The Day of Forever

Contents The Day of Forever Prisoner of the Coral Deep Tomorrow is a Million Years The Man on the 99th Floor The Waiting Grounds The Last Word of Mr Goddard The Gentle Assassin The Sudden Afternoon The Insane Ones The Killing Ground
The Day of Forever Contents The Day of Forever Prisoner of the Coral Deep Tomorrow is a Million Years The Man on the th Floor The Waiting Grounds The Last Word of Mr Goddard The Gentle Assassin The Sudden Afternoon Th

  • Title: The Day of Forever
  • Author: J.G. Ballard
  • ISBN: 9780586023075
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. An early collection of short stories from Ballard, ten tales with many of his constant types and themes already in place, such as those obsessed men known only by their surnames, and unusual psychological duels between doctors and patients. The violence is at a minimum though, and there is no bizarre fetishization of technologies, which would loom large in his work later.In the title story, the world has become stuck on its axis and a man called Halliday travels to the eternal dusk of Africa in [...]

    2. Yeah. Not bad, but actually not nearly as good as the two novels I've read. I did really like the one about the guy who has his town in the box, but a lot of them seem like kind of b-grade Twilight Zone stuff. Is there a stronger collection of short stories than this that someone can recommend?

    3. ‘time: inner space: jg ballardjg ballard author of the drowned world is the most exciting discovery in british post-war fictionthese ten stories mostly mainstream sf/fantasy date from a relatively early period in his career – characterised by their wit and forcefulness of invention they serve as a perfect introduction to Ballard’s strange obsessional world (and also furnish an invaluable key to his later more experimental writing) time and space become dislocated as in some lsd nightmare; [...]

    4. On the back there is a quote from Kingsley Amis "JG Ballard is one of the brightest new stars in post-war ficition" and the copyright page gives a date of 1967.I enjoyed this book but I think it showed its age. This was both a plus and a minus.The plus is high quality editing and a decent standard of English. The writing kept to the basic rules of English grammar. There was no misuse of words, slang phraseology or obscure sentence structure. The minus was that some of the stories though well wri [...]

    5. One of those random finds at a charity book sale that could have been a gem but ultimately disappointed. Lots of ideas for books he didn't write rather than genuine short stories, but still interesting diversion

    6. "I am not a huge Ballard fan and this did not really change my mind about him. However loved the idea behind the title story in the collection - though I was not so keen on the actual execution of the story itself."

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