Till Death Do Us Purl

The fourth in the charming knitting mystery series that is sure to hook cozy fans Publishers Weekly featuring Maggie Messina and her close circle of knitting club friends, who must unravel another murder in their cozy coastal town of Plum Harbor, Massachusetts The Black Sheep Knitters new project is helping a bride to be knit shawls for her upcoming wedding Days afteThe fourth in the charming knitting mystery series that is sure to hook cozy fans Publishers Weekly featuring Maggie Messina and her close circle of knitting club friends, who must unravel another murder in their cozy coastal town of Plum Harbor, Massachusetts The Black Sheep Knitters new project is helping a bride to be knit shawls for her upcoming wedding Days after the ceremony, the groom dies in a freak accident As the knitters comfort the family, many secrets and betrayals both business and romantic are revealed When the groom s body turns up after the funeral in a motel room, dead again, the newlywed widow is the prime suspect, The Black Sheep must prove her innocence and find the real killer among a large circle of family, friends, and foes.
Till Death Do Us Purl The fourth in the charming knitting mystery series that is sure to hook cozy fans Publishers Weekly featuring Maggie Messina and her close circle of knitting club friends who must unravel another mur

  • Title: Till Death Do Us Purl
  • Author: Anne Canadeo
  • ISBN: 9781439191408
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The Black Sheep Knitting mysteries are getting stronger and more mysterious each novel. This was the best yet.There is a wedding of a regular customer, Rebecca Bailey, and she needs the help of the Black Sheep Knitting group. The group consists of the shop's owner, Maggie and four of her best customers/friends.Maggie known for rushing to the aid of any knitter, volunteers the group to help finish up the wedding gown (yes, the Bride is going to knit her gown,) and shrugs for the bridal party. The [...]

    2. I enjoyed this Black Sheep Knitting Cozy Mystery. Maggie is the owner of the Black Sheep Knitting Shop, and four of her enthusiastic knitting friends (Lucy, Suzanne, Dana, and Phoebe) meet once a week to knit and chat. Each of the amateur sleuths has a different personality and their differences adds to the fun of them making inquiries, and gossiping while knitting.I enjoyed this book and I awarded it 3***

    3. Three and a half stars. I haven’t read any of the others in the series but that didn’t matter. This stands alone. I have to admit to this non crafty person knitting a wedding dress seemed very bizarre. But that’s just me. She needs help to get it all finished before the big day so Maggie and members of the Black Sheep Knitting group spring into action to help with the hand knitted dress and with shrugs for the bridesmaids and flower girl. Sadly, Rebecca who was married in her knitted gown, [...]

    4. Maggie Messina owner of the Black Sheep Knitting shop volunteered her group to help a local bride with her wedding plans to knit shrugs for the bridesmaids and Maggie herself would help the bride knit her dress. The wedding has been pushed up so they are all getting together at Maggie's shop. The wedding goes off as planned but then two days afterwards the bridegroom is found dead. Lots of intrigue when the body is found to be someone else other than the groom.

    5. This was my first book by this author and I just loved it! Can't wait to read more of the series! I just fell in love with the Black Sheep knitting group and how they all bond together to help each other out and their friends. A couple of recipes and patterns included from the story too!

    6. This is the 4th book in the Black Sheep Knitting series. The knitters offer to help a bride whose wedding has been moved up to complete the shawls for her bridesmaids and finish her gown. Her groom is a scientist, working for his father’s company on a new product that may be the savior of the company. The wedding goes well, but shortly after, the groom is killed in a fire at the company. It looks like a tragic accident, but without the formula, it looks like the company is in trouble and the h [...]

    7. This is a great cozy mystery series. I have enjoyed every book so far. Maggie owns the Black Sheep Knitting Shop. Every Thursday a group of women gather to eat, knit and talk. Some how without trying they always find themselves in the middle of a mystery/murder. In this book they help a girl finish knitting her wedding dress only to have her husband die a few days after they are married. Of course the group is drawn into the mystery of who would kill him and why. Several suspects because the mur [...]

    8. I enjoyed this one. Maybe because I've been reading some pretty lame craft mysteries lately it was easier for me to appreciate this. I swear this time I didn't figure out who the killer was early on, I thought it was someone else entirely! I like that there's actually a "story" there, things happening with the characters throughout, not just half the book full of someone drinking gallons of coffee. I look forward to the next one!

    9. My son took me book shopping today and I ran across this mystery. Decent "written television" with lots of mentions of knitting and FOOD! There are some recipes in the back along with a couple of web sites for the knitted items mentioned in the story.The story? Not bad. I've read a lot worse. It was interesting and fun, even without (or with, if you're not a knitting fan) all the knitting and food references.

    10. Knitting shop owner Maggie and her friends of the Black Sheep knitting circle help a frantic bride who's over her head when the wedding date is moved forward. The women all attend the wedding and admire the beautiful bride. But tragedy strikes in an upsetting turn of events. Just when things seem to be back to normal, another plot turn reverses what everyone things is true, and gives the women something new to investigate.

    11. This was a very good book which was well written and kept me guessing and turning pages. Rebecca Bailey intended to knit her wedding gown, but is running out of time. The Black Sheep Knitters come to her rescue and complete the dress. However, shortly after the ceremony the bridegroom is killed in an explosion at the family's chemical company. The knitters, of course, get involved in solving the crime and the game is afoot!!

    12. This is another cozy series that I enjoy for the characters as much as for the mystery. Meeting up with the women of the Black Sheep Knitting Group is like having a glass of wine with old friends. The mystery keeps you guessing to the end too which is another thing to like about this book and series.

    13. The book that I read only contained 266 pages not including the extra bonus knitting ideas and recipes. A VERY good read! I enjoy the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery. Many twist and turns with a good story-line. Maggie and her knitters in the thick of solving the murder of a newly married groom. That's all I'll say without giving away the story.

    14. I found this book a little predictable and unrealistic.I cannot understand the bride's actions and as for the groom - does brilliant also mean incredibly stupid?I may not try another book in the series, the first one I read (#5) took me only until page 38 to know the killer, this one until just before page 100.

    15. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't one of those "just couldn't put it down" mysteries. On the other hand, the solution to the mystery wasn't clear until close to the end, and the main characters were likeable. Perhaps if I had read others in this series I would have felt more involved. In any case, if you like this sort of mystery, give it a try.

    16. I quite enjoyed this book, like the rest in the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery series.There were a few unexpected twists, and a startling ending. There were a few more suspects, and the reasoning behind the murder was a bit of a surprise, but all in all, another great instalment to the series!

    17. I liked this book. The characters were a little underdeveloped. It is interesting how the story is told through two of the main characters' points of view. There was knitting and food - which makes an awesome story in my mind.

    18. Rebecca comes to the Black Sheep knitters to help her get her wedding apparel finished in time for her rushed weddding. She didn't realize that the scarf she made her future husband was a code for a secret formula for glue. Her "friend" the principal is in love with her and kills her husband.

    19. I like to read knitting mysteries and enjoyed this one. I was surprised at the outcome but I would like the main characters to be more completely developed. They have grown some over the books but give me more!

    20. Fun little cozy, revolving around a knitting/yarn store. Each book builds a little more on Lucy and her life. Sometimes I can clearly see who the murder must be. This one surprised me.

    21. As a knitter and a former research chemist I was amused by the resolution of one of the mysteries in this adventure. A light, fast read.

    22. I enjoyed this story, the idea of knitting a wedding dress is new to me. There were lots of suspects and the final ending was a surprise. I will definitely keep reading this series.

    23. The book is nice, but I like punctuation. I like complete sentences. I get that sometimes people like phrases for stream of consciousness, etc, but in this book, really, I want punctuation!!!

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