to death. He sit [...]

    10. Past Doctor Adventure (PDA) with the second Doctor. The story is rather a stroll compared to the other two Players books, hence the disappointed reaction from reviewers who expected the three books to form a trilogy simply because they have the same foe. Nevertheless I enjoyed it. Not really one for the newcomer, as there are some devices dating from various books--unless you don't mind some rather wild random elements.This is one of the author's best-composed books--unusually strong on characte [...]

    11. This was an enjoyable read and one I found much more rewarding than the first Doctor Who novel I read from BBC Books, which concerned the First Doctor. This was written by Mr. Dicks who was very integral to the Doctor Who storyline in the past. In fact, it was like reading an episode that should have been on the television. It was simply that good. It was a great historical story and featured the absolutely beloved Second Doctor.One of the best things about this novel is that incorporated a numb [...]

    12. I decided to finally get around to this, in between gaps in my work-day paperwork helld I wasn't disappointed. Fun, boy's-own action/adventure, spun by the grand master himself. This is Terrance Dicks indulging in a love of history, a love of playing with continuity (especially the mysterious season 6b), and stabs of excitementd THAT'S just the sequence with the sub torpedoes and the Raston Warrior Robot! It's easily the best Terrance Dicks "Doctor Who" novel from the BBC's original Past Doctor [...]

    13. While an interesting epilogue to the Second Doctor's tenure, the ending of this novel falls a little flat, and doesn't really connect to the Third Doctor's beginning, which was an odd choice, considering the writer actually WORKED on the show and could have done a fine job tying it together. It just . veered off, giving the ending a rather jarring finish.

    14. What a difference a reread makes. Reading this through this first time it seemed a remarkably fun and interesting piece of Doctor Who continuity. The second time it feels more like a mess, very pedestrian, poor characterisation and a disturbing amount of sexual threat aimed at Lady Serena. Only the pacing and the easy writing keep it above a 1.

    15. This would have made a brilliant episode of Doctor Who. I did like Serena's character, but I thought that she got relegated to the role of companion rather quickly and I would have like to see her do more. Interesting premise, and it did make me think on the various roles of key figures in history.

    16. Quite entertaining and a nice read for a quick Doctor Who fix. I loved the history included in the story, I certainly learnt a few things!

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