To Summon A Demon

To gain revenge, she summons a Demond loses her heart.After Lili is viciously attacked by the Fae, she wants revenge Who better to help her than the sworn enemies of the Fae, Demons So she uses an ancient sex ritual to summon a Demon lover and offers her body in exchange for his aid.Prince Gaap, commander of the Water Elemental Demons, is curiously drawn to the mystTo gain revenge, she summons a Demond loses her heart.After Lili is viciously attacked by the Fae, she wants revenge Who better to help her than the sworn enemies of the Fae, Demons So she uses an ancient sex ritual to summon a Demon lover and offers her body in exchange for his aid.Prince Gaap, commander of the Water Elemental Demons, is curiously drawn to the mysterious Lili Though her summons is clearly a trap, an attempt by the Fae to infiltrate and harm the Demons, he cannot resist the seductive lure of her battered soul.Even forewarned, Lili is helpless against Gaap s sensual attraction and loses her heart to her Demon lover Warning This novella contains explicit sex, voyeurism, light bondage, self pleasuring, sex on a beach, and smokin hot Demon sex
To Summon A Demon To gain revenge she summons a Demond loses her heart After Lili is viciously attacked by the Fae she wants revenge Who better to help her than the sworn enemies of the Fae Demons So she uses an anc

  • Title: To Summon A Demon
  • Author: Lisa Alder
  • ISBN: 2940013163072
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Nook
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    1. romancenoveljunkies BRIEF SUMMARYAfter losing everything and the man she loves ten years prior, Lili was attacked by Faes. Wanting revenge Lili knows the Faes and Demons are at war with each other and decides to use a sex ritual to summon a demon to help her seek revenge. She summons Prince Gaap, Demon of water elements. Gaap thinks her summons is a trick and is wary of LiliOUGHTSThis is book 2 in the Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas stories and I enjoyed book 2 a little better than book 1. Book [...]

    2. Lisa Alder is a good writer, the story has flow and a decent plot.Lili wants revenge and Gaap is the Prince of the Demons and he oozes sexd the sex does happen!It has been a while since I read book one and I had forgotten about the morphing ability of his tongue and his junks a little too over the top for me.The ending left a little something to be desired. It wasn't a bad read, just mehme as book one. FYI-Demon's aren't the type of thing I like to read about, but I am doing a challenge to requi [...]

    3. Not as good as the first. Her repeatedly clenching womb irritated me, and I kept hoping the author would expand upon the worldbuilding. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. BTW: When will these demons start acting demonic instead of just giving one another titles? Still, Gaap gets his girl. A couple of hot orgasms will obviously make you abandon all thoughts of revenge;-) As it turns out: When you summon a demon, he really comes. And so do you;-) A weak 3★.

    4. Lisa Alder is really becoming one of my favorite authors her short stories are really really good. although my favorite so far is the first one The Demon's Bargain To summon a Demon was just as good and I can't wait to buy the next one I really hope it's Zepar's book!!! :-D

    5. More complex than the previous one and therefore so much better. These characters seemed to have a new depth to them that the first couple didn't. I also relinquished the opportunity to have some more action. The first was kind of disappointing in that respect. Overall this novel gave a more thorough feeling. It was more action-filled, more emotional and more complete.

    6. After 10 years.e lost her love and for some reason went to the fae to seek revengewhy?! I didn't catch that while reading.This one was short and sweet and right to the point. Oh how I wish humans had that tongue ability. I still get creeped out that they always choose to have sex with their brethren watchingeither cloaked or in plain view. Lol

    7. Full review to come but even better (which I didn't think possible) than book #1. My favorite of the three which is surprising cause #3 is a menage and I LOVE MENAGE! This is a great book and definitely rounds out the series as far as what was "missing" from book #1.

    8. Really enjoyed this read. It had everything one needs on a book! love,sex betrayal, with a happy ending. I cant want to read Zepar's book next.

    9. Loved this book. Can't wait for the next in the series, when Lisa Alder will tell Zepar'sstory. I will look forward to the Seduction demons story, and how he goes about findingtrue love.

    10. solid 3.5 stars - mystery, twists. I read this directly after The Demon's Bargain which dealt with a traumatised woman learning to live/love again which was pretty hard to follow for

    11. Really good! I do wish it was a bit longer, and that the characters didn't confuse love with lust, but it is a book after all!

    12. Loved this story, short but well written, enjoyable storyline with a believeable premise. Sexy fun good writing, will definitely read more from this author.

    13. Very good.3.5 good but I think there should've been more to the love build up then lust. Loved the ending twist. Short story series would be awesome at full length.

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