The Bourne Legacy

JASON BOURNE RETURNS FROM THE SHADOWS AS THE WORLD S 1 ASSASSIN Once, Jason Bourne was notorious in the clandestine world of covert ops as one of the CIA s most expert international killers for hire Out of the ashes of his violent past he s emerged today as a Georgetown professor, living a quiet life, retired from danger until he narrowly escapes the bullet of a facelessJASON BOURNE RETURNS FROM THE SHADOWS AS THE WORLD S 1 ASSASSIN Once, Jason Bourne was notorious in the clandestine world of covert ops as one of the CIA s most expert international killers for hire Out of the ashes of his violent past he s emerged today as a Georgetown professor, living a quiet life, retired from danger until he narrowly escapes the bullet of a faceless assassin And when two of Bourne s closest associates are murdered, Bourne knows that his legacy has followed him and set him up as prime suspect for the brutal crimesD THE WORLD S 1 TARGET.The quicksand of lies and betrayals is deeper than Bourne ever imagined Hunted by the CIA as a dangerous rogue agent, he has only one option to stay alive and one last chance to stay one step ahead of an unseen assailant whose vengeance is personal Pursued across the globe, Bourne s on the run, and on the edge of discovering the truth that he s become the expendable pawn in an international terrorist plot One that s taking every living witness with it and plunging Bourne one step closer to the world shattering consequences of THE BOURNE LEGACY
The Bourne Legacy JASON BOURNE RETURNS FROM THE SHADOWS AS THE WORLD S ASSASSIN Once Jason Bourne was notorious in the clandestine world of covert ops as one of the CIA s most expert international killers for hire O

  • Title: The Bourne Legacy
  • Author: Eric Van Lustbader
  • ISBN: 9780312999520
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. One of the biggest showbiz news last year here in the Philippines was the shooting of the supposedly movie adaptation of this book, The Bourne Legacy. It lasted for almost two months and caused horrendous traffic in Manila. I was not able to watch any part of the shooting and missed the regular showing of the movie during its theater run. However, I watched the movie the first time it appeared in Blu-Ray. Thank you, St. Francis Square for my pirated DVD. I love the movie. In fact, I love all the [...]

    2. The fourth Bourne novel, but the first without Robert Ludlum at the helm. Sadly it shows, and Eric Van Lustbader's inexperience shines through. Inexperience, or possibly pressure from the publishers to get the book out there. Lustbader seems to feel nervous in the early parts of the novel and falls back on some overly purple-prose and alliterative-adjectives to cover up the lack of action. Instead these become a huge distraction themselves. Once the story kicks in the 'style' becomes much less o [...]

    3. If you are a fan of the original Jason Bourne book Trilogy written by Robert Ludlum, then you know that the movies are a very loose representation of the story. That isn't a negative comment. When you take a book that is probably 20-25 hours worth of reading and condense it into a 2 hour movie, changes will be have to be made. The reason I'm pointing this out is because the Bourne books that are written by Eric Van Lustbader are more in line with the movie trilogy than the original book trilogy [...]

    4. This is easily the worst book that I have ever read. I do not know if this is because the writer is incompetent, there was no critical editing, or there was such pressure from whomever held the license that nobody cared about the quality. Regardless, the result is this pile of filth.Here's the kicker: the story isn't bad. It isn't great, but it is a solid spy novel premise. Jason Bourne is living his life as David Webb, memory holes and all, when his life is threatened by an mysterious assassin. [...]

    5. Since I was so enthousiastic about the first Bourne Trilogy, I thought: "why not continuing?".This book (4th in the row) is clearly written by another author, since many things that were important in the first trilogy were not taken into account in this book. Some examplesBourne is over 50 and clearly felt frustrated about his diminishing physical abilities: in this book it is not even mentioned and Bourne keeps doing things that are very demanding for the body without himself even thinking abou [...]

    6. This novel annoyed me. I love the Bourne film series, so thought I'd give this book a go. The plot seems to rely on the most unlikely coincidences I didn't finish it.

    7. This book was an obvious attempt by the publishers to cash in on the popularity of the movies. Van Lustbader, while keeping to the timelines and events of the previous Ludlum novels, decided to ignore much of what was written in The Bourne Ultimatum. It was pretty clear that Ludlam was trying to wrap up the Bourne story with the major focus of his last book being that Bourne was getting much to old to deal with the physical toll being a secret agent puts on one's body. I thought, since the word [...]

    8. fell asleep whilst on the last 50 pages! good thing i was up by 3:00 am; finished and started a new book by 4:00 am. i can see where lustbader apparently doesn't get his facts straight, but since this is my first novel of his, i'm inclined to argue that he could be just copying ludlumstill, it's dissatisfying that he had to kill off (view spoiler)[conklin and panov (hide spoiler)] to further his plotp493: the ar-15 he carried was short-barreled, but it made up for any slight inaccuracy with its [...]

    9. My first Bourne book. Didn't like it.The actual story begins with a meeting in which Stephan Spalko hires "Kahn" to assassinate David Webb (Jason Bourne), for no given reason, in fact no plausible reason ever develops.Bourne is too trusting. And that Hungarian evildoer just has WAY too many resources and henchmen. Bourne's son-turned-assassin has a very easy time tracking his elusive father all over the world, across an entire state, and eventually at least two continents.For two thirds of the b [...]

    10. When I first disocvered that Eric Van Lustaber was going to be taking over the Bourne character I was immeditaely repusled. It's not that I had ever read Lustaber before and been against his writing, but somehow I just felt that it was wrong. For me someone who doesn't create their own characters isn't that worthy of my time; almost like no-one praises karaoke singers when they do well at replicating someone elses work, I feel that authors who use other peoples works haven't shown the right amou [...]

    11. As the torch of the Bourne series is passed along from Robert Ludlum to Eric van Lustbader, there is some continuity that makes the move seamless, though also some items that I, in my mission to read the series’ books consecutively, have noticed and will address below. That said, the action laid out by the giant Ludlum has continued in this 4th book in the series, even if it is not as thorough as Bourne novel fans may be used to experiencing. For now, though, the action and storyline do seem t [...]

    12. This would have been two stars but for one niggling factor: I couldn't stand the sexism the book was saturated in. Don't get me wrong, I rarely give a shit about sexism and the last thing I had in mind when going into this book was lots of women being badass. But the treatment of women in this book is appalling. Of the six or seven or so women in the book, one was repeatedly referred to as a bitch-woman by her co-workers (which becomes cringe-worthy after the first dozen or so times), one was a [...]

    13. This is proving a tough book to read. Since this is not by Ludlum, fans of the original, both the author and Bourne character, are already set up for expectations of disappointment. The characters are somewhat flat and I suspect readers will find it hard to care for the protagonist. Bourne's nemesis seems to have an unreasonably easy time following the supposedly well-trained and supposedly elusive main character across the globe. Bourne also seems to have lost his fantastic close-quarters comba [...]

    14. I'm half way through this and to be honest I'm forcing myself to continue. I want to like this but it just doesn't feel like the same Bourne as in Ludlum's trilogy. The characters seem to have less depth including Bourne and his inward struggle (that is almost non existent, but to me was a major theme in the originals - Webb/Bourne/Delta). The main characters that you grew to know and love are MIA or dead. I couldn't really care less about Khan. I feel sorry for Marie and David, the trilogy fini [...]

    15. I think this is my first Jason Bourne book although I have seen a couple of the movies. Like the movies, there is murder and suspense! Jason has "retired" from the CIA and is now a Georgetown professor under a new name. Until he is shot at by an assassin. He is now hunted by the CIA as a rogue agent. Good story but so much like the rest of the Bourne tales.

    16. I am not into this kind of shitI loved the movies thoughyone that was sent to kill me is rotting anywayme force force is everywhere.good book anyway

    17. I have to admit - I had just finished the first three of Ludlum's books and was disappointed in them. I wanted them to be better than they were, but they were tedious and more and more contrived as they went along. So my *hope* was that Van Lustbader could do better.The first thing he did was enanger me all over again by killing my favorite character. Then I felt insulted by the introduction of the Khan/Bourne hypothesis. After which I felt like I was being run ragged.But then something happened [...]

    18. OKI have finally caught up in the Bourne series and have reached the juncture where Eric Van Lustbader picks up after the late Robert Ludlum. I suppose the overarching idea is to glaze over much of the third book, and then bring the characters more in line with the movie adaptation character. So we now transition from the “well-trained almost super human yet still believable character with split alter egos” David Web from the second book to the “ridiculously damn near super human not quite [...]

    19. Disclaimer : My mom, knowing that I would be watching the film version of Eric Van Lustbader’s The Bourne Legacy on Sunday, decided to buy me a book copy of it. I was forced then to watch the film adaptation of the first three books so things would make sense when I start reading the fourth book. And I have known, right after I was done watching them that I am officially glued with the series.In Eric Van Lustbader’s The Bourne Legacy, Jason Bourne, the notorious international assassin is onc [...]

    20. No one will can ever duplicate the novels of Robert Ludlum. However, Eric Van Lustbader did a masterful job continuing the story of Jason Bourne in the Bourne Legacy. I found the book to capture my interest from the first pages. I am interesed to see if Van Lustbader can maitain the intensity in the continuing series of Bourne Novels(1.The Bourne Legacy - (2004); 2.The Bourne Betrayal - (2007); 3.The Bourne Sanction - (2008); 4.The Bourne Deception - (2009); 5.The Bourne Objective - (2010); 6.Th [...]

    21. I hate to admit I even read such a dreadful book. I know I wasn't expecting Tolstoy but I was hoping it would be similar to 'Jack Reacher', I was sadly mistaken. The movie of this book which has a completely different plot is a masterpiece in comparison to this waste of forestry. The plot is risible; the characters are unbelievable; the dialogue is cliched, and the women characters are simply objects. I know this wasn't penned by Robert Ludlum but if his estate think this is an acceptable book t [...]

    22. This book seems to have been written in a rush: - Part one, part two, book three? I wonder if Van Lustbader really studiedthe characters of the Jason Bourne's series because in this book he showed very a very different protagonist: - On the third (Robert Ludlum's) book David was fifty something years old and he was constantly suffering for not being nimble enough like when he was younger. He was already feeling the ravages of the age. Here he is on his mid sixties and he seems to be way more agi [...]

    23. it looks like Jason Bourne character in the 4th part become attention seeking all of a sudden , Bourne is not conspicuous this new Bourne is too conspicuous and attracts too much attention .Bourne didn't have a face , he was a chameleon master of disguise but this character is readily visible unfortunately the author hadn't really understand the Bourne character "the saying is so true "we see the things as we are not the way they are"the Bourne in fourth book is in complete contrast to the fi [...]

    24. I started reading- more accurately, listening- to the Bourne novels when I found out one of my favorite audio book narrators, Scott Brick narrated them. Not only did I love Robert Ludlum's writing style and story, but also Brick's strong, charismatic narration. I therefore breezed through the books in the series: Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum. They were wonderful and captivating. Then, the 4th book, Legacy, is the first in the series written by Eric Van Lustbader. I was nervous as I began [...]

    25. I enjoyed it! It was not my favorite Bourne book, but it was a good read while out camping. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because the plot dragged in the middle and one of the main characters rambled on too much. But that was part of his egotistical character. None-the-less, I found myself skimming his inner monologues. I really enjoyed getting back to the Bourne series. I look forward to reading the next one, but I fear I must only read it when I have time to go from [...]

    26. I know quite a few die-hard Bourne fans really ripped Lustbader's attempt to write of Jason Bourne. I'm not sure if they were ripping on the previous books by Ludlum or on the movies, featuring Matt Damon; doesn't matter to me. I enjoyed the book. I don't read these like they were real or historical; they're fiction, for heaven's sake. With all the heavy reading I do, this type of reading let's me escape into another world for a while. Are there inconsistencies? Probably. Were there parts that m [...]

    27. It's mildly entertaining on its own rights, but as a Bourne novel, it was a disappointment. I don't think the writer understands what really makes Jason Bourne/David Webb tick. The book tosses out most of the continuity and concepts from the previous 3 books and replaces it with a bunch of new ideas that don't really work all that well, and ultimately writes a new character that has not a whole lot to do with the original one. Not happy with this one, started reading the sequel with some hope, a [...]

    28. SPOILER ALERT::Very disappointing in my opinion. Not Ludlum-like at all. Bourne is too trusting. He would never hang out at some woman's apartment soaking in Chopin when he is being hunted by so many people. The son who survived the family slaughter returns with a vengeance? Give me a break.I also didn't buy the Spalko guy with so many resources and followers. Someone mentioned, too many characters floating around, of which I agree. It just didn't feel like the Jason Bourne Ludlum created.

    29. This is my favorite book that I've ever read. Amazing. Kinda blew my mind that Eric Van Lustbader took on this series from the master (Robert Ludlum) & not only wrote in the style of Mr. Ludlum but actually surpassed any of the previous three books. And I loved those books. If you like the Bourne series, Robert Ludlum, Eric Van Lustbader, thrillers, spy novels or just really good books, you've got to read this book!

    30. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind to write in the review. Was the author under tremendous pressure to just continue the legacy of Jason Bourne? After reading this one, I stopped reading Bourne books. Oh! How I miss THE Jason Bourne from the 1st 3 books. Now any new sequel with the word Bourne doesn't attract me anymore.

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