The Wizard Takes a Holiday

A much loved wizard takes a vacation to rural, fantastical Indiana, where he finds getting away from his work is harder than he thinks.Re released on 12 1 12.Now includes The Wizard Takes a Holiday by Red Tash, Application of the Scientific Method to Family Management by Ash Krafton, Southern Hospitality by Claudia Lefeve, and Lucian s First Trick by Red Tash.
The Wizard Takes a Holiday A much loved wizard takes a vacation to rural fantastical Indiana where he finds getting away from his work is harder than he thinks Re released on Now includes The Wizard Takes a Holiday by

  • Title: The Wizard Takes a Holiday
  • Author: Red Tash Ash Krafton Claudia Lefeve
  • ISBN: 2940011460104
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Nook
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    1 thought on “The Wizard Takes a Holiday”

    1. What a fun story – the `snot nosed toddler` was an adorable twist. How I wished when I was small that I had similar talents. If one opens their mind, it makes you wonder if there are really wizards walking around us along with children with special talents – we just don’t notice them. I love stories that travel into the supernatural world in this manner. Good job! I also really enjoyed the other stories this ebook has to offer – it contains some really good pieces by several other writer [...]

    2. Book Info: Genre: Short, humorous fantasyReading Level: AdultRecommended for: anyone who likes wizards and enjoys a laughDisclosure: I picked this book up for myself when it was on free promotion on Smashwords. All opinions are my own.Synopsis: A much-loved wizard takes a vacation to rural, fantastical Indiana, where he finds getting away from his work is harder than he thinks.My Thoughts: Oh, so fun! There really is nothing I can tell you about the plot without spoiling it, as it is very short, [...]

    3. My review was first posted on Northern Plunder, you can read more of my reviews there too.The Wizard Takes a HolidayThe shortest and sweetest of the five tales, I squee'd with delight at this one. The Wizard takes a holiday, and relaxes at a drive-in movie (one of these has actually opened up not far from me lately and I really want to go!) but relaxing doesn't go quite as planned thanks to a snotty child and a baby troll. This is probably the shortest of all the stories but it was a great intro [...]

    4. Red Tash's The Wizard Takes a Holiday is a fast fun read. It tells the story of a wizard who is taking a vacation, going to a drive in movie. A wizard's job is never done, however, as he quickly discovers. This is a free short story that is a great introduction to Red Tash's quirky but fun writing style. It is engaging and can be easily read in one setting. It would be a good choice for your kindle or smartphone when you want a short read, like on the bus or waiting at the doctor's office, etc.

    5. This was a quick, fun read about a wizard trying to watch a movie at a drive-in theater. Enjoyed it very much.

    6. The Wizard is at the drive-in, watching families trying to settle in for a night of watching movies, when a little girl walks up to him and offers him a cheese snack.All of a sudden, in the back area of the drive-in, there is an ogre. Rather large and playing with a tire against a truck. The wizard saves the day and the drive-in. Hooray!Cute short story, will continue to read Red Tash's works. Enjoyable.

    7. Cute little short story about a old wizard attending a movie. I enjoyed reading it.About 70% of this 'book' is advertisement for other products from this author as well as including a plea to review the 'free' book. It was a big turnoff and left me irritated.

    8. Cute story but only a couple of pages long - the rest of the book is to showcase the authors other works.

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