It Came From Ohio: My Life As A Writer

As page turning as the mega bestsellers he creates each month, R.L Stine s life story tells kids everything they ever wanted to know about his life and where he gets all his scary ideas Line drawings and bw photos.
It Came From Ohio My Life As A Writer As page turning as the mega bestsellers he creates each month R L Stine s life story tells kids everything they ever wanted to know about his life and where he gets all his scary ideas Line drawings

  • Title: It Came From Ohio: My Life As A Writer
  • Author: R.L. Stine Joe Arthur
  • ISBN: 9780590939447
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4.5 stars. R.L. Stine is one of my favourite writers, and so when I heard about this book I just knew I had to have it. The book isn't written by R.L. Stine, but by a ghostwriter/a friend of his. On the one hand I wasn't entirely happy about it when I found out, but as I started reading I didn't mind it at all, it just felt like R.L. Stine could have written it, it has the exact same feeling, the same Stine-ish wording to it as all his other books have. After a couple of pages I even forgot abou [...]

    2. This book had its moments, but it seemed almost 'artificial', as if the author was trying to turn his own life into fiction. It didn't seem much like a memoir to me.

    3. i actually have an older copy of this book, published in the 90's, but when i saw this edition, i had to buy it because i think it's so perfect. this is probably my favorite book cover of 2017. it's so colorful and fun and 90's even though it came out in 2015. 😭🙌🏼i had great fun reading it too, because r.l. stine was such a major part of my childhood so it was interesting to hear about his childhood and college years and how he came to new york to write and how he kind of stumbled into [...]

    4. Muchas veces cuando estoy leyendo me detengo a pensar en cómo habrá sido la vida del autor, especialmente si se trata de uno cuyo género predilecto es el horror y tiene varias cosas publicadas. Una vez me puse a escuchar una entrevista que le realizaron a Stephen King, en la que habla justamente sobre la asociación que hacen algunos con la idea de que el autor de terror seguramente tuvo una vida llena de traumas y turbaciones que luego resultaron en las mejores historias de miedo alguna vez [...]

    5. In this novel, R.L. Stine does a wonderful job of telling his life story. He starts off by telling the reader about his passion for reading and writing stories as a young age. Then he goes onto talk about his experiences writing for newspapers at The Ohio State University. From there he talks about how he got his first novel published and how he went onto write so many scary stories and various series. This novel would be great for any young reader who is interested in becoming a writer. Stine [...]

    6. This book just the type of book by R.L.Stine I've been waiting for! A auto-biography by your's truley R.L.Stine! He answers many of the FAQ's people have wanted answered. He tells about himeself from childhood to adulthood. Start to finish. I totally recommened you read this book if you are interested in R.L.Stine Very Nice Book! Krzys

    7. Only R.L. Stine can write gripping stories with such a breezy tone. He makes it look so effortless. The end result is that his books are easy to devour. Even his autobiography has the same cliffhanger endings to each chapter that the Goosebumps books are known for. As an adult reading it, it seems a little glib. But, the more I think about it, he's actually pretty forthcoming and reflective, considering his audience, and there are some inspiring anecdotes here for his pre-teen fans. He doesn't s [...]

    8. ¿Quieres saber cómo ha sido la vida de uno de los autores más vendidos de los últimos años? En este libro, R.L. Stine, el autor detrás de los libros de Pesadillas, te cuenta cómo y de qué forma llegó a ser el escritor bestseller que es. Cuando lo leí, estaba cerca el estreno de la película basada en sus libros y fue una de las razones que me llevó a ponerme con él, pero nunca está de más comprobar que la única receta para el éxito es una que todos sabemos y pocos queremos aplica [...]

    9. Se lee en una tarde. Genial. Empecé a leerlo en el celular y no pude soltarlo. Cinco horas de lectura muy gratificantes.

    10. Resulta un poco decepcionante que el título traducido de esta obra se haya dispuesto únicamente como una medida de publicidad. Porque, como el propio Bob el jovial confiesa, le tiene miedo y ha tenido pesadillas gracias a pocas cosas: lanzarse a las piscinas ―en vez de usar las escaleras―, algunas películas y una novela de Ray Bradbury ―La feria de las tinieblas―.Aún así, la traducción libre del título de la obra es un detalle menor respecto a lo que esta autobiografía representa [...]

    11. “One of my earliest memories is a scary one.” This is one of the first sentences in the autobiography of writer R.L. Stine, who writes horror for children. I love reading and writing, which is one of the reasons I love this book. Another reason I enjoyed this is because his life is very interesting.I also like the pictures in the book. They are black and white photographs that look like they came from his family photo album. It’s really cool. Did you know that R.L. Stine gets a lot of his [...]

    12. Someone recommended this biography to me years ago. I ran across it when I was pulling books for a Girl Scout visit to the library, so I finally picked it up. It was a quick, fun read -- especially since I read a lot of the Goosebumps books in the early 90s. Stine actually got his break as a comedy writer for kids -- he penned tons of joke books and was even the head writer on Eureeka's Castle before he started writing horror for young adults and children. And that opportunity seemed to fall int [...]

    13. It Came from Ohio!: My Life As a Writer is R.L. Stine's autobiography. Kind of. Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that a writer used a ghost writer to write his autobiography? It Came From Ohio delivers in its premise of telling R.L. Stine's autobiography. I enjoyed reading the book even though it is aimed at Stine's target pre-teen audience. The best part of It Came From Ohio was reading about Stine's childhood and how dedicated he was/is to reading and writing. He spent the majority of h [...]

    14. For some reason my copy has the pages in upside down and back to front, but it's all there nonetheless.I just want to mention the front cover is like the front of one of those cards that you wave and the picture changes, which is a novel thing and differentiates it from the other books.This book isn't a Goosebumps story. Or a Fear Street story. It's R.L Stine's personal autobiography. It chronicles his life from childhood to the period after he created Goosebumps. However it's written like ficti [...]

    15. Perhaps it is because I was never really a fan of biographies (there are only a few I enjoy), but I couldn't really enjoy this book as much as I would have liked. However, I think another part of it is, while it is a good one, the book is a bit lacking.For one, it's short. REALLY short. I know that it was also meant for kids to read, but as an adult it still felt too short, and I still read the Goosebumps books and never had a problem with them and this about the same length. It also did not hav [...]

    16. It's essentially a kid's book, but I actually ended up enjoying the lighthearted quick pace of the writing and of zipping through the life of R.L. Stine. Very interesting guy, just writes a lot, all of the time, and has become very successful doing it, in part because he was fortunate enough to put himself in the position to join 's team early on, and thus was able to write a lot and publish it through them, well, and through his wife's publishing company Parachute Press, which I think is also p [...]

    17. I am a huge fan of memoirs/biographies. One of my biggest complaints about some of them is they tend to be dry and full of jargon. That is not the case with this memoir, which is not all that shocking given who the man is.R.L. Stine and Joe Arthur co-wrote this book and I think it is splendid. Stine is able to laugh at himself and we get to see a lot of his earlier work from when he was in school. Was it all that great? Whose to say but being a fan I think its awesome to see that kind of history [...]

    18. I didn't know that I grew up with R. L. Stine's humor, and his wife's, until I read this autobiography. Stine was behind the Mad magazines of my time, and his wife, Jane, was editor-in-chief of "Dynamite", my FAVORITE magazine of all gradeschool time. By his own admission, via his best friend and co-biographer, Joe Arthur, Stine sought out, drew, and wrote horror from a very young age. It is an eerie and uncanny prediliction that mirrors my young son's penchant for horror stories. Stine loves to [...]

    19. This book was somewhat slow and painful for me, until about the last quarter. I have never read any of R.L. Stine's beloved "Goosebumps" books; I wasn't a fan. This book was also probably meant more for youth, and I found the large type a bit jarring. There were definitely some very funny lines sprinkled throughout, and I enjoyed his child-made magazine covers which were included. I can appreciate his success as a writer, especially considering his writing roots, which were discussed in this boo [...]

    20. I thought that this book was interesting. It is the second autobiography I ever read. I also read Boy Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl. It came from Ohio tells the tale of the 70 years R L Stine has lived. I learned that he went all over the world due to his genious writing. I really enjoyed the part when Stine went to China and met many of his fans that gave him a name in Chinese that meant 'scary'! I also loved how many jobs he had and lost that all involved writing. Despite not being a fictio [...]

    21. La verdad es que esperaba otra cosa cuando lo cogí en la biblioteca (a pesar de no haber leído nunca un libro de Stine), pero no puedo decir que acabará decepcionado. Lo que muestra es una biografía de su persona desde el punto de vista literario, uniéndolo poquito a poco con algunos datos de su vida que le permitieron (y le permiten) crecer en la industria y llegar a vender millones de libros año tras año. Recomendado para los verdaderos fans, los demás solo tendrán acceso a una biogra [...]

    22. Cuando tenía 7 años vivía viendo todos los sábados la maratón de Escalofríos en el canal Fox Kid —que ya no existe—.Luego a los 10 años obtuve mi primer libro de R.L Stine, El Admirador secreto y con el tiempo —hoy en día— los sigo comprando porque siempre me gustaron las historias que escribe este gran autor.R.L Stine es parte de mi infancia, por lo tanto he leído su biografía de cómo paso a paso se convirtió en lo que es ahora, y descubrir algunas de sus cosas.Citas: hechae [...]

    23. I've been wanting to know more about this writer because I love his Goosebumps books. It's a nice little insight into his life. At the beginning of the book, it states "This book is a work of fiction." Haha! He loves practical jokes and he is also a former editor. I had to read that line a few times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. At first I thought it was a typo, but realized it was a joke. Since he is a former editor, I doubt he would let something like that slip by if it wa [...]

    24. This autobiography fell WAY short of Jon Scieszka's _Knucklehead_, an outstanding memoir I read aloud to my boys just days before picking this up. Scieszka had us LOLing so hard, and part of that was his sparse writing style; he knew how to make his words pack a hilarious punch. Stine, not so much. He tries to be funny all the way through and I think some kids would find it humorous, perhaps. This helped me understand the Goosebumps reading phenomenon.

    25. R.L. Stine, proclaimed author of ’s Goosebumps stories, shares his story. What were the influencers in his life and how did he end up doing what he does? This book gives you in the inside story behind the author and his life. More information on my blog: hesaidbooksormeDisclaimer: I was given a copy of this book at Book Con 2015. While I did not pay for this book, the opinions are strictly my own.

    26. I did a project on R. L. Stine in 6th grade and this book definitely came in handy. I enjoyed learning all about Stine's life in his own words, especially since I got to find out that he was born and raised a short distance from where I live. Maybe successful writers can come from Ohio after all! Who knew!I recommend this to any R. L. Stine/Goosebumps fans out there. Also, the hardcover of this book has a cool holographic cover! A gimmick? Yes. Awesome? Also, yes.

    27. I don't recall much of this book anymore, except that it was boring. Most of Stine's works weren't for me in the first place (I'm not that big of a fan of horror) but this book was just plain boring. Somehow I own a copy (which I'll put on BookMooch one day) and maybe I'll take another look at it now. Otherwise, I can't recall learning anything from this book. Sadly. Usually autobiographies are so fun.

    28. I read this book for school because we needed to read a autobiography or biography. R.L.Stine is my favorite author so I read this book. It came from Ohio my life as a writer is a GRATE book. I liked it because it talked all about Bob as a kid AND adult. It had photos from his family scrap book. Finally I liked it because it talked about how he got some of his ideas for books. I recommend this book to anyone who likes R.L.Stine.

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