The Killables

Everyone accepted that people were different physically But inside Inside, they were different too You just had to know how to tell, what to look for Evil has been eradicated The City has been established And citizens may only enter after having the evil part of their brain removed They are labelled on the System according to how good they are If they show signEveryone accepted that people were different physically But inside Inside, they were different too You just had to know how to tell, what to look for Evil has been eradicated The City has been established And citizens may only enter after having the evil part of their brain removed They are labelled on the System according to how good they are If they show signs of the evil emerging, they are labelled a K But no one knows quite what that means Only that they disappear, never to be seen again
The Killables Everyone accepted that people were different physically But inside Inside they were different too You just had to know how to tell what to look for Evil has been eradicated The City has been establi

  • Title: The Killables
  • Author: Gemma Malley
  • ISBN: 9781444722772
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. All of the dystopian boxes were checked: love triangle, controlled city with dangerous people outside, evil "leader", caste system, arranged marriages. And, there were many borrowed elements: the leader was called the "Brother", as in Big Brother like 1984; having too many emotions was considered dangerous, as in Delirium; and teenagers were "Matched" - that word Matched was even used - by their parents, to be married.As a matter of fact, every part of the story felt familiar and overused.

    2. What a hot mess. Why does every YA dystopian read need a love triangle? Why was there zero character development? What is the point of Raffy beyond constantly being annoying? Why does the timeline for this book seriously not work in my head? Why is the main character named Evie when V for Vendetta got there first? (This seriously bothered me the entire book because when I hear the name Evie my brain automatically reads it in Hugo Weaving's voice, so.)The only reason this wasn't a one star read i [...]

    3. If I knew this book was written by Gemma Malley and that the research blurb at the beginning of the book is referenced from freaking (lol, who does that, really? A published author who uses as their main source?) I wouldn't have wanted to read this book. I only picked it up because it was a Recommendation and I initially thought the premise was interesting enough to take a stab (no puns intended) at this novel. I never had high expectations for dystopians, knowing how they usually urn out -- [...]

    4. This. Book. Was. Amazing! The Killables, a definite must-read by Gemma Malley, came into my possession on one of my frequent trips to buy out my local Dymocks. I was searching the shelves for something good to read when BAM. There it was. I had read the Declaration, and loved it, and I was intrigued by the blurb so I decided to give it a try.An excellent Dystopian novel. Evie's struggle for understanding - to come to terms with whether or not the laws and regulations of the society she has known [...]

    5. I only give this book three stars because I'm intrigued by the plot itself. I was thoroughly confused about why the book ended where it did, but I can live with that.What I cannot live with is how much I actively hated some of the characters, Raffy in particular. His character never progresses past a possessive, petulant child and I found myself actively rolling my eyes at his constant whining. I understand the plot tries to set it up as he was young and believed his whole life that his brother [...]

    6. This would have been a really good read if the writing was much better and all forms of development were more you know, developed.Idea: ExcellentWorld Development: Executed PoorlyCharacter Development: LackingPlot Development: Horrible

    7. You'd think Big Brother society + creepy religious undertones would be right up my alley, but the book ended and I kind of wished the bad guys had won (and, hey, maybe they do - it's the first of a trilogy, after all). The main character is totally passive and spends the whole book doing nothing, until the end where she has to be badass now, look at her being badass, omg she's so badass you guys. The "romantic" lead, in addition to being saddled with the unfortunate name of "Raffy" (that I kept [...]

    8. Well, I think my five stars say enough since I rarely give five stars. I walked across this one in a bookstore in Amsterdam and the blurb sucked me right in. I thought the cover looked pretty fun and I was super excited to read it!Well, I'm not gonna say what it is about, read the blurb and be surpised. But I think if you liked Divergent, her Declaration series and/or Delirium you'll love this one as well. If you didn't like those titles, well I hope you will still give it a shot. It's well writ [...]

    9. The Killables Review on K-BooksIt's no surprise to anyone how much I adore dystopia novels. It's one of my favourite genres and I have read and loved every single dystopia book I have read. I have heard so much about Gemma Malley before and have heard her dystopia novels are amazing. This is the first book by Gemma Malley I have read and I was really impressed with her writing and ideas.Evil has been eradicated. The part of the brain that has to do with emotion and aggression, the amygdala, has [...]

    10. *Contains slight spoilers*The book that started my love for Dystiopian fiction. My school libary had Gemma Malley come to our school a week before the release of The Killables to promote it, i was lucky to attend and the book just sounded fantastic.It was a great read, the introduction to the City wasn't overdone but covered enough so the story wasn't confusing. Evie's character was likable as you understood her situation and felt for her because of the pressing laws of the City.Raffy was a char [...]

    11. This book is now my all time favourite book, it incorparates every possible level into it, Romance, Action, Fantasy, everything, i love the way the book makes you feel deeply for each and every character and has you in the same position as Evie, and i love the way that everything you read and thought in the beginning turns out to be a lie, but you don't know it when your reading it becasue you believe what Evie believes, the book finishes at i massive cliffhanger and especially the taster from t [...]

    12. I thought the idea of this book was amazing and so different however I don't think the way it came across fullfilled it full potential as how good it could have been. For example I found the book very slow and whenever something shocking was meant to be revealed it was said in such a boring and casual way that it made it less shocking and less exciting. It would have been nice if we could have got to know how Raffy felt more as I felt I couldnt love the relationship between Raffy and Evie becaus [...]

    13. wandering-worldyrock/304,5/5Sentiment 26 est mon premier roman lu de Gemma Malley, auteure de la trilogie La Déclaration. Ce qui est formidable avec Mme Malley, c'est qu'on a l'impression de connaître son écriture depuis toujours. Sa façon d'écrire est vraiment magnifique, on plonge corps et âme dans l'univers qu'elle nous offre. Nous découvrons par ailleurs qu'elle maîtrise vraiment le monde qu'elle a créé, et nous sert une bien belle dystopie.Nous faisons ici la rencontre d'Evie, sei [...]

    14. another 4 stars. I always give books 4 stars. Unless I give them 3. I think 3 is my 'its alright but I didn't like it much' any lower than 3 I just didn't bother reading. Anyway back to the subject in handE KILLABLES! I've been waiting ages to read this. Everytime I was in Waterstones it called to me with its bright yellow cover. It was good. The concept was amazing and it had a steady flow and plenty of clever plot twists.ough some were predictable. However I will say that looking back at my st [...]

    15. The basic premise reminded me a bit of Delirium only completely opposite. In Delirium, people are cured of love by an operation to their brain. In The Killables, it's the same scenario, but with evil being the object of removal from a person. Every child at birth is forced to undergo the operation which removes the part of their brain that is said to be the source of evil - of corruption and ill desires. Citizens are ranked with a number - A, B, C, D or K. You want to be as close to A as possibl [...]

    16. ***MINOR SPOLIERS***Browsing through the bookshelves, I was looking for something new to read when I stumbled upon this little gem. The title was what originally caught my attention so I grabbed it off the shelf and flipped it over to find out a little bit more. I knew immediately after reading the premise of the story, that this was something I just had to read! So that day I bought myself a copy, and dug straight into it when I got home.Now keep in mind I haven't read a lot of books told from [...]

    17. I recently read the book 'The Killables' by Gemma Malley, because it caught my eye in the library and I thought it sounded interesting, and relates to the topic we're studying in English class. "The Killables" is a dystopian fiction, set in the future where a power-hungry man has established a 'city' in order to eradicate evil from the world - therefore leaving the people as mindless puppets to do his duties. He has told the people that everywhere else in the world has been destroyed, and is pat [...]

    18. Like my reviews? See more at passionfornovels/I really enjoyed this book, it is an interesting take on a supposedly Utopian future world. Where the hero has to be convinced that the System is evil too. I can tell this triolgy of books is going to be really good and it has been set up for what I can imagine will be a very exciting second book. Malley has created a well developed world in this book and has left it open ready for the second one to take flight. At the start it was a little slow, but [...]

    19. I seem to be irresistibly drawn to YA dystopian reads - and this was one of the best I've read in a long time, the beginning of a new series that looks like it will shape up to be every bit as good as The Declaration trilogy. Gemma Malley writes so well, and is expert at drawing a vivid world peopled with strong young characters. This one is set in The City - a walled society set up after the end of the Horrors, where the Evils lurk outside the gates and people's lives are ruled by the System pr [...]

    20. This book was pretty good.It was not excellent,but I've still enjoyed it.I didn't really like the love relationship that Evie and Raphael had.I would have better chosen Lucas -by the way,this name is sooo common ! Why does every author use this name for the "perfect boy" ?.I would have chosen Lucas because Raphael seemed to be really annoying at some parts.I hated it when he didn't want to entertain Evie,as Lucas could do.I hated it when Raphael was getting angry too fast and it seemed just like [...]

    21. I have read one book by Gemma Malley before, The Declaration, which I really enjoyed. The Killables is based around a really clever premise, but some how falls a bit flat. There were two reasons for this from my point of view: 1. the characters, particularly Lucas and Raffy just didn't come to life and Raffy inparticular seemed to sculk around like a moody teenager the majority of the time, I just couldn't see the attraction 2. the length of the book, it seemed to drift on during some of the cha [...]

    22. Things that made me give it one star: it is based on a article, the 'scientific evidence' is taken out of context, the timeline doesn't fit, there is ZERO character development, the 'lovetriangle' is ridiculus, the main character is dispensable and lastly: I could not make myself care for anyone in this book.It seemed like an interesting book but it completely fell flat. Thankfully it was a fast read because you could skip the endless pages of the main character rehashing her inner dialog over [...]

    23. I know it's a little thing, but the timeline really irritated me and threw off ability to just go with the flow of the story. It took them 2 days to get to Base Camp from the City. Then on the way back they left in an afternoon- and only got their plans together that morning? Also, the society in the City was only around for a couple decades- how could there be such ingrained traditions like the matched couples? Overall, there were just a lot of things that didn't add up in the plot and all toge [...]

    24. The plot for this book was amazing!! Fantastic idea. I loved it!! It is such a shame that I could only give this book three stars because although the storyline was great, I neary did not even finish the book due to the characters being so unrelatable, especially Raffy. He always acted so immature and the fact that Evie still saw no fault in him, despite all the whining and tantrums he had annoyed me to the extent that I nearly shut the book!But overall I am glad I kept reading and I hope to see [...]

    25. MINOR SPOILERS (of things that you actually see coming)Ok so that book wasn't THAT bad. But there's one thing that's bugging me a lot : I just couldn't help thinking about Delirium. This whole thing about no love in the City, the escape in the forest, rescued by people who want to destroy the government Am I the only who saw that ?Anyway, the book was nice, but definitely not the kind of book that can keep me awake at night. 2,5 stars actually.

    26. Concept is there but the execution iselusive.This book killed me,I am done. So much promise but so little follow through.

    27. Intriguing plot, but so poorly written. There was no build up of the story, it seemed to be just thrown at you all at once. Lacked any suspense, and the plot could be guessed early on. I persevered, but will not be reading the sequel.

    28. The theme of love within this book does my head in, and other than the main characters being ridiculously stupid at times, it is a great read.

    29. "Leider sehr kurzweilige und bildlose Dystopie"Inhalt:Evie lebt mit ihrer Familie gemeinsam in der Stadt, einer der letzten Zufluchtsmöglichkeiten in einer Welt, die vom Krieg zerstört wurde. Hinter meterhohen Mauern ist Evie glücklich, zumindest scheint es so, denn sie wird immer wieder von Albträumen geplagt, die Bewohner der Stadt einfach nicht haben sollten. Dennoch versucht sie ein guter Mensch, ein guter Bürger zu sein und ist froh doch noch ein “B” zu sein, denn die Stadt teilt M [...]

    30. If I had read The Killables when it was first published rather than now, after a whole host of incredible, original and addictive stories just like it had already graced my shelves, I think I would have liked it a lot more. So with that in mind, let's talk about what's great about this book. The Killables is set in a time where everything runs by the book. If you have evil within you, they will find it (hidden in the part of the brain known as the amygdala) and they will eradicate it (meaning yo [...]

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