Humanitarian Intervention: An Introduction

A broad ranging introduction to the theory, practice and politics of humanitarian intervention on the contemporary world, its historical background and future prospects after the experiences of Rwanda, Kosovo, Darfur and Iraq.
Humanitarian Intervention An Introduction A broad ranging introduction to the theory practice and politics of humanitarian intervention on the contemporary world its historical background and future prospects after the experiences of Rwanda

  • Title: Humanitarian Intervention: An Introduction
  • Author: Aidan Hehir
  • ISBN: 9780230220300
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Humanitarian intervention Britannica Humanitarian intervention, actions undertaken by an organization or organizations usually a state or a coalition of states that are intended to alleviate extensive human suffering within the borders of a The Humanitarian Interventions of the UN The Politic The UN has agreed upon three principles of humanitarian intervention uses military force, interferes in the target state s internal affairs, and responds to crises where states interests are Humanitarian Intervention Global Policy Forum The appeal to higher moral purposes continues to infect the political discourse of the great powers Today s humanitarian intervention is only the latest in this long tradition of political obfuscation In , the US UK invasion and occupation of Iraq was labeled HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION The Library of Congress the humanitarian intervention debate couldseethatsomewerenotdead Thesub prefectofKigaliprefecture lateradmittedthat,bodiesweredisposedofinthisway Humanitarian Intervention New York Essays The right of humanitarian intervention has been one of the most controversial foreign policy issues of the last decade, both when intervention has happened, as in Humanitarian Intervention An Overview of the Ethical Humanitarian Intervention An Overview of the Ethical Issues Volume Michael J Smith Skip to main content We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to Oxford Public International Law Humanitarian Intervention Humanitarian intervention Armed attack Armed conflict Conduct of hostilities Civil and political rights Gross violations Published under the auspices of the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law under the direction of Rdiger Wolfrum. Humanitarian Intervention Encyclopedia Humanitarian InterventionThe doctrine of humanitarian intervention in international law typically refers to the threat or use of force by a state, group of states, or international organization primarily for the purpose of protecting the nationals of a particular state from widespread deprivations of internationally recognized human rights, including genocide and crimes against humanity. The Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention Council on The Dilemma of Humanitarian Intervention Global support for the responsibility to protect doctrine weakened after the UN endorsed no fly zone that helped topple Libya s regime, and debate

    1 thought on “Humanitarian Intervention: An Introduction”

    1. Used the book for my master thesis on humanitarian interventions. It stands out among other similar literature I was using. This topic is an emotionally charged one, and many authors often take sides or legitimize interventions when writing about them. Hehir does not fall into this trap. Although he uses an unusally high amount of sources, his writing is not dry, but easily digestible and to the point. This is THE book to read to introduce oneself with this complex subject.

    2. An excellent overview of the theory and cases of humanitarian intervention. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone who either needs an introduction into the field of humanitarian interventions or are working on an academic research into that field.In addition to the wealth of information offered here, the added benefit is the extremely readable language and very well organized content and suggestions for further research.Excellent book

    3. I've read bits and pieces of this book over a span of years now, and at some point need to sit down and have time to just read it through.Would definitely recommend.

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