Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek

Rodeo rider Wade Stone never thought he d step foot in Dry Creek, Montana, again Not with his family s harrowing past But nine years later, he s back on the Stone ranch and getting stared down by the townspeople Except by Amy Mitchell, whose heart he broke after one sweet kiss Wade knows she s afraid he ll leave again, but surely there s no second chance for them ItRodeo rider Wade Stone never thought he d step foot in Dry Creek, Montana, again Not with his family s harrowing past But nine years later, he s back on the Stone ranch and getting stared down by the townspeople Except by Amy Mitchell, whose heart he broke after one sweet kiss Wade knows she s afraid he ll leave again, but surely there s no second chance for them It seems the whole town and her family is against them Until one beautiful Christmas sleigh teaches everyone the true meaning of the holiday.
Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek Rodeo rider Wade Stone never thought he d step foot in Dry Creek Montana again Not with his family s harrowing past But nine years later he s back on the Stone ranch and getting stared down by the

  • Title: Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek
  • Author: Janet Tronstad
  • ISBN: 9780373815814
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. First of all, I must admit that I count Janet Tronstad as a friend. But I can in all honesty say that I truly enjoyed this book. The theme is forgiving ourselves and others, one that many of us must learn over and over. I love the town of Dry Creek, Montana, (Janet's trademark)and it's colorful, genuine and sometimes amusing inhabitants. And Janet KNOWS how to write a rugged cowboy hero. A sweet hometown girl, a cowboy, and Christmas--what more could a reader ask for? Don't miss a heart-warming [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this Dry Creek book about coming home again, second chances, starting over, and a bit of a mystery thrown in, too. I'm looking forward to reading Jake's book now, Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek.

    3. It's very rare that I pick up a Love Inspired romance novel, but after reading this one I think I have been missing out. Wade Stone left Dry Creek at the age of seventeen and never looked back, although he never forgot his first love Amy Mitchell. A rodeo rider who suffered a fall, he has been off the circuit for several months when he gets a letter from his mother Grace that she is going back home to the ranch in Dry Creek and wants him to come he decides to go because he fears that the town ha [...]

    4. Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek, by Janet Tronstad, is a lovely, cozy, next-to-the –fireplace kind of read. Tronstad continues her Dry Creek saga by focusing on a mother, Gracie; and her son, Wade who have returned home after nine years away. Since Gracie had confessed to a murder and had served jail time, the neighbors responded to their return with mixed feelings. All Gracie wants is to have Christmas at home. The story is about how old relationships are reconciled as the two attempt to restore t [...]

    5. I love Dry Creek! The story of Wade Stone and Amy Mitchell kept my attention. There was a bit of murder mystery suspense in this one! Amy and Wade strike up a romance that they had when they were younger, but complications arise. Wade finds out that his Mother went to Jail for him because she thought he had killed his Father. Amy overhears the conversation and from that everything gets turned upside. She has to learn to trust Wade and believe he didn't murder his father, or go with the evidence [...]

    6. I want to thank Janet Tronstad for this book! I think this story is a wonderful Christmas edition to the Dry Creek series! Wade Stone and his family have a past history in Dry Creek, and after leaving to follow a Rodeo Career, he's not sure how his friends will react when he returns to his Hometown.He cared for Amy Mitchell many years ago, and she is still in his heart.I thought his memory of her favorite gum was so sweetThis story has a mystery element to it, and as the families surrounding the [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. I have never read a book by Janet Tronstad before but after reading this one I am on a quest to read all the Dry Creek series books. I loved meeting the people of Dry Creek. Wade and his mom come back after being away for nine years. At first the towns people do not want them there, but faith brings everyone together in the end. The end of the book threw me for a loop, something I never expected, but I was happy with the way it ended for Wade and his long lost love Am [...]

    8. Can a person really go back to that point in their life when everything they knew ceased to exist? What does a person do when faced with snickers and glares because a family member committed a horrendous crime? Is it possible to forgive someone who caused you heartache years ago and still has the power to hurt you? Those are the questions Janet Tronstad answers in this heartwarming romance in her new Return to Dry Creek series. -------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

    9. Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek by Janet TronstadReturn to Dry Creek SeriesDry Creek is one of my favorite places to visit, in Janet's books of course. The small Montana town is usually full of friendly people. Linda at the Cafe, Charlie and Edith Nelson, although most folks still think of Edith as Mrs. Hargrove and all the others we have met in the previous eighteen books. Sadly they are not so friendly when the Stone's return to town. Gracie Stone has just been released from nine years in prison af [...]

    10. I really liked this book although I haven't read the other 22 books in the series. I think I'll have to read all of them now. Janet starts out by grabbing your attention about what happened nine years ago, then once she tell you, she keeps your attention because it isn't true after all.Wade and his Mother, Gracie return to town after she has spent nine years in prison for a murder she didn't commit. She confessed because she thought Wade did it, he is in shock when she shares this with him. Amy, [...]

    11. Wade Stone figured he would never return to Dry Creek, Montana but return he did. Nine years ago Wade left the small town after a scandal torn his family apart. But now he and his mother are back trying to pick up the pieces they left behind while trying to ignore the stares that follow them every time they are in town. The only one who seems to be willing to give them a chance is Amy Mitchell. Not that she should, Wade broke Amy's heart the one kiss they shared all those years ago. Will Amy and [...]

    12. Wade Stone returns to Dry Creek, Montana with his mother, Grace, after she has spent nine years in prison for murdering his father. An abusive drunk, no one was surprised by her actions toward her husband, but many townspeople aren’t too eager to welcome her home, or her rodeo champion son.Nine years ago, Wade kissed Amy Mitchell and promised to marry her. But when his mother went to jail, he fled and never looked back. Orphaned as a young girl, Amy was taken in by her Aunt and Grandfather, bu [...]

    13. I thought this book was just a romance novel, but it is much more than that. Janet gives a surprising twist that you do not expect there is also a murder involved. I love romantic suspense!Gracie Stone goes to prison for a crime she doesn't commit.Wade Stone, Gracie's son, leaves town after his mom goes to prison and joins the Rodeo. Amy Mitchell, Wade's childhood sweetheart is devastated and lost when Wade decides to leave. In order to fill that void in her heart, she puts all her time and effo [...]

    14. Ahhh! Can't believe I have had this saying currently reading when I finished it months ago! I LOVED this book, by one of my favorite LI authors. I am a sucker for all things Dry Creek, and this story line roped me in from page one! Okay, so the cover captured me too. Beautiful! :) I probably can relate to the characters in this book the most out of all the books I have read recently. I know what it feels like to be judged for just being in a certain family, for the actions of family members, and [...]

    15. A contemporary inspirational romance set in the fictional town of Dry Creek, Montana, the story revolves around Wade Stone and his mother, Gracie, who have returned to Dry Creek after nine years. Wade has been following the rodeo circuit, and Gracie spent those nine years in prison for murder. One of the first people they meet upon their return is Amy Mitchell, Wade's childhood sweetheart. As old hurts surface, secrets are revealed, and questions are answered, the overall theme is love -- not ju [...]

    16. This was a wonderful story that can be read on so many levels. In addition to a sweet romance taking place in one of my favorite fictional places, Dry Creek, Montana, there is a great deal of mystery and suspense throughout this one, and things aren't always as they appear at first. The plot deals with forgiveness, priorities and how they shape our choices in life, the danger of jumping to conclusions, and the sacrifices a mother's love might cause her to make. It is very well-written and held m [...]

    17. Firstly thanks to Janet for my copy of this book. I really enjoyed the book Wades mother has returned to Dry Creek after spending time in prison. She dreamed of reuniting her family and Wade is the first son to return with her. He is not sure how long he will stay and is worried how the town will accept his mother. Amy is the girl next door who he loved before he went away. Amy Has loved Wade forever but is unsure about letting him into her heart again. It seems Wade was right to worry about the [...]

    18. A perfect and seasonal choice for Janet Tronstad’s return to Dry Creek. After serving nine years in prison for murdering her alcoholic and abusive husband, Gracie Stone returns to the abandoned Dry Creek ranch she had shared with her family. Accompanied by her oldest son Wade, a rodeo champion, she tries to pick up the tattered remnants of her life, guided by the Faith she found in prison. Not everyone welcomes the Stones’ return. Wade seeks to regain the love he lost when he left home, Grac [...]

    19. Janet Tronstad writes books that are a really good read for anybody. Her characters are strong though our her books in this series known as Dry Creek. In her books Christian ideas make up part of the story that you are reading about and it makes you about your beliefs too.In this newest book set in Dry Creek at Christmas time she deals with lost love and how a town came together to forgive people who had been convicted of crime years ago. Rodeo Rider Wade Stone comes home to Dry Creek to start o [...]

    20. This was a great Holiday read!Wade Stone is a rodeo rider who finds himself back in Dry Creek, Montana nine years after he left.Amy Mitchell's heart was broken when Wade left Dry Creek. In the nine years Wade had been gone Amy hadn't heard one word from him. Can she trust him again? Should she let him back in her life?What happened that caused Wade to leave Dry Creek nine years ago? Why is Wade back? Will Amy be happy to see him? Will the townspeople welcome him back?This book surprised me with [...]

    21. While waiting patiently for my next hopefully exciting book to come in the mail I grabbed what I thought would be a fun read for the Christmas season – even though it’s October. It was an easy fast read and all I can say is that is was a 1-day ho-hummer. Good thing I didn’t build up any excitement waiting for all the holiday decorations to add to the reading atmosphere. It wouldn’t have helped.In a nutshell - dislikes: confusion on why the mom lied; no efforts/clues to find out what actu [...]

    22. This one really brought out alot of different thoughts and feelings. When Wade and Gracie Stone returned to Dry Creek after she served 9 years for killing her husband,alot of truths started to surface,biggest of all was that she served the time even though she was innocent of the crime. I kept trying to figure who had killed her abusive husband,and was really surprised to find out who had done it and why. But it all worked out for good as Wade and Amy got back together and the town came together [...]

    23. Wade Stone didn’t want to go back to Dry Creek, the town he grew up in. He came back to support his mother, who was determined to go back. He meets his childhood friend Amy Mitchell as he and his mother are coming through town. His mother offers her a job, cleaning and fixing up the Stone’s old house, which has been neglected for years. Although her family is against it, Amy starts to fall in love with Wade all over again. I loved this book. I’ve enjoyed all the previous Dry Creek books I [...]

    24. Good book. I liked the way Gracie came back to Dry Creek after her release from prison. Wade wasn't comfortable at first because he was worried about how his mother would be treated. When he saw Amy again he realized that he still had feelings for her. Amy had loved Wade from the time she was a teenager. She wasn't sure if he returned her feelings. She also was having trouble with some of the revelations that had come out since the Stones came home. I did like how she stood with Wade at the end [...]

    25. This was a sweet novel about first loves finding one another after years of separation.Soul mates divided.Wade's father is murdered and his mother confesses but she did not actually kill him.I wish that the murder mystery aspect of this novel had gone on a little longer; with Wade, Amy, Gracie, Charley, Mrs. Hargrove, and possibly even Shawn looking into a decade old murder.This could have been an even greater read.I definitely plan to read more novels set in Dry Creek, it sounds like a wonderfu [...]

    26. "A perfect and seasonal choice for Janet Tronstad’s return to Dry Creek. . Not everyone welcomes the Stones’ return. Wade seeks to regain the love he lost when he left home, Gracie seeks a return to normalcy, and everyone seeks to discover what really happened the night Buck Stone was murdered. If you enjoy a heart-warming story of enduring faith and persevering love, then Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek is for you." From a review posted by an Harlequin member. To read more, go here.

    27. John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth sall make you free.Wade returns to Dry Creek and his home with his mother who just served time for killing his abusive father. Amy, their next door neighbor, childhood friend and teenage interest, is taking care of her ailing aunt and aging grandfather. For Christmas they are asked to drive the sleigh on Christmas Eve, hopefully they can learn the truth as their Christmas present. 216 pages

    28. Ahhhh- what a great book. I love Christmas stories. The Christmas play I would love to watch, it sounds magical. Wade and his Mom Gracie, come back to their hometown after 9 years, following his Mom's incarceration. With strength, patience, faith and a little help from God and Amy, the community is able to start anew.

    29. Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek is a great read. As a fan of Janet, I had high expectations and she delivered a gem. The plot is suprising and emotional. The characters are interesting and engaging. Best of all, it truly celebrates the spirit of Christmas!

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