No Time To Run

Winner of the National Legal Fiction Writing Competition for Lawyers No Time To Run is a Top 20 Legal Thriller for Kindle FIVE STARS Michael Collins is hot, and Kermit Guillardo is a riot Lady LawyerLike John Grisham and D.W Buffa, J.D Trafford created a smart legal thriller that keeps the reader turning pages.Michael Collins burned his suits and ties inWinner of the National Legal Fiction Writing Competition for Lawyers No Time To Run is a Top 20 Legal Thriller for Kindle FIVE STARS Michael Collins is hot, and Kermit Guillardo is a riot Lady LawyerLike John Grisham and D.W Buffa, J.D Trafford created a smart legal thriller that keeps the reader turning pages.Michael Collins burned his suits and ties in a beautiful bonfire before leaving New York and taking up residence at Hut No 7 in a run down Mexican resort He dropped out, giving up a future of billable hours and big law firm paychecks But, there are millions of dollars missing from a client s account and a lot of people who want Michael Collins to come back When his girlfriend is accused of murder, he knows that there really isn t much choice.
No Time To Run Winner of the National Legal Fiction Writing Competition for Lawyers No Time To Run is a Top Legal Thriller for Kindle FIVE STARS Michael Collins is hot and Kermit Guillardo is a riot Lady LawyerL

  • Title: No Time To Run
  • Author: J.D. Trafford
  • ISBN: 2940011496868
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Nook
  • 1 thought on “No Time To Run”

    1. A legal mystery (they say thriller, but I disagree with that adjective) about a retired lawyer who is forced back to work to try to save his girlfriend from the death penalty. it was a fairly quick read but, I didn't feel that the characters were well-written. I didn't really like any of theminly because I felt like I didn't know any of them. The plot was difficult to figure out at some points. All in all, John Grisham has nothing to worry about.

    2. No Time To RunByJ.D.Trafford(Legal Thriller)Much has been written in praise of this book. I guess it depends on how much one enjoys copycat.Such as Harry Hole, Dismas Hardy etc. The protagonist, Michael Collins is a flawed ‘good guy’ who has suffered a major setback in his successful life as a leading lawyer for a major New York law firm. Having walked away from the good life for a beach bum’s existence, he is drawn back into his former life to help the woman he loves in her time of need, [...]

    3. This was supposed to be "legal fiction" but at 39% on my Kindle, I've read little that puts in this genre, except that our Protag is a Lawyer & His best budddy is a Math Genius & Pothead. The dialog so far discribes overblown characters. Exagerated to the point of disbelief. I may trry to finish later, but I cant stomach much more at the present. O well, the Kindle price was right!

    4. As in all good thrillers there is non-stop action from start to finish. Plenty of twists and turns to keep you up till late at night!

    5. Good premise, interesting cast, some cussing, no graphic sex, no gory violence, book #1 of series, TTS-enabled, free from . Would read the author again.

    6. "One Of The Most Exciting Novels I've Read"This novel is a Top 20 Legal Thriller which will engulf you. Michael Collins had been a New York attorney. He left the firm because there were millions of dollars missing from a client's account and suspicions fell upon him. So he rapidly moved to Mexico to a dilapidated Hut No. 7. There were many people wanting him to return. He had no plans ever to return to N.Y. until his girlfriend is accused of murder. He has to help her. Wow, I couldn't put this n [...]

    7. Fantastic fast paced and gripping legal thrillerWith deep characters and a gripping who done it plot, No time to Run kept me turning pages until I had devoured the entire thing. I can't wait to read more about Kermit and Michael.

    8. DisappointingThe plot was too contrived to be believable and the sidekick character was an unnecessary distraction to the extent of being ridiculous. The book didn't measure up to the author's "Little Boy Lost."

    9. You Certainly Don't -Have time to run! Not while reading this legal thriller! I finished it in one reading. It is a page turner with lots of action and an ending you won't coming. I loved the book, the characters, the fast paced writing style!

    10. Liked this oneOk so 500mill is a silly amount but still a good storey well told. Absolutely loved Kermit fantastic character everybody should have a K-n in their lives if they could cope

    11. A worthy rival of John GrishamMichael Collins is an attorney and he's charged with trying to defend his lover, accused in a murder. She's being set up but he doesn't know that for a while.

    12. An enjoyable storyFast paced and suspenseful. Good character development and a good read. I'm off to "No Time to Die" and the rest of the series.

    13. I really liked this book. It took a little while to get into in order to really understand the background but about 1/2 way through it really starts to pick up and is quite an exciting read!

    14. Interesting readOverall the reading was easy and fast. The plot was ok but somewhat predictable but it flowed. I plan to read the next book. I liked the lawyer he had moxie.

    15. I don't know how this book got so many good reviews. It's a hot mess. In the middle of the book, I finally got interested, then hoped that it would take off and fill in all the huge gaps the author created. It didn't.There's the bizarre side-kick Kermit (no, not the frog), who is a filthy, drugged out hippie who used to be brilliant with numbers but now suffers from PTSD, but never got treatment. The dialog that the author has him spouting would have been weird for the 70's, but is just plain ri [...]

    16. I wasn't too sure what to think of this book - I'm pretty sure I got it free for the Kindle but couldn't remember anything about it when I started reading it. There aren't many free Kindle books that I would pay money for but this is one of them.Trafford does an excellent job at not making the main 'villain' of this book obvious - there are quite a few books in this genre where the hints and teases are a bit too obvious and almost spoil the ending but this didn't happen to me with this at all.I [...]

    17. "No Time To Run" was my first experience with this author ( Prime freebie) and, I must say, I was captivated from the outset. This particular novel took me longer to finish than normal, but it had nothing at all to do with the writing which, I thought, was excellent. The characters were generally believable and interesting with the possible exception of Kermit who was, for me, a little too wacky and outlandish to be a sidekick for a savvy attorney. The ending was a bit weird and goofy, but the o [...]

    18. Have you ever kissed your date the first time you went out? Reading this story was like that, maybe you shouldn't have but you're glad you did. No Time was fun and interesting with tight characters, concise scenes, a couple of guns, lots of legal papers, one outlandish left-over hippy, airplane flights, jail, beaches, huts, cars, hoodlums, FBI Agents, law offices, lawyers, young lovers, kidnappings, fights, alcohol, drugs, wheelchair, sinister men and women, and best of all, an ending reminiscen [...]

    19. This is an e-book I downloaded from BookBub through . The story is about a young attorney who had dropped out several years ago and is returning because his girlfriend is arrested. He leaves his comfortable beach hut to return to the US which is the reason his girlfriend is arrested - she was the bait.The story is very legal and rather complicated but the book was not long, I read it in one day. I liked that it was relatively short and the end of the book was quite good. I would have given it 3 [...]

    20. Trafford's book features lawyer Michael Collins, his squeeze, and Kermit Guillardo who is a wierd numbers obsessed sidekick. After reading about Collins, another burnt out or frustrated lawyer, I'm wondering if half the lawyers out there long to step into John Grisham's shoes.An entertaining, fast-paced story about corrupt lawyers, obsessive police, compassionate priests, a Mexican hideaway and millions and millions of dollars. A good read.

    21. I loved the story, gripping plot, ending, characters. I was hooked from the start. The style reminds me of early Grisham when he was at his best. The only thing that prevented me from giving this 5 stars was the poor proofing, silly grammatical errors that could and should have been picked up. However, the story was so good those were just a minor annoyance.I can whole-heartedly recommend this book to anybody who enjoys gripping, fast-paced legal thrillers!

    22. I felt like this book was almost 2 separate books. One part was trying to be an action thriller and one was trying to be a lawyer thriller. I know there are other books with this character so they may get better but I wasn't overly in love with the main guy or the story. I DID want to find out what happened in the end and the book kept my attention enough so I guess that's all I can ask for. I don't know that I'm interested in reading the next book/books at all though.

    23. There really isn't anything remarkable about this book. This series doesn't have much character development. I don't need 3 pages describing what shade of brown someone's hair is, but it is nice to have some sort of picture of what people look like. Also, I find Kermit incredibly strange, distracting and creepy. The whole numbers-on-receipts-add-up-to-even-out-the-universe thing was just too bizarre to describe. Don't understand what I'm talking about? Exactly!

    24. This is a fast paced page turner. Michael Collins is an attorney who fled New York City when his involvement in a case nearly got him killed. He escaped to a rundown resort near Cancun. But when the resort owner, who is Michael's girlfriend is set up for murder he has to return to defend her. But it turns out that someone is using her as a means of getting rid of Michael.

    25. Fast paced legal thriller. Throws you into the world of to attorneys and surprise surprise, those at the tpp have some dirty hands and don't want that knowledge disclosed publicly at all costs. My favorite part is that the main character Michael Collins is just as bad as the test of them (or is he?).

    26. Great read,hard for me getting into the start,but once I did I really enjoyed the characters,plots and legal issues. The main character learns about himself,and decides not to run from his past,but to deal with the present and to do it in the name of justice. On to the next in this series about Michael Collins

    27. If you like a good lawyer book, along the lines of John Grisham, then you will love this book! It was fast paced, well written, good characters, interesting plot, just enough to keep you guessing about what will happen, and I cared about and liked the main character. I really enjoyed it!

    28. Not too thrillingit took too long for the story to come together. I found it hard to follow, the plot was all over the place. it did come together in the end but I had a hard time staying interested

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