Free Falling

They call her Z and she is a handful ready to explode She has entered the waragainst Gais and the Dark Fae and means to take him on all by herself She is driven.Aaibhe, Queen of the Seelie has other plans, and she sends in Prince Dant to execute and preserve her wishes.Z and the prince meet and hackles go up on both sides Oooh no, they don t like each other one bit ThThey call her Z and she is a handful ready to explode She has entered the waragainst Gais and the Dark Fae and means to take him on all by herself She is driven.Aaibhe, Queen of the Seelie has other plans, and she sends in Prince Dant to execute and preserve her wishes.Z and the prince meet and hackles go up on both sides Oooh no, they don t like each other one bit They bang heads at every turn, and those turns become a whirlwind of emotions and feisty Z, well, her attitude is bring it He was a prince, and he was at my front door Why Beneath his lightweight black leather jacket, he wore a black Polo shirt tucked into his Lauren blue jeans his black leather belt held a gold buckle engraved with etchings He wore gold tipped Gucci boots This Fae knew how to outfit himself And then I looked into his eyes.I was struck by the depth of those golden eyes I was taken by the sparkle of green flecks in the deep gold of their color, but as I looked I noticed a certain aloofness therein I knew, without being told, this Fae was not happy to be here Fine I wasn t happy about his being here, either We were in agreement.His chin went up I am Dant , Prince of Lugh Good for you, fella now, what do you want I didn t like his arrogant and cold demeanor, and I didn t think I liked him, not one bit It is not what I want that brings me here, Daoine, he snapped It is my queen s wish Well, that got my interest Now why would Queen Aaibhe send you to me Manners dictate that you should invite me in, he answered grandly.I felt like laughing at him Not nice, I know Maybe I don t feel like being mannerly, I countered For some reason he hadn t brought out the best in me Okay, the quicker I listen to what you have to say, the quicker I get rid of you I wish that could be the case I wish it than you do, but apparently we are stuck with one another for a time, he said on a heavy sigh You, Daoine child, are my assignment, he snapped And as much as I wish it otherwise, there you are That is your problem, not mine I wagged a finger at him What the hell was this Since when was I anyone s assignment Well, I am making it your problem His smile was wicked, as though he were getting pleasure at my shock and discomfort It was beyond tolerable OH Get out of my home NOW Can t Queen Aaibhe has ordered me to take you on as an assignment I am honor bound to do so He inclined his regal head I am saying that willing or not you have a houseguest me.
Free Falling They call her Z and she is a handful ready to explode She has entered the waragainst Gais and the Dark Fae and means to take him on all by herself She is driven Aaibhe Queen of the Seelie has other p

  • Title: Free Falling
  • Author: Claudy Conn
  • ISBN: 2940013336629
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Nook
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    1. I loved this story!This is the fourth in the Legend paranormal fantasy romance series. One Fae traitor is out of the Fae realm but another is still hiding, while in the earthly realm an unlikely warrior is training and bent on revenge and justice while being babysat by a royal Fae and the human population is being preyed upon by low level monsters having no idea there are bigger and badder monsters just waiting for the traitors to succeed with their plans.I also love the fact that the Prologue i [...]

    2. Another amazing addition to Claudy's fae series. I enjoyed the heroine in this particular book. I am not really able to pin point what it is about her. She is young, impulsive, and seems to be great at making really silly decisions, yet I felt connected to her. I read this back to back with Catch and Hold (the last book of the series) and did not do a review in-between because, frankly, I have no self control and I "needed" to know what happens next. Please check out my review for Catch and Hold [...]

    3. If I were a cat, I would be hissing and spitting right now. I have just finished reading Claudy Conn's "Free Falling - Legend." Readers, I have two words for you . . . spontaneous combustion -heck, have another, explosive! And another, AAAAAH! Well, maybe that isn't a word exactly, but it's what I'm feeling.For those of you following the Legend series be warned. HOLD ON TIGHT! The series has reached a boiling point and "Free Falling" is all action.Claudy starts by throwing two of the most frustr [...]

    4. Free Falling by Claudy ConnLegend Series Book 4Radzia MacDaun, known as Z, is both human and Daoine Princess and plays a big part in the coming war. There is a prophesy and she is a star player and she plans on killing the man who killed her father, a Druid priest, in cold blood. Gaiscoich. Her mother goes back to Daoine as she continues to grieve so Queen Aaibhe sends one of her princes to watch over Radzia to keep her safe and help bring out her Daoine gifts since she has been living as a huma [...]

    5. My thoughts: Both characters are easy to fall in love with. Z with her easy going noble personality and Dante the prince who has the patience of a saint. I can say these characters were comical to read about at certain points. The story will leave you hair pulling/tugging and nerve wracked by the end. And finally THE battle starts, THE BATTLE! The Review:So we got Z a girl with lots of attitude, add prince Dante and we have a thing called disaster at first site. From the start of the book both c [...]

    6. Loved it!! 4th book in the Legend Series and this is my favorite one. I absolutely fell in love with the main characters the Light Fae, Dante, Prince of Lugh and Radzia MacDaun or Z, who is a half Fae Daione Princess and human. There is a war going on between the Light Fae and the Dark Fae, who are trying to enter the world of man and take control. Dante is assigned to Radzia to teach her how to obtain her Fae powers. Did I mention he doesn't think much of humans, until he meets her. What ensues [...]

    7. TBR 374 . just realized that I can hover over the new 'want to read' button it show me what number it is - Yay!!!Z is a Daoine princess and Dante has been assigned to 'babysit' herAt first, he hates this mission that his queen has assigned him, but that changes.Z is half human but the Fae part of her is stronger and she has been changing ever since her father was killed(view spoiler)[Z is prone to being impulsive and Dante is frustrated by this but also proud she is picking up everything he is t [...]

    8. The beginning starts off with a brief description about the background into the Legend world. I really love how she does this.Absolutely amazing! We are introduced to more interesting characters in this book. We go deeper into the Legend world in this book. We get lots of action, suspense, and erotic love scenes with scorching passion.I was whopping and pumping my fist in the air… Z and Dante were hilarious with their bantering back n forth. They had so much chemistry between them causing some [...]

    9. I don't know if words can describe just how much I enjoyed this book. From the beginning all the way until the end, I was absolutely captivated. Claudy is such an amazing writer, that you find yourself so easily pulled into the story, unable to leave. I swear if it were possible to move to Tir, I would buy the first ticket!! I loved to see the progression of the storyline and the characters. Just when you think you have a favorite character, you get introduced to more that you find yourself lovi [...]

    10. I could not help myself I had to read this series on the Fae out of sequence NEEDED to know what happened to my charming Dante and the lovely Radzia . You will fall in love with both and find yourself laughing and sighing all over the pages a wonderful exciting read I highly RECOMMEND

    11. I loved the plot of the story. It is very well written and i look forward to reading more of this series. I have never read this series and i guess i started out of order but very, very good. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!!

    12. Book 4 in the Legend series, Z and Dante. Dante doesn't really like humans. He doesn't understand them, yet tiny Z manages to get under his skin and capture more than just his interests!Amazing read from Claudy Conn! Wish the books were a bit longer but still love her works!

    13. I couldn't put this book down and had my heart racing from beginning to end. The characters are full of life you feel what they feel. Claudy you have done again.

    14. New character Z was great and loved her whole attitude immediately downloaded the fifth and final story so that I could continue

    15. Another great book in the Legend series! Claudy Conn is a wonderful writer and I enjoy all her books and recommend them all!!

    16. I'll put more thoughts in later, but glad that Dante finally found his love. Interesting that Breslyn was so concerned about Ete being "young", and yet Dante's not that concerned with his love being so much younger. The "enfant" title is kinda weird, although I understand it's an endearment that came from a slam; accurate, but kinda weird when applied to a love interest. I guess it's like Jamie Fraser calling Claire "Sassenach" and that sticking as his term of love and endearment for her.Anyway [...]

    17. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY THAT I HAVE BOOK #5 in hand this one does have ONE HELL OF A CLIFFHANGER.Z (like the name)half Fae Daoine Princess half Druid is the heroine in this one she wants to be done with Gais who killed her father she puts her mind and body to work to do just that. Queen Aaibhe is working her magic so here comes Danté againThis time the big hunk will get what he aims for. But Z as a way of getting herself in bad spots.And a new guy comes into the fold Squire Aaron ??? Warlock who w [...]

    18. Book: Free Falling Author: Claudy ConnPublication Date: 9/2011Reviewed by: Tammy - booknooknuts/My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW:In this book we have Radzia MacDaun aka Z she is the daughter of a Daoine mother and a High Druid Priest Father . Her father is killed by a Dark Fae Demon while performing a ritual of beltaine with Nuid one of the Queens Trackers and her mother was taken away by family as she has lost her mind and living in illusion. Z has vowed to get revenge against Gaiscioch the light fae [...]

    19. Fantastic book. This book is the continuation from Trapped-Legend. Dante is still reeling from his miss at true love and BJ's rejection. Now there's a new lady. Very young but very powerful in character and birthright. Her name is Z. She tries his patience and gives him hope. Love triumphs!

    20. I wish I could have a Fae prince show up at my door. The start of a fantastic series. As always Claudy's books are well written. Characters are believable and described to the point you can picture them. And chemistry,, oh my definite must read boo

    21. Prince Dante finally gets back every taunt he gave Prince Breslyn. He's met his match in Z, a doine princess and high druid priestess. Dante now finds himself disturbed by an attraction to a young human that is anything but what he expects. The battle against Gais is still on going. Z is determined to avenge her father's death at Gais's hands. She has trained for the chance to kill him since the murder occurred. She finds Dante to be full of himself and detests him, though secretly can't resist [...]

    22. This is a intense exciting read about a young woman who lost the important people in her life. Her father was murdered by the traitor Gais and her mom has not figured out how to handle this so she has shut herself off from reality. Radzia's way of handling her grief is anger. She is trying to get herself ready to kill Gais. The Queen of the Fae is positive that she is necessary in the coming war with Gaiscioch. Because of this Prince Dante` has been given the job of keeping her safegood luck. Th [...]

    23. While I am enjoying this series, I thought this book has too much rehashing of the Gais background story, when 3 characters retold the Gais betrayal. . The story does follow a similar character pattern as shown in the first 3 books. There are new developments involving the upcoming war & the Queen is impressive as usual. The cliff hanger at the end is great. That ensures I will continue on in the series.

    24. By far my favoriteThis is my favorite book in the Legend Series to date. I completely fell in love with Z and Dante! Z is completely different than the previous female lead characters in the earlier books. She is no damsel in distress and for that I thank you. Great job Claudy!!!

    25. Writing was pretty good, but so many parts dragged far too much. I found myself skipping past pages just to get back to the plot (and not endless elaboration). The ending is abrupt and I suppose there will be another follow up book? This big build up and then, oh, that's the end?Overall, not bad, but not great.

    26. Really enjoyed this book it gave the entire story a twist but really did not like the ending of the story. I do not like having to wait to get to the end of a story and yet i am sure if i go ahead and read the last story of the legend i will get my answers but not the whole story. I am the type if it has a 2nd or 3rd part i generally wait till all the parts are the shelf so i can read it through.

    27. Awesome continuation of the Legend series. Seriously I can't stop and I desperately need some sleep. Yet, on to the final story Catch and Hold!

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