But No Elephants

Grandma Tildy finally agrees to take an unwanted elephant into her home, but soon regrets her decision.
But No Elephants Grandma Tildy finally agrees to take an unwanted elephant into her home but soon regrets her decision

  • Title: But No Elephants
  • Author: Jerry Smath
  • ISBN: 9780819310071
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. My parents received this book through a mailing subscription list (it was like Netflix but with kids' books, back in the 1980s), and it became an all-time favorite book in our house. My older sister loved it, I loved it, my younger brother loved it. My dad says he still remembers how vigorously we all three would shake our heads at the repeated line of the story, "But no elephants!" He said he can't wait to read it to the future grandkids. Good thing we kept it!

    2. I'm glad I kept this on my list until I found a new library to join. It's one of those magically nostalgic classics, a 'sleeper' or 'cult' favorite, if you will. Kids, including child me, get a true kick, and feel the wonder of being able to empathize with the old lady, the pet salesman, and the critters too. There are also some neat details in the pictures; for example I love the smaller critters in bed, and the overalls the grandma changes into to cut wood. If you actually have kids or grandki [...]

    3. I know this isn't a new book, but it is still hands-down my three-year-old's favorite bedtime story. He will listen to this book back to back night after night. In between the old woman who takes on every animal but an elephant, the pet salesman who tries to foist the elephant upon her, and the various ways the animals help her, there's lots of opportunities for funny voices and sound effects. Definitely a keeper.***wondering why all my reviews are five stars? Because I'm only reviewing my favor [...]

    4. Pleasant little kids book about an elderly lady who is an itinerant pet salesman's best customer, willing to buy all the animals he trots out for her, BUT NO ELEPHANTS. Not a spoiler to guess with what she eventually winds up. The kids have been requesting it multiple times, so good all around.Me: 3/5DS#1 (age 5) & DD (age 3): 4/5

    5. But No Elephants has been my favorite children's book from the day that I got it-about 18 years ago! One day, a salesman came to her house selling pets and asked her if she would like to buy a canary bird. Grandma says her famous lines, "Very well. But no elephants!" The canary sang for Grandma Tildy and gave her company. The next few days the pet man came again and again and Grandma continued to buy pets with her phrase "Very well. But no elephants!" But soon an elephant was all that was left a [...]

    6. This is a humorous story about a little old lady who ends up with a variety of pets. All of the animals have a particular talent that helps the household, but the elephant is so big - what can he do? It's a fun tale and our girls really liked the ending.But the question I pose is she an animal hoarder? She fits the profile: single, lonely older woman. I just finished the book Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things and I know it will change the way I look at things for a long time!

    7. "Grandma Tildy lived all alone. She worked hard every day. She had no time to play." Then the pet man comes and eventually filters off all his pets to her, including the elephant she adamantly refuses. The elephant breaks the house and eats all the food. What will Grandma Tildy and her pets do? The elephant finds a solution.This was a childhood favorite of mine and now my son loves it as well. Not a word is out of place, and the illustrations are charming, with just the right amount of detail.

    8. I used to love this book as a child. This litle old lady buys just about every type of animal from a salesman. Every time she refuses to buy the elephant though. Eventually the salesman just leaves the elephant on her front door. It rains and snows and finally she lets him come in. He turns out to be a real help to herd well its just a charming book :)

    9. This has been my favorite book scince I was really little I give it 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,00,000,000 stars out of 5 READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Cute little kids book about an old lady, Grandma Tildy who is the pet salesman's number one customer, willing to buy all the animals he brings to her, but her one request, NO ELEPHANTS. This book is a great book and is an old time classic. This book would be best used in a classroom for smaller, younger children before naptime, or for those in a classroom when learning about different animals.

    11. This book seemed like it was going to be straightforward, but took a surprising twist! Both children listened to it attentively. My 5-year-old almost cried when he thought the elephant was going to be left out in the snow. Fortunately, there was a happy ending!

    12. Great book. Love the story line. If you'd like to check out another children's book about an elephant here is one I wrote! Thanks!The Elephant That Couldn't Sleep amazon/dp/0692918396/

    13. My sister (especially) and I enjoyed reading this book when we were younger. Great, creative story!

    14. Fun and cute book to read! I love hot it has repetition for early readers to get enganged and even participate in the story if read aloud and to feel confident when reading when reading to self. I would use it with very young children and early elementary.

    15. You wouldn't think a little, old lady living in a one room home would need ALL THE ANIMALS, but it turns out she does. All the animals, but no elephants. The other animals can all help out; will elephant be able to do the same?

    16. The book begins with the sweet and hardworking Grandma Tildy in front of her yellow house, where she lived by herself. A tall salesman with a feather in his cap approached her one day and asked if she would like to buy a yellow canary. She accepted his offer but insisted, "No elephants!" The bird kept her company throughout her daily tasks and so she agreed to buy a beaver the next day from the salesman. Again, Grandma Tildy insisted, "But no elephants!" As the pets began to make Grandma Tildy's [...]

    17. This book is about Grandma Tildy, and the man who keeps selling her pets, and every time she buys an animal from him, she exclaims, “But no elephants!” At first, she buys a canary bird. Then, a beaver. And all of the animals help her around the house. And then, she buys a turtle, but no elephants. And then, she buys a woodpecker. After that, the pet man asks her if she’d like to buy an elephant, because he’s the only animal left and he needs to sell him before winter. She exclaims “No! [...]

    18. One of my favorite stories as a child now lives again as a favorite of my children. Grandma Tildy lives all alone until the pet man comes and asks if she would like to buy a pet. Grandma agrees and finds that she enjoys the company. The pet man returns and every time he does Grandma answers, "Very well. But No Elephants."Every new addition is able to help Granmda in it's own way. The canary sings, the beaver cuts logs, the woodpecker fixes the roof and the turtle gave Grandma a ride home from th [...]

    19. An old classic about Grandma Tildy who enjoys living all alone. One day a salesman stops by and asks her if she would like a bird. Grandma Tildy accepts the bird but ensures that the salesman understands that no elephants are welcome. This continues until Grandma Tildy has a bird, turtle and a beaver. The house is pretty full when the salesman stops by for the last time and only has the elephant left. Grandma Tildy wants nothing to do with the elephant, so he sits out in the cold, miserable unti [...]

    20. This book is about an old woman, Grandma Tildy, who is visited by a man who sells animals. Grandma Tildy continuously buys the animals that the man sells her, but she says she will never buy an elephant. These animals make Grandma Tildy’s life better, and they all help one another out. The man eventually leaves the elephant at Grandma Tildy’s house, in the winter. She lets the elephant inside and he eats all her food, and breaks her home. But then the elephant walks, and walks, and walks, to [...]

    21. He is a book that deals with a grandma that would buy animals from the local pet man everytime he offered. Every animal she agrees to get helps her with the work she has in some way. The pet man always offers an elephant until one day she gets him, which he causes problems for her daily until one day he saves the day.Here is a clever cartoon book with colorful pictures. The cover has a picture with an elephant getting stuck while trying to enter the house. Then you open up to the title page and [...]

    22. This clever, somewhat repetitive book, is one about a grandmother who keeps taking animals offered to her by the local pet man. Each animal she takes serves a purpose, except the elephant that she originally refused to take. The elephant only causes problems for the grandma until the end of the story where he saves the day.A cartoon illustrated book, But No Elephants has many pictures that cover its colorful pictures. The book cover is actually a picture that appears later on in the book. This a [...]

    23. Grandma Tildy lives all by herself and works very hard. One day a pet salesman comes to her door with a truckload of animals and asks if she would like a bird--Grandma Tildy says yes, but "No elephants." The bird helps her and the pet man returns again and again offering different animals. She always says yes, but "No elephants." The animals work with her and make her life a little happier and easier. Until one day the pet man just leaves the elephant at her house. Now what is Grandma Tildy to d [...]

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